What is Listen-and-Earn? – Web3 Explained

We are well aware by now that as time has progressed, the blockchain and those governing its advancements are never shy of creating cool, new concepts that allow new ways to enjoy and interact with entertainment.

Take for example “Play-To-Earn”, widely used within Play-To-Earn crypto games, is a concept derived from crypto gaming giving players new opportunities to earn real world money and more value from playing games. The list goes on, but more so recently a to earning mechanic has been uncovered, this time for podcast hosts and lovers.

Here us out on this one as it is a very interesting concept that has a lot of potential, especially when you consider how popular the podcasting world is. Mix this with the growing Web3 industry and the opportunities will seem somewhat endless…


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So what is this new concept exactly?

“Listen-and-Earn” is what we are kicking a fuss up about! This new approach to consuming podcast content has been brought to us by The Fountain, a podcasting app. Their aim with this app is to revolutionize the podcasts we listen to by giving more back to the people that allow them to flourish in the first place, the listeners at home!

The Fountain have partnered with Zebedee that are proving to be a hotplayer in the world of crypto. They are a team that provide web3 solutions to new and upcoming ventures looking to utilize the earning potential and technological advancements crypto fundamentals can bring forward for audiences and organizations.

“A few years from now, we’ll look back at paid subscriptions for content platforms that aren’t related to how much we actually use those platforms and laugh at how basic and inefficient it was. ”

Oscar Merry, the CEO of Fountain has high hopes for this new partnership that is looking to disrupt podcasting as we know, but for all the right reasons it seems.

With current economic weather that is being felt across the world and the untapped nature of crypto trading, this Listen-and-Earn model is another reason why web3 is proving to be a game changer.

User friendly experiences!

One thing newcomers to Web3 experience is learning the ropes of wallets, the technologies and the jargon. If you are a casual entertainment consumer then this barrier to entry can be really, really off putting. It often leaves a sour taste in people’s mouth. I believe this is one of the many reasons why people are turned off by the words “Bitcoin” and “Crypto”. However, I digress.

If the above does apply to you then you are in luck as the Fountain podcast app is incredibly user friendly! There is no need to integrate a blockchain list wallet like MetaMask or Gemini, as the earnings are distributed via your standard credit and/or debit card from your traditional bank.

There is little to no reason why traditional podcasting platforms are a ticking time bomb. They are offering zero returns for those keeping their brands afloat. It is only a matter of time before this new concept is picked up on a more mainstream level!

Imagine in a few years time, Joe Rogan revokes his $1 billion contract with Spotify and turns his attention and show to a platform like Fountain? It is very possible if this picks up.

Is the Fountain app available now?

It certainly is, and can be downloaded on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store right now!

Currently their roster is somewhat minimal with a total of 50 podcast shows listed on the platform. These shows are easy listeners, covering topics such as tech, crypto/web3. Music, politics, business and self improvement to name a few.

If you have a podcast of your own you can actually apply to be on the Fountain podcasting app today. This can be done via their site!

Keep on the lookout for more Listen-and-Earn projects. We absolutely have high hopes for this upcoming blockchain prospect.