Top Aim Trainers In CS:GO – Land Every Shot

With such a devoted community, Counter Strike: Global Offensive is full of players that want to get better at the game they love. With such a focus on mechanics and being the best of the best, CS:GO aim trainers are an important tool in the arsenal of any player wanting to improve. Here are our picks for the best aim trainers you can use to rank your skills up!

Tools in game

Raw aim skill is king in CS:GO. Any strategy you might have and the game knowledge of a pro CS:GO player won’t save you in your ranked games if you’re missing your shots. Starting your CS:GO warm ups with aim training is a great way to build the muscle memory that you’ll need to improve.

Community aim maps like aim_redline are the go to for players of all skill levels looking to sharpen up, even pro players use these Steam Workshop maps in their daily routines. Aim Maps usually spawn bots at certain angles or from all sides to test your eye for targets and your mechanics, so it can even help your aim training for certain angles on specific maps!

Image of aim_redline from Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Source: Steam Workshop. Workshop maps can be a big help with aim training!

Deathmatch Servers

Another very popular tool for training your aim is playing on Deathmatch servers. Deathmatch servers pit you against other players in just the gunfight aspect of playing on a certain map, allowing you to make your aim your only focus. These can give you practice in specific scenarios that you’d like to test for your competitive games. Looking to improve your Deagle from the dumpsters by CT Construction on Overpass? You can practice that interaction as much as you want until you’re confident with how to headshot in CS:GO.

CT Construction on Overpass

Getting specific scenario practice can help you improve a lot.

Tools Out of Game

Sometimes, the best aim trainers for CS:GO aren’t actually in the game! Reflex testing tools such as Aim Lab, a free download on Steam, are going to be the thing that will help your improve your aim the most. These tools are usually distraction free to get you acting on your muscle memory as quickly as possible to warm up or stay sharp between matches.

Practicing certain mechanics outside of the game can help your build good habits that you’ll take with you to competitive, such as controlling your crosshair height or sharpening up your flicks. Some words of caution though, make sure the CS:GO aim trainers you settle on using are in 3D space. As much fun as something like playing the rhythm game OSU! is, 2D mouse dexterity won’t translate very well to 3D shooting, and could make your practice less effective.

Studying and applying

There’s more to aim training than just the tools you use! Sometimes watching and learning from the best of the best can be a big help with getting the hang of your own mechanics. Watching demos from your favorite pro players can help you understand the kind of things you should be practicing. Players like NiKo might have the greatest aim in the game, but by watching him play you can learn how he sets himself up for success by seeing how he positions himself and his crosshair to make the biggest difference in a clutch.

Once you’ve had a chance to study enough demos, the last thing to consider while working with the best aim trainers you can is to consider your crosshair. Pro players will often tell you that a static crosshair makes for the best CS:GO crosshair, but it’s also important to use one that you’ve got good visibility and practice with. Even if you’ve got the mouse sensitivity down to a science, over correcting because of a bad crosshair is the difference between ranking up in competitive and going back to these aim trainers we’ve mentioned today.

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