Tipico Esports Bonus for 2024 - 100% match up, up to 100 Bonus

Founded in 2004 by German entrepreneur Joachim Bacha, Tipico is a bookmaker whose focus is primarily on German and Austrian sport. It sponsors German football teams Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig and SV Hamburg, and also has sponsorships in place with the Austrian Bundesliga football league and Austrian football team RB Salzburg. Former German national football team goalkeeper Oliver Kahn is one of their brand ambassadors. Although they do apparently offer markets for esports bets, but it is often very hard to find them on site, particularly for UK users.


Fans of esports betting may be better served by looking elsewhere, but there is a bonus on offer for new customers at Tipico, so it is worth evaluating just what kind of value they offer to esports bettors. Recently, Tipico had offered markets on Dota 2 betting and League of Legends betting, though there were no CS:GO bets available. If you are desperate to bet with Tipico, then check back at intervals to see which markets are on offer, as there seems little consistency in terms of what is provided to customers who want to place an esports bet.

Free BetsDoes Tipico offer any free bets?

With no https://www.esports.net/betting/counter-strike-global-offensive/ available on site, many customers who are looking to place esports bets may well be frustrated by Tipico. The company offer a welcome bonus of 100 per cent of the submitted deposit up to a maximum amount of €100, on a customer’s first deposit. The minimum deposit that a customer can make to claim this bonus is €10.

Customers who use Neteller or Skrill to make deposits cannot claim this bonus, so if you are fond of making payments in that way, and are really keen to bet on League of Legends at Tipico, you won’t be eligible for any free bets. The customer must also place a total of three bets with Tipico before they can request a pay out of the bonus. Only bets with minimum odds of 2.0 are considered for implementation of a pay out from the bonus. All odds at Tipico are formatted in the decimal manner favoured by continental European bookmakers. This actually makes them easier to understand and compare for newcomers to esport betting, who find the fractional odds favoured by UK bookmakers to be a little confusing, at least at first.

Free bet bonuses are also available at Tipico for specific events, and these are usually strictly time limited too. Although not currently available for esports betting, and usually focused on football events or major mainstream sport events like tennis tournaments, as the growth of esports continues, this will hopefully change at Tipico. They may even start to provide markets for CS:GO bets.

Tipico PromosDetailed promos for esport bets

As well as the first deposit bonus, customers can also select a deposit bonus when making subsequent deposits into their account. Again, the minimum deposit needs to be €10, and the maximum bonus on offer is €100. This is a good offer for returning customers, and helps to compensate for some of the more irritating aspects of using Tipico to place esports bets. Minimum odds of 1.5 are required on a betting slip before it can qualify as a conversion for a payout. Again, no CS:GO betting is available at the site, so if that is what you favour, this deposit bonus will not be of much use to you.

Tipico Bonus Conditions

  • Welcome bonus of 100 per cent on a customer’s initial deposit at the site.
  • This bonus can be up to a maximum of €100, and odds of qualifying bets need to be at least 2.0 for a pay out to take place.
  • A deposit bonus also exists for returning customers, consisting of matching the deposit up to a maximum of €100.
  • The minimum deposit for the continuing customer deposit bonus is €10.
  • For a pay-out to be considered on the deposit bonus, odds of at least 1.5 have to be given on the related bet or bets.
  • Seasonal and event specific bonuses become available at frequent intervals. Although none are currently available on esports bets at the time of writing, this may change in future if esports growth statistics continue to show an expansion in the betting market.
  • You cannot place a CS:GO bet If CS:GO betting is your thing, look elsewhere for a bonus.

How to use your Tipico BonusWhy take advantage of Tipico's Bonuses?

The bonus is not bad, when compared with other offers from other bookmakers, and it certainly gives any customer looking to place an esport bet the chance to build up something of a war chest of funds with which to begin their betting career at Tipico. Obviously, the more that a customer deposits with Tipico, the more their bonus will be. The returning customer bonus is also very appealing, with the same terms as the initial welcome bonus for a customer’s first deposit. This means that you can continue to top up your account at frequent intervals with free bets. If low risk gambling appeals to you, then Tipico might well be a good site to choose.

With opportunities for League of Legends betting available at Tipico, as well as for Dota 2 betting, having a good amount of funds built up with the bonus can make your betting more profitable. With no CS:GO betting on site, however, the range of esports bets on which the bonuses can be used is pretty limited, and this needs to be borne in mind before anyone commits to using the site for esports bets. Recently, markets were being offered on the NA LCS Spring Split, which features teams like Team SoloMid and FlyQuest. For customers looking to bet on their Dota 2 heroes, markets were being offered on the Asia Championship. There were no other Dota 2 ranking tournaments on which players could bet at the time of writing. Overall, opportunities to place esport bets are so limited at Tipico, so that one has to say better bonuses and levels of customer service are available at other bookmakers, especially for placing a CS:GO bet.

5 ways to take advantage of your Tipico bonus offer

Always bet small, at least at first

Even if you are very experienced when it comes to League of Legends betting, you might well be new to Tipico, and therefore unfamiliar with its overall set-up. Small bets allow you to build up both your winnings and confidence. All enthusiasm for placing esport bets can be drained very quickly indeed if you place a large bet and it loses. Small esports bets are a great way of adding excitement to watching matches and tournaments. Placing massive esport bets will just drain your bonus bets very rapidly, and see you start to lose lots of actual money too. If you want to bet large amounts of money, it is a better idea to spread it out over several bets on your coupon. That way, your losses are not as great, and should be covered by those bets which do come in. A losing CS:GO bet of €2 does not matter too much, in the great scheme of things. A losing CS bet or Dota bet of €200, though, can seem very serious. The good thing is that, should the €2 CS bet come in, you can experience the joy of winning, with none of the anxiety that accompanies placing a CS:GO bet.

Research Research Research

It also pays to research and bet on good players and teams. If a team like Ninjas in Pyjamas is involved in a match, then their odds might well be very low, but that means that their chances of winning are much higher. It rarely pays to bet on League of Legends, CS:GO or Dota, novices. The reason that bookies make money is that most bets lose, and they set odds accordingly. New teams and players may have bigger odds, which can tempt a newcomer to back them with their e Sports bets, but it is usually a case of just throwing money away. Follow the events in your favourite games as closely as possible, and keep an eye on any new players who are winning frequently, as you might be able to get them at better odds before the bookmakers cotton onto their skills. As with any aspect of sports gambling, CS:GO betting, or betting on any esports, success is often a question of knowledge and preparation. Any esports industry analysis you can carry out, however basic, will help make that CS:GO bet potentially much more successful.

Bet on the games that you know

This is even more important for an esport bet like a CS:GO bet than it is for bets on more mainstream sports, such as football or snooker. Most people with even scant mainstream sporting knowledge have some ideas of who is in form, or which teams are playing well, thanks to the extensive media coverage. Esports does not yet have that kind of intense media focus, at least not yet, and its players are far from being famous outside of their own sport. So, if you play LoL, then it is wise to indulge in some League of Legends betting, rather than placing a multitude of CS:GO bets, as you can put your knowledge and insight to good use. Equally, if you like Dota, then place a Dota bet. The available markets at Tipico are somewhat circumscribed, so if they are not featuring any markets on your favoured games, then take your CS bet There is little point sticking with a bookmaker who does not offer you the chance to bet on the games that you know.

Boost your knowledge

Use the full resources of the internet to help boost your knowledge and improve your chances of placing a successful esports bet. Follow Dota 2 betting blogs, if you fancy your chances of winning big on Dota tournaments. Equally, if you want to place a winning CS:GO bet, then it pays to study the form of players and teams who compete in Counter Strike events. There are also plenty of betting blogs and websites out there, where you can often find ways of making your bonus stretch as far as possible, including tips on how you can play the bonus system to maximum advantage.

Use an accumulator

A good way of spreading out your bets to increase the odds is to use an accumulator. This is an excellent way of boosting your potential winnings, especially when it comes to esports bets, which often provide gamblers with very short odds, especially when it comes to betting on the outcomes of individual matches. An accumulator allows you to make multiple selections on your bet slip, with the odds for all the bets being multiplied together. The winnings from one bet on the slip also roll over, to be used as the stake for the next bet. Sensible use of accumulators can make an eSports bet very profitable, but you need to make sensible, well-informed selections. Bet on games in esports markets that you know something about, otherwise those tempting accumulator odds will remain just a dream, rather than changing into the hard currency of winnings in your Tipico account.

Accumulators are usually available for a bet slip with three or more selections, and it pays to make at least one selection an ‘anchor bet’. This is where you bet on a particularly strong team or player, who have only a small chance of losing. Even if the odds on this esport bet are very low, it will allow your accumulator to gain some momentum early on. What must always be remembered about accumulators is that if one selection loses, then the whole bet slip fails. All the selections need to win for the player to have a winning bet on their hands. Small odds become less of an issue if they are being multiplied together, so an accumulator featuring a list of favourites can still bring in significant funds, especially if you back a lightly longer shot in one of your CS:GO betting coupon choices.

You can also combine bets on several different games, if our knowledge extends that far. So, on an example betting slip, you may want to bet on League of Legends, place some CS:GO bets, and some Dota bets. An accumulator allows you to multiply your winnings with your knowledge.

ConclusionTake advantage of Tipico's special bonus offers now!

Tipico is a long way from being a good site for customers who want to place an esports bet. The markets are not wide reaching, and often appear unavailable on site. The site itself largely looks amateurish, with limited customer service options, as well as limited opportunities for Dota 2 betting or to bet on League of Legends. At the time of writing, there were no markets for CS:GO betting at all. The bonuses on offer are quite tempting, especially the deposit bonus for returning customers, but, overall, Tipico is not highly recommended for anyone who wants to place a Dota bet, or any other form of esports wager.. Read our in-depth Tipico review for more info on this bookmaker.

Tipico Bonus
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