Crypto Mobile Gaming Guide

Crypto gaming is often overlooked on mobile devices. Many quickly turn to desktop and now even console to play their favourite Play-To-Earn games.

Mobile gaming shares a lot of similarities with crypto gaming so the two go hand in hand nicely. Billions of people have access to mobile devices and with how vast of an industry gaming has become, it will be in no time at all that crypto gaming on both mobiles and consoles is adopted by a mainstream audience.

In the meantime, you can get ahead of the curve with this guide on mobile crypto gaming guide.

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Where can I find crypto games on mobile?

If you have an Apple or Android phone you have already got unlimited access to crypto games. You can go on your device’s designated app store and go ahead and download the games today.

Many of these games do not require much education on blockchain list knowledge to get stuck in with. For example games like Axie Infinity (which we will cover more below) require a wallet and understanding the wallet and how to use it.

Crypto gaming is highly accessible for all to at least try. Like many mobile games, they just require you to set up an account and if you really want, you can add some further capital to buy in-game items and upgrade your gameplay.

Which crypto games can I play on mobile?

Games from different blockchains are available on mobile such as Ethereum, Solana and Wax.

Below are some of the top crypto games you can play:

  • The Sandbox
  • Axie Infinity
  • Sorare
  • League of Kingdoms
  • Splinterlands
  • MIR4

One thing that must be noted is that gameplay is not as immersive when compared to PC/Desktop gameplay. However the easy access to games allows a bridge over from Web2 gaming to Web3.

Can I earn from mobile crypto gaming?

With any crypto games on the blockchain, you are able to earn some form of extra capital. However please note there are not many games available where you can earn serious money.

Axie Infinity and The Sandbox in some respects can open doors for earning. Maybe because they are more developed and robust.

One way that is a somewhat fool proof method of making money via crypto gaming is through performing in tournaments. Raise your ranking and prove yourself via online communities amongst other players and you will gain true bragging rights and the potential to earn money.

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Selling NFTs and staking are other ways you can earn extra from crypto mobile games.

When purchasing NFTs or staking, it is recommended to have a grasp over these web3 concepts before giving up your money.

Games like The Sandbox and Sorare have proven lucrative for early investors through their NFT sales.

Even gaming tokens have shown to be great investors. Market volatility works both ways for web3 gaming coins as the likes of $AXS and $SAND have shot up and down in price. Overall though they are up though.

Be sure to check out some of the listed games above! After all we are all somewhat hooked to our phones, so why not jump on the blockchain gaming trend whilst its young?