The roster of the best fantasy esports players is not always as easy to pinpoint as you would think. It’s important for your team, but also in a sense it can spell doom and gloom if you are unlucky enough to have drafted an underachiever on your squad. To help save yourself from that scenario we’ve come up with useful tips on the fantasy players to avoid in order to win at fantasy esports!

Prioritizing Skill Over The Probability To Win

Esports has been one of the fastest-growing industries of the past decade. Alongside its meteoric rise has been the development of fantasy esports, the gaming equivalent to the uber popular fantasy sports. And one thing new players may want to know is the fantasy players to avoid.

Some common mistakes made by those who just started their journey into fantasy esports are carrying over tendencies from fantasy sports. One big mistake such participants make is to draft the best, most skilled players rather than those with the highest chance to win.

It makes sense why, as in fantasy sports, the most statistically impressive players are the ones that are the most desirable. But team results matter the most when it comes to scoring in League of Legends Fantasy esports or esports DFS competitions.

The way gameplay in League of Legends works can lead to snowballing on the scoreboard. As such, there are some wild disparities in final scores. It’s possible, even likely, for role players on the winning team to outscore stars on the losing team.

Fantasy Players to Avoid

Diversifying the Composition Of Your Lineup

Drafting players on the same team is a very good idea, and how scoring functions is the biggest reason. In fantasy competitions for League of Legends, both kills and assists in a match count towards a player’s score.

Now say, in a League of Legends fantasy draft, one participant manages to draft multiple players from a very good team. When the said team has their match, and one player gets a kill, it’s likely one of their teammates secured an assist.

When that happens, both players increase their fantasy scores. One will get points for the kill and the other for the assist. And should someone in a fantasy competition happen to have both players in their lineup, they’ll reap the benefits of both the kill and assist in scoring.

The best, most ideal lineup would be one where there are multiple players from a winning team. Of course, other players will be aware of this, so it’s impossible to get a perfect roster. Still, participants should look for every chance to create lineups filled with teammates.

Going Underweight On Carries

Now that participants know what to look for from a team perspective, from a role perspective, what should be at the top of the list? The answer is whichever player is filling the role of a carry. Carries are ADC and mid laner champions that usually accumulate the most points in a match.

Now, let’s assume two participants are facing each other. If both have followed the first two tips and created a formidable lineup full of players from the same winning team, whatever team has the most will usually come out on top.

Fantasy League of Legends and esports, in general, can be a tricky thing. For new users, don’t be afraid to look up fantasy and DFS tips.