League of Legends: Big matches to bet on at NA LCS, week 6

Published on: 13/07/2017

Everyone has their favorite teams to bet on. With the top of the tables starting to even out and everyone still jostling for those lower seeded spots, the matches this week in League of Legends NA LCS seem more stacked than ever. So, let’s go over just a few of the matches that will have some very heavy odds, and how to interpret them in terms of getting the most out of your betting strategy.

Team Solomid vs Phoenix1 (80% TSM -20% P1) The odds given to this match are heavily in favor of TSM. Why? For many reasons. After they came off the win at Rift Rivals, many wonder just how far this team will go, as well as if Rift Rivals is any good indication of how strong a team is due to how poorly EU showed on in their own backyard. However, Team Solomid have looked absolutely dominant, with very little room to call them out on. P1, for their own part, have looked much better since acquiring their star rookie, and are looking to climb back up through the ranks of the leaderboards to the playoff position.

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Due to contrasting playstyles, TSM will easily win out against P1. With how TSM have experimented and controlled their matches, it can easily happen that anyone on TSM can carry a game. Say, for instance, that Hauntzer gets shut down and Svenskeren is slightly behind in the jungle. TSM has both Bjergsen and DoubleLift that are able to fully carry the game on their backs. But, for P1, MikeYeung is the primary catalyst for the team, meaning if he goes down, P1 have a very flawed team to back him up. It will be the solid shield versus a spear, with the shield looking much stronger at this point.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Dignitas (65% CLG – 35% DIG) CLG and DIG have both looked shaky in the past few weeks. The difference being, Counter Logic have started out much stronger, as well as having a much more talented roster of players. Both teams are having issues within the mid to late game currently, but make up for it by playing a much more chaotic game, making it so neither side will be able to properly set up for a play.

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Look to Dardoch to really carry the game against DIG. Dardoch has proven himself to a small extent, showing that, on a decent team, he does very well. Now, it is whether or not they are able to make it come to fruition, and prove that they have what it takes to solidly crush a lower-ranked team.

Team Dignitas have a good window, though, to take down the first-place team currently. With the chaotic style of CLG being a double-edged sword, DIG could easily look to punish CLG’s early mistakes, capitalizing on the fact that they tend to be over-aggressive with very little to fall back on. This will be a good match to watch, and to test your limits with money.

Team Liquid vs Flyquest (50% – 50%) Ah, the battle of the losers. FlyQuest and Team Liquid are both sitting at the bottom of the standings, with almost no glimmer of hope to coming back and making it to playoffs. Many will argue that P1 is also in the same boat, but P1 have shown great improvement in the last weeks, as well as contesting for the top spot at Rift Rivals. Both Flyquest and Team Liquid need to take massive steps to becoming top tier teams, but have shown no inkling to do so.

FLY and TL both suffer from the same issue: communication problems and lack of talent. Although many will argue that Team Liquid has a massive amount of talent, many seem to be past their prime, and lack any drive to improve. Same goes with FLY, as they have 3/5s of the old C9 roster, who all have retired for various reasons prior. This is why most of this match is a complete toss-up, as no one will be able to identify a clear advantage from either of these teams.

- "daniel" | LoL Esports Writer

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