Crypto gaming and eSports have slowly interlooped into one another as we have seen a number of high-profile tournaments and leagues dish out large cash prizes for lucky winners and participants.

Whether it is for or Axie Infinity, esports tournaments have been held around the world with great success. We have also seen platforms for web2 gaming that payout crypto tokens like Bitcoin as prizes for those who win esports matches for games like Call of Duty, FIFA, and Rocket League.

Thetan Arena: MOBA Arena may be a crypto esports game you have missed. That’s okay, read our Thetan Arena review to learn more about the game’s gameplay, Thetan Arena coin/NFTs and the state of Thetan Arena in 2023.

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An Introduction to Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena: MOBA Arena is a mobile and desktop game that integrates esports and blockchain list, Play-To-Earn and Free-To-Play functionalities. The result – is a high stakes multiplayer arena game that has so far been enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide!

On their official website, it has been noted that over 25 million people have played the game. Along with their 1st place ranking on the Google Play store, while proudly being a part of the top 10 crypto games in 2021 amidst the Web3 gaming boom.

Wolffun Game is the team behind Thetan Arena, they also have a roster of other games including: Thetan Rivals & Heroes Strike.

Thetan Arena has gained quite a bit of backing from both gaming fans and investors. Binance, Coinbase, Polkastarter Gaming, Animoca Brands, Yield Guild, and Coingecko are all behind Thetan Arena. These are some of the biggest organizations in Web3, so it is great to see this.

What is Thetan Arena Gameplay like?

Thetan Arena 2023’s gameplay is a colorful, action packed experience. Players battle in team based game modes against others online. If you are familiar with Pokemon Unite, then you will feel right at home with Thetan Arena.

There are a few game modes to choose from in Thetan Arena. Choose between MOBA and Battle Royale.

Special Events are also held on, Thetan Arena, including a Hero (NFT) Fusion, Amazing Tournament, Coinbase Loot, and Trading Event. These events give you more exciting experiences, Thetan Arena coins, and NFT characters to be used on the NFT marketplace.

There are also quests found on the Thetan Arena Marketplace. These are updated regularly and can be completed in the game modes for rewards.

Thetan Arena Coin & NFT Collectibles

Thetan Arena’s tokenomics are split into two. The utility token ($THC) and the admin token (THG).

What are Thetan Arena’s coins used for? Let’s look at $THC first:

  • Buy the Thetan Box to unlock NFT Heroes
  • Buy NFT Hero / NFT Cosmetic directly on Thetan Marketplace
  • Rent NFT Hero on Thetan Marketplace
  • Purchase a ticket to join Special Event / Special Tournament

Now onto $THG token:

  • Marketplace transaction fee
  • Buy the Thetan Legendary Box: in order to own the Legendary NFT Hero
  • Evolve NFT Heroes
  • Staking
  • Entrance ticket to the Thetan Arena DAO

NFT collectibles are a big part of the Thetan Arena gameplay. Characters are acquired through ThetanBox and can have cosmetics purchased for them to enhance their skills. The three rarities are Common, Epic and Legendary.

You can choose between 27 Heroes and they have different skins you can apply to them. All of which have the same rarities.


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How to Earn in Thetan Arena

There are a number of ways you can earn on Thetan Arena. As a Play To Earn game, this is an important aspect of the game and is probably one of the main reasons you are reading this Thetan Arena review in the first place!

By playing the game modes, you can earn $THC. The amount you earn depends on the rarity, trophy-class and level of the heroes (NFT characters) used. You can also complete in-game quests and join events.

You are also able to earn in Thetan Arena by selling NFTs on the Thetan Marketplace. Withdrawing/swapping your Thetan Arena coins into your desired currency is also possible like many other games based on crypto.

How can I play Thetan Arena

You can play Thetan Arena on mobile devices like iOS and Android & also on the desktop. Gamers can have their profiles cross platforms to keep track of in-game progress and collectibles.

How to connect Thetan Arena to Metamask

Connecting a MetaMask account to Thetan Arena is simple, and doing so allows you to transfer and store NFTs and crypto earned in the game. From there you can transfer them to different crypto wallets and blockchains.

Sign up for MetaMask if you haven’t, this is the main non-custodial wallet on Ethereum, the network Thetan Arena is on.

Once you have signed up, launch Thetan Arena on your device. Navigate to the Thetan Arena Marketplace and click “Connect Wallet.” Log into your account if you have not already, and then link your account and verify the connection.

You have now connected Thetan Arena to MetaMask, giving you access to NFTs and Thetan Arena coin withdrawals.

Be sure to check out Thetan Arena if you are a fan of esports, crypto, and battle arena games. Despite the Thetan Arena coin plummeting in price in the crypto gaming bear market, the game itself is thriving.

The Thetan Arena ecosystem is also expanding. The development team is releasing another NFT based game called Thetan Rivals. NFT Heroes are transferable to this game and is worth a look if you are a fan of Thetan Arena, and other games like Fall Guys.

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