Best LoL Cosplay

Published on: 19/09/2017

Let’s get started with a LoL Cosplay section where you’ll find everything you need to know about the wild world of esports cosplay!

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LoL: The most popular esport around the globe

As many of you already know, League of Legends is the most popular video game in the world at the moment. There are millions of people who play this much-loved title every single day from all over the United States, the UK, Europe and throughout Asia. Because the multiplayer battle arena game is so well-loved, a thriving cosplay scene has grown along with it since its inception in 2012. League of Legends fans who want to show their allegiance to their favourite game are increasingly joining the LoL Cosplay community – and are attracting significant amounts of attention with their activities. This is one way to truly immerse yourself in the League of Legends fantasy world!

What is Cosplay?

If you’re not already familiar with cosplay, it’s dress-up fun for grown-ups! This increasingly popular hobby involves dressing up as your favourite character in order to enter competitions and stand out at special events and conventions. There is no cheating allowed – it’s not considered acceptable to head down to the fancy-dress shop to try and pick up a League of Legends costume, you need to make it yourself! The cosplay community prides itself on spending hours, days, weeks and sometimes months on creating just the right look for emulating the best characters in League of Legends.

A Top selection of LoL Cosplays

There are several factors that go into making the best League of Legends costumers in the world. First, you have to choose your character. This is going to be representative of you in relation to League of Legends game itself, so you want to make a powerful statement. Then, as well as gathering all the materials and tools you might need for your creation – you also need to employ your imaginative skills in order to envision your look and get the character just right. Characters that you might try include:

  • Aatrox, the Darkin Blade features a dark purple, sinewy body that has ominous looking spiky plates coming from his back – a pretty crazy look for those big cosplay events!
Aatrox Cosplay by Prizmatec

Aatrox Cosplay by Prizmatec


  • Diana – Scorn of the Moon is a popular choice for an impressive cosplay look. She looks fierce in her silvery skin, with her slicked back hair, robust armour and wild looking eyes!
Diana Cosplay by Calypsen

Diana Cosplay by Calypsen – Dobrochna Nowacka Photography


  • Braum – the Heart of the Freljord – is a giant of a character, so you might need a fat suit to get the right look! Add a giant belt, arm cuffs and of course the obligatory mad black moustache for a cosplay that everyone will remember!
Braum cosplay by Drefan

Braum Cosplay by Drefan


  • Jinx – the Loose Cannon


  • Master Yi – the Wuju Bladesman

Master Yi Cosplay by Minus10GradCelsius


  • Yasuo – the Unforgiven
Nils Katla Photography Yasuo Cosplay Yoshplay

Yasuo Cosplay by Yoshplay Photography by Nils Katla


  • Riven – the Exile


  • Nidalee – the Bestial Huntress