Interwetten Bonus Review 2023 - Up to a €100 Bonus

Interwetten covers over 60 sports, and offers markets on over 5000 events per week. There are plenty of opportunities to bet on esports in Germany, and a matched deposit on offer to new customers too! Read on to discover more. Established in Austria in 1990, Interwetten was one of the first European bookmakers to offer customers the chance to place sports bets online, in 1997. Prior to then, gamblers had placed their bets with the company using the telephone. The company holds licences in Malta, and their website is available in 10 languages, with its main focus on European markets. Customers can place esports bets on a number of events, but there is no Dota 2 betting available at the time of writing. There is, however, plenty of opportunity for customers to bet on League of Legends and indulge any preferences they might have for CSGO betting.


At the time of writing, Interwetten was offering markets for CSGO bets on tournaments like the ESL Pro Leagues in both Europe and the USA, as well as the ESEA Premier Division. For League of Legends Betting, markets were available on the LCS Europe Spring Split and the LMS Spring Season, amongst others.

Interwetten has no sponsorships in the world of eSports as yet, but has sponsored plenty of Europe’s soccer teams, including Spain’s Espanyol and Germany’s VfB Stuttgart, as well as teams in their native Austria. They also sponsored the Lotus Formula One motor racing team in 2012. As the growth of esports continues apace, here we’ll take a look at the kind of bonus offers that Interwetten offers to gamblers looking to place an esport bet.

Free BetsInterwetten: Do they offer any free bets?

Although not well publicised on their site currently, Interwetten does offer a welcome bonus for new customers who want to place esports bets online. Anyone who has trouble accessing the bonus on the company’s website should use Google, as searching for ‘Interwetten bonus’ will bring up the right page. The bonus is fairly tempting too, with a 100 per cent bonus of up to €100 available to new customers. This is also a flexible bonus, with customers able to use it not just for their esport betting, but also in the site’s casino and slots areas.

First deposit bonuses like this are a great boost for anyone who is fond of placing esport bets, as they allow them to build up a good fund without having to take too much risk. The added flexibility of this offer from Interwetten also means that a customer can take a break from esport betting for a while, and try their hand in the casino or on the slots. Not many other bookmaker bonuses can be transferred over in this way, with the majority of welcome offers only applicable to customers who want to place sports bets or use other areas of the site, not both. This is a selling point for the Interwetten bonus.

There is also a free bet offer for customers who use the site’s mobile app for the first time. If the bet loses, then Interwetten will refund it, up to a value of €25. UK customers may not be eligible for this offer, but, if you are based anywhere else in Europe, it can be a very useful bonus indeed, if you are looking to place an esport bet such as a CSGO bet whilst on the move.

Interwetten Bonus overview:

  • Offers new customers a 100 per cent bonus of their initial deposit, up to a total value of €100.
  • For sports bettors, including those who want to place esport bets, like a CSGO bet, qualifying deposits can be made in their accounts for up to 10 days after their initial registration.
  • Bonus can be used in other areas of the site, like the casino and slot sections, not just for CSGO bets or other esports wagers.
  • New mobile customers are eligible for a free bet if their first bet loses, up to a value of €25.

Esports PromosDetailed current Interwetten Promo codes & Sign Up Bonus

The €100 bonus is available to all sports gamblers at the site, with anyone who registers an account at Interwetten eligible. The bonus can be claimed with one esport bet or one other gambling product available on the site. Customers can make several deposits over their opening 10 days of registration at the site, all of which will count towards the total amount of the bonus. For the bonus to be claimed in cash, sportsbook customers must have staked the deposit amount at least five times, on markets with odds of at least 1.7. The odds at Interwetten are formatted in the decimal format favoured by continental European bookmakers, rather than in the fractional way that many UK gamblers are more familiar with. This can make odds easier to compare, however, and make it easier to work out the winnings that could arise from your CSGO betting activity, and how much each individual CSGO bet could be worth to you.

The mobile offer is open to customers outside the UK who use the Interwetten mobile app for the first time. If their first bet loses, then its value will be refunded as free bets, up to a value of €25. For a bet to qualify, the customer must have staked at odds of at least 1.7. An esports bet is eligible for this bonus, so that CSGO bet that you have been eyeing up might be worth placing on the mobile app. If you want to use the mobile app, though, remember that you cannot place a Dota bet at Interwetten.

Interwetten Bonus conditions:

  • The maximum bonus of €100 can be reached with multiple deposits on a number of occasions during that initial 10-day period. So, if you want, you can place a different CSGO bet each
  • day with a new deposit for each, and they will all count towards the bonus.
  • Users can activate the entire bonus with one bet, like a single CSGO bet, or one gambling product on offer from the website. A ‘product’ in this case means one aspect of the site’s
  • services, whether that be sports betting, the casino or the slot games.
  • For the bonus to be withdrawn as cash, bettors must have placed at least five bets, at odds of a minimum of 1.7.
  • This is a flexible bonus, which can also be used in other areas of the site, like the casino and slots sections, as well as for esports bets.
  • Free bet offer to first time mobile app users applies to bets at odds of at least 1.7, up to a value of €25. Handy if you want to place a CSGO bet while travelling.

How to use your Interwetten BonusWhy take advantage of the initial Interwetten Bonus

One of the best things about the Interwetten bonus is, as far as CSGO betting or League of Legends betting goes, is that you can use it to extend the range of competitions and events on which you can bet. Having €100 potentially available to you for esports bets gives you a nice start on building up your winnings. With markets for League of Legends betting and CSGO betting at Interwetten, you can use the bonus to place bets on events like the LPL China tournament, featuring teams like Invictus Gaming and OH MY God, or the ESEA Premier Division, with teams such as Denial ESports, I May and Vici Gaming.

The 10-day period after registration after which deposits qualify for the bonus is something else which should make esport betting players think about opting for this bookmaker. This means that you are not confined to making just one qualifying deposit in your account, which is the case with many other bookmakers. This makes your initial betting fund potentially even bigger, and makes it easier to claim the full €100 bonus, without having to make one large deposit in your account. For newcomers to League of Legends betting or CSGO betting, this could be useful indeed, as newcomers are more likely to make small, tentative bets until they get more used to things.

Overall, this is a useful bonus for anyone who is looking to place some CSGO bets or wants to bet on League of Legends, but it should be remembered that there is no Dota 2 betting at Interwetten. There are also restrictions on UK players taking advantage of bonuses, and this needs to be checked by the customer before they commit to using the site to place an esports bet. If you are outside the UK, though, both this bonus and the mobile customer free bet bonus are well worth having.

5 ways to take advantage of your Interwetten bonus

Bet on the games that you know

Success for esports bets is, like any kind of betting, as much a matter of knowledge and intelligent insight, as it is for luck. Never be mistaken that your bet wins or loses entirely by chance, a whole heap of factors actually plays a part. You can use these factors to your advantage by knowing as much about them as possible, so bet on the games in esports markets that you have played and know well.

If you have played Counterstrike, then place CS:GO bets. Or, if know LoL well, bet on League of Legends. Remember, though, to check at the site to see if they offer markets on your favoured games. Interwetten currently offers no Dota 2 betting, so you will have to choose another site if you want to bet on your Dota 2 heroes. If you follow a favourite team, like the Faze Clan of the ESL Pro League Europe, then you are likely to know more about them than other teams. This can also help with placing winning esports bets.

Bet on players that you know

It is also a good idea to bet on players that you know. For example, if you are looking to place a successful CS:GO bet, then it would be wise to seek out matches featuring the world’s highest earning stars, like Poland’s Filip Kubski or Wiktor Wojtas. For a successful Dota bet, then it is probably wise to look at who someone like Germany’s Adrian Trinks, or the USA’s Saahil Arora, is up against. Many of LoL’s top earning players come from South Korea, so look out for markets featuring Lee Jae Wan or Bae Jun Sik. Any esports industry analysis of which you are capable will be of use, however basic it might seem.

Expand your knowledge

Players will also want to expand their knowledge by researching, using betting blogs and websites, or news sites for esports. There are websites which are aimed specifically at fans of esports bets nowadays, and also many general betting blogs which can help players identify the best ways of using their bonus esport bet. Seek out CS:GO betting blogs, or sites that focus on other games with which you are familiar. The more knowledge you have, the more likely it is that your esports bet will be a winning one. As esports growth statistics continue to rise, there will be increasing numbers of these websites available.

Place small bets

Another way to make best use of the bonus is to place small esports-bets. No one wants to lose lots of money, especially if they are new to the world of placing esport bets. Staking large amounts is often a very good way of wasting resources, especially if you have made maximum use of the bonus on offer. Esports competitions have very small odds on many markets, so the temptation to bet big to compensate for this can be high. However, if your first CS:GO bet fails, do not be tempted into following it up with a bigger bet. That can soon turn into a death spiral of losing esports bets, with money just being flushed away. Instead, bet small, and if you want your CS:GO bet to be as profitable as possible, consider placing it as part of an accumulator.

Create an accumulator

One excellent way to take maximum advantage of any betting bonus is to create an accumulator. This is where a customer places a series of combined bets on the same coupon, with at least three selections made. The esports odds for each of these bets are then multiplied together, with the winnings from one bet rolling over to be used as a stake in the next bet. Of course, if one of these bets fails, then the whole bet slip loses, so careful selections need to be made. Always remember that, at Interwetten, you cannot bet on Dota 2 ranking events. If you want to place a Dota bet, then find another bookmaker. An Interwetten accumulator could feature several CS:GO betting selections, however.

A good way of picking accumulator bets is to anchor the coupon with at least one dead cert selection. Odds will always give you a good idea of who is most likely to win, and in the early rounds of competitions, good teams are likely to carry lower odds. The advantage of an accumulator is that these low odds are multiplied together. For example, if you are placing a CS:GO bet, then picking a side from the ESL Pro League Europe like Fnatic or Ninjas in Pyjamas is a good idea in the early rounds of the competition, as they will rarely lose. Of course, in the later rounds, things can get much more tricky to pick, so early round esports bets are good to anchor your accumulator, as they are more likely to come in.

ConclusionInterwetten is inviting for esports fans

There are plenty of esports markets available at Interwetten, along with plenty of opportunity to bet on other sports. The matched deposit bonus can turn out to be very lucrative indeed, in the hands of a sensible punter. Overall, Interwetten is worth checking out if you are keen to place some esports bets!

Interwetten Bonus
100% Deposit, up to €100