8 fun facts ahead of the Worlds 2022 Finals this weekend

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship has been full of epic matches and surprises so far, but the grand finals are set to have one of the most exciting storylines of the last few years. Want to know some cool facts ahead of what might be the most historic final in League history?

Here are some cool facts.

Worlds T1 2022

1. First full LCK final since 2017

Korean teams used to be always the best teams at World Championships, and it was usual to see two Korean teams fight it off in the finals. This was until the LPL teams came in (and EU), breaking that streak. After 5 years, this will be the first full LCK final, after the last one between Samsung Galaxy and SKT Telecom T1.

2. Yuumi has 100% win rate

The magical kitty seems to be quite the overtuned champion, with 8 wins on the board and the second highest pick-or-ban rate at Worlds, sitting at 95%.

3. Korean teams made it to the semifinals for two consecutive years

Another cool fact is that just like last year, Korea was able to place three different teams in the semifinals. Last year, it was T1, DK and Gen.G. This year, DK was eliminated by Gen.G in the quarterfinals, but DRX made it in their stead. Unlike last year, though, the only non-Korean team JD Gaming was sent home by T1, while EDward Gaming was able to prevail.

4. DRX is the first team to qualify for a Worlds final from play-ins

While most teams struggle to make it out of groups, DRX managed to reach the finals. If they manage to beat T1, it will be the most spectacular run in Worlds’ history. Good luck with your Worlds Pick’ems.


Winning is tough yo..

5. BeryL has reached Worlds finals for three consecutive years

DRX’s support player will be the fourth player to achieve this record, after Bang, Wolf and Faker who all achieved it from 2015 to 2017. Despite leaving DWG Kia at the end of the 2021 season, BeryL still managed to make finals, as he’s the only non-T1 player to get this record. Famous for playing most of the time on Genshin Impact, he continues to rarely play solo queue, which goes to show how insane of a player BeryL is.

6. Bengi may become the first person to win Worlds as a player and a coach

After his last stint in the LPL for Vici Gaming in 2017, Bengi retired and started working as part of the coaching staff for T1.

At the end of 2018, the Korean prodigy he took a two-year break from the pro scene, and returned as the head coach for T1’s challenger team in 2020 where he stayed for a whole year. He was then promoted to the main team and became interim head coach at the end of the summer split due to some of the disappointing results the org showed.

Bengi’s addition to the coaching staff seemed to have completely changed T1 for the better, as they looked dominant for the majority of the tournament. The famous former T1 jungler is the only person alongside Faker to have won the World Championship three times. If T1 wins Worlds this year, though, he will become the first-ever player to also become World Champion as a coach.

I wonder when they will start making Worlds skins for coaches.

7. Hextech is the most killed dragon thus far

Considering both the play-in stage and the main event, the most killed dragon is the newest addition to Summoner’s Rift. Below you can find the numbers of dragons killed per elementary type:

Cloud: 40 + 61 = 101
Ocean: 37 + 64 = 101
Infernal: 35 + 67 = 102
Mountain: 34 + 55 = 89
Hextech: 38 + 67 = 105

Will the Hextech drake defend its title or will we see another dragon element win this contest?

8. Faker has NEVER won Worlds in November

Is this a sign or is it a mere coincidence? By looking back at Faker’s Worlds runs in his career so far:

  1. 2013 Finals: Oct 4 (Win)
  2. 2015 Finals: Oct 31 (Win)
  3. 2016 Finals: Oct 29 (Win)
  4. 2017 Finals: Nov 4 (Loss)

Faker Worlds 2022

Pair this with the fact that no ADC older than 21 won Worlds, one of these two narratives will be broken. Deft is currently 26 while Gumayusi is 20 years old while Deft is 26.

Will this be the first time Faker wins in November? Or will Deft be the first over-21 ADC to win Worlds? We’ll have to find out on Saturday. For our match analysis and LoL Worlds predictions, check back with our news section on Friday.