Riot are offering something different: Pick Your Favorite Tentacle’d Skin

Published on: 06/11/2017

With Riot releasing multiple skins and champions over the years, some champions get more attention than others do. With the likes of Orianna, Jax, and Annie have over 8 skins, it’s crazy to think that some champions are still only sitting with one or two. This is usually due to Riot focusing on new champions or patches, as well as some champions just not being receptive to change. This usually refers to how hard or easy it is to give a champion a completely new skin, or to give them a different aspect of said champion to a degree as well. But, one champion that has not seen a new skin from pretty much when they were released is Illaoi.

Illaoi is a massive champion in the LoL world, with a stark backstory intertwining multiple champions, such as GangPlank and Miss Fortune. But, she has not had any skins within the last two years. With the recent announcement, though, that will soon change. Riot DrPh8, one of the concept artists on the Riot Games board, came out recently with a new poll. In this poll, he talks about how the teams have been in talks about her new skin, but were having a hard time deciding on what the new skin should be. As such, he decided that it would be left up to the summoners of League of Legends to decide. By going to the League of Legends official website, one is able to vote for one of three skins: BattleCast, Adventurer, and Deep Space.

Pick Your Favorite Tentacle’d Skin

Battlecast Illaoi sees Illaoi become a cyborg of sorts, with part of her remaining human, while the other half is machine. As such, she supposedly fights against Viktor’s creations, and does so with the help of her machines. Adventurer Illaoi sees her take on a more Tomb Raider style look, with her sea lantern becoming a casket with a deadly enemy inside that is bent to her will. Deep Space Illaoi has Illaoi become “Infected” by a certain monster, turning her into a symbiote, and carrying around a “Friend” that fights for her, which looks more like the monster fog from “Lost”.

Although these have all been revealed, Riot DRPH8 states that these are all not final, even though they will be voted on. Although it seems like they might create massive change, from what is understood, tweaks to the names and backstory will continue to happen, so the skin itself will most likely remain the same. As such, when the winning skin is selected, it will be put on the list and the community will be given regular updates on how the skin development goes, as well as constant visual updates. So, go and vote now, as the voting will end on November 13th, to decide on which skin and story Illaoi will take on next with this colorful and somewhat mysterious setting.