888sport Bonus Review - Bet €10 and get €30 in free bets

Although known for their awesome range of poker games, 888Sport has certainly made an impact in the betting community since their inception in 2008. Check out their fantastic esports offering here, or read below for our in-depth 888Sport esports bonus review. 888Sport are now a well-established name in the betting community and have been around since 2008. Alongside their sportsbook following, they have a strong casino brand which means they have a strong following from both sportsbook and casino fans. It is a subsidiary of 888 Holdings who have developed a great reputation over the past two decades. The reputation of 888Sport has picked up considerably in the UK over the past few years and that will partly be down to their involvement with several high-profile Championship football teams. The league is one of the most watched and attended across the whole of Europe ensuring huge exposure for the company.


All together, they are the principal partner of Birmingham City, Brentford, Preston North End and two-time European Cup winners Nottingham Forest. That, combined with the range of services has seen them build their reputation, whether it be for in-play bets or the range of sports that you can bet on. They’ve also become one of the best esports betting sites around, offering a host of markets for your favourite games. Here we will be looking at 888 esports betting and in particular the 888Sport esports bonus offers that players can take advantage of.

Free BetsAre there 888sport free bets?

As you would expect for such a reputable bookmaker, there are a range of fantastic promotions that can be used and we will rundown some of the best esports betting offers that are open to the fans out there.

Firstly, the welcome bonus. This entitles players to treble the odds on your first bet, which is a rather unique offer in comparison to other bookmakers out there. The minimum bet for this is £5 and the maximum £10 and the offer is self-explanatory, whichever bet you want to place, you will receive treble the odds, which is clearly very enticing. Plus, you can use your bet for not only singles, but straight line multiples too, which means you can really build the odds. However, given that the odds are tripled you’re sure to find value in whatever you bet on. Yet, the winnings will be paid in free bets, which may not appeal to all players and doesn’t compare as well to some of the better offers provided by competitors. Although, it still enables you to get off to a good start and secure some big wins.

The free bets should be in your account within 24 hours of the bet result, but you should give them up to 72 hours in certain situations. Then, the free bets should be used within seven days, which gives you plenty of time to find something to bet on!

Even though this may not be the best offer out there, it should still appeal to many esports betting fans. They boast some of the most popular esports games out there, including League of Legends, CS:GO, StarCraft II and Dota 2. The only negative is that they aren’t an Overwatch betting site, however, they cover these in so much detail that 888Sport really should be your number one when it comes to League of Legends betting websites or Counter-Strike betting.

888sport Bonus Overview:

As we touched on earlier, there are many bonuses that 888Sport offer, and here are some more favourites that you will enjoy:

  • Enhanced specials on a week-by-week basis for new customers as well as the tripled odds offer
  • Bonuses on sports events that run throughout the year, such as Grand Prix events and World Cup Qualifiers
  • Double the odds on the darts
  • Money back if your horse falls

And, there’s much more. Whilst these offers are of little use to those that are specifically esports fans, it does demonstrate how their promotions are innovative and don’t focus solely on one sport. So, over time it’s natural to expect that as esports continue to evolve, there will be specific offers related to that, given 888Sports variation.

Esports PromosDetailed current 888Sport promo codes & Sign Up Bonus

Given the relatively recent rise in esports, many fans may be novices when it comes to betting, therefore, the first bonus will come in handy and here we will give you the extended details on how that will benefit you.

Obviously, players must register and create an account. This is a straightforward process that will take very little time to fill out. From there you enter your payment details and make your initial deposit. Also, there are many ways to pay from standard credit and debit cards to PayPal and a lot more in-between, so this should be easy enough. However, you won’t be eligible for this promotion if you deposit through Skrill or Neteller. Once you have deposited successfully, your first bet must be between £5-10 and you will receive treble the odds.

For example, if you were using your 888Sport esports betting apps to bet on Dota 2 and found a price of 2/1 for your match, that would be trebled to 6/1. Normally a £10 bet in this situation would see £30 returned (£20 profit and £10 stake). With the welcome offer, you will receive £70 (£60 profit and £10 stake). Clearly, it’s a bonus that can lead to some big wins, although, it’s worth noting that if you lose, you lose, there’s no fall back.

If you want to secure the big wins, you can use your bonus on League of Legends and look for the longer odds, or play it safer with an odds-on shot that will now pay out more. Either way, you have the freedom, there’s no restrictions on the odds that you can bet on, which is a good aspect. The odds are always competitive with 888Sport too, as any betting game comparisons site will show.

As touched upon, your winnings will be paid out as free bets. So, using the same scenario as above (a £10 bet at 2/1 which becomes 6/1), you would receive £30 back in cash, whereas the extra profit would arrive as a free bet. They will be credited within 72 hours and you’re free to spend the free bets however you please, within a week from when they are credited. This ensures freedom to try any esports betting strategies, or perhaps you’ll just stick with the favourites – your free bets aren’t restricted and can be used on any sport you wish. Finally, your free bet tokens will not exceed £20. So, if your bonus profit totalled £63, you would receive three £20 free bet tokens and one £3 token. The same applies to any bonus over £20.

To summarise the initial 888Sport eSports bonus that awaits:

  • Register and deposit
  • Place a bet between £5-10
  • Your odds will then be trebled
  • The additional profit from any win will be paid within 72 hours as free bets
  • All free bets must be used within seven days from when they are credited
  • Any free bet token will not exceed £20

And, that’s about it!

How to use your 888sport BonusWhy take advantage of the initial 888Sport Bonus

Some may be sceptical about the offer, but you shouldn’t be. Of course, there are downsides to it; that you can still lose and therefore not benefit, but it still provides any player with the opportunity to seriously build their bankroll.

Plus, if you look at the esports odds comparison, you will see that 888Sport are one of the best out there, so getting treble the odds on your first bet will really benefit. If you want to take a risk and bet on an outsider, you will end up with huge odds, and if the unlikely comes off you’ll be quids in. Alternatively, a short-priced favourite would become longer odds if you used your bonus on League of Legends. Essentially, there isn’t a significant downside because the rewards are great for any player.

A key factor to this offer that we haven’t yet mentioned is that there are few strings attached. For instance, whilst other bookmakers may offer 100% deposit bonuses, they will have several conditions that require you to rollover by a certain amount before you withdraw. In some cases, that can be very problematic and it results in players gambling more than they had initially planned, just to meet the terms.

With 888Sport esports betting, there are no such problems, because the free bets are yours and whether you want to bet on Dota 2 or any other popular esports games, you can, without a hindrance. The only catch is that it must be placed within a week, but with the number or esports games around it wouldn’t be hard to find something that appeals.

Overall, 888Sport esports betting is very strong and the offer is very reasonable. The chance to treble your odds can see you secure the big wins, whilst the freedom you have to use your winnings mean you don’t have to do much before you can withdraw. However, in an ideal world, the stake limits for the initial bet would be higher and there’s no guarantee of success. But, that shouldn’t take away from what is a very useful offer for all players, including esports fans.

5 ways to take advantage of your 888Sport Bonus

Using your 888Sport bonus or free bets wisely may be easier said than done, but here we will outline five ways you can take advantage.

Build the odds with an accumulator

With any game there will be a favourite, and their odds could be very short. So, an easy way to build the odds is by creating an accumulator, which is several teams in one bet. It will quickly build your odds and could leave you with a much bigger win. Of course, the more you include, the bigger the risk. Yet, it’s also the bigger potential reward. How brave will you be?

Bet small

We all dream of the big wins, but you don’t need to get them straight away. Make some betting game comparisons, find the best odds and if it looks like value, place your bet. If you’re not convinced you’ll win, lower the odds. The esports games aren’t going to disappear, so don’t feel the need to make huge bets.

Bet on games you know

You might be a specialist at one game, so stick with that. For instance, 888Sport are one of the best CS:GO betting sites, so if that’s your game, they’ll have the odds and stick with it – we mean, you already know know that Astralis is going to rip things up. Don’t bet for the sake of it and don’t bet on games you don’t know. For example, if you’re not familiar with League of Legends, then you’re not going to know who to bet on (pro-tip: bet on Doublelift, Bang or Bjergson). You’re relying solely on luck then as opposed to any knowledge, which could see you lose.

Stretch your bonus to the max

Another way in which you can increase your bonus is by stretching your bonus to the max. A quick search online will provide you with websites out there that help you in this sense, but a lot can be down to you too. One way, is with the seven day restrictions, would be too bet ahead of a busy period. You wouldn’t want your bonus to expire before the bigger games start. Basically, if you want to bet on the Dota 2 championships then place your free bets well before. Whatever you do, research what you will bet on, find the events and pick a suitable moment.

Research and bet on good players

However, if you don’t know about certain games: research them! You can find out about them, the quality and those involved online in a matter of seconds today. Once you’ve done that, you’ll increase your confidence and knowledge and may be able to use your 888Sport bonus for esports on a different game that provides better odds. Find out about the players and teams so you can follow those that are the best.

ConclusionTake advantage of 888sport's special bonus offers now!

That concludes our 888Sport esports betting site review into their bonuses. As you can see, there’s a lot to benefit from, and we’ve only focussed specifically on the initial bonus that players can use. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you do and use your 888Sport bonus for esports wisely!

888sports Bonus
Bet €10 and get €30 in free bets