The new Game of Thrones NFT Collection has raised eyebrows

NFTs get a lot of stick from people that do not know a great lot about them. Whilst many of them are literally just really expensive JPEG files celebrities flex on their Twitter profiles some of them do have give holders incentives for holding and offer actual use within certain ecosystems.

‘Game of Thrones’ is a highly popular HBO T.V series that has been enjoyed by millions around the world at this point. It has a huge budget and reportedly makes $285 million per episode.

This budget has not been put into their recent NFT explained collection it seems with fans taking to Twitter to show their distress. Let’s look more into this release and what was offered.

The Game of Thrones NFT Collection

Released on Tuesday January 10th, this new collection has been officially released by Warner Brothers and their blockchain team. The project has been given the name, “Build Your Realm” and has been released on the Nifty Marketplace.


@ Build Your Realm

So far Nifty have had some high calibre collections released from franchises such as Space Jam and The Matrix. The initial starting price for these NFT expectedly was not cheap, priced at $150 which was worth 0.11 ETH at the time.

What exactly are these NFTs?

The NFTs have been released in the form of collectible cards which at this point has been exhausted within the NFT marketplace space many would argue. Future use will be brought to the table though as they will be usable within a Web3 game based on the Game of Thrones series.

On the day of release a total of 4,950 Hero cards were made available. Users obtained these NFT collectibles through purchasing Hero Boxes. These featured other items such as three “story cards” and nine “resource cards”.

Once obtained and the title is released with updates, players can use their resource cards to obtain in-game weapons. Many NFT projects promise X and Y, with results not exactly being amazing for investors in the end. However, Warner Brothers are a world renowned organisation and will (hopefully) have their fans best interests in mind with at least releasing the game and making it playable.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Now we mentioned before that Game of Thrones as an entity made a good chunk of change from their TV series alone. With that, one would presume this capital would be invested into the recent NFT project they have published.

This is not the case at all and came as a surprise to fans after they spent $150 to get in on the action.

Classic case of a multi-million dollar company completely blowing their chance to tap into a rapidly developing market If @GameOfThrones had actually committed more time, thought, and resources into their top NFT token art they could have been massively rewarded in the future.

The above Tweet is a showcase of the general thoughts on this NFT collection. Users were treated to an incredibly bad CGI character reimagined on the blockchain. For a multi billion dollar company to give the thumbs up on this, it is clear someone needs a talking to in the office.

@Farmer Nash makes a great point past the actual NFT itself. Warner Brothers have left a bad taste in people’s mouths when regarding their entry into Web3, a somewhat emerging market still at this point.

The onslaught does not stop there though as it was also discovered that the Resource Cards were literally just images that were ripped from Shutterstock.

“This Game of Thrones NFT collection is just like the last season of the show. No creative vision and terrible”.

Overall not a good start for the Game of Thrones franchise. Let’s hope future updates of this Build Your Realm project are a bit more promising.

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