FaZe Clan hopefuls despair days before IEM Katowice 2022

Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Katowice begins on next week. Finally, we will get to see FaZe in full swing. With olof gone and Ropz in the lineup, we will finally see if Karrigan still has what it takes to orchestrate a team to the top of the world. He has come so close to the major a few times now. Many think this year will be his last stand. He has chosen to bring in Ropz, his prodigy from MOUZ whom he mentored when MOUZ was a top team in the world (Instead of being lower ranked than their academy team like they are now.) Surely, with the chemistry they had previously this will put them in the perfect position as he is the final piece of the puzzle.

There is only one problem. Ropz will not be playing due to COVID.

Faceplam worthy indeed

Jks to stand-in for FaZe

FaZe will be participating in this contest without their newest addition. This means all of the practice they have done with him is pretty much null and void. Ropz will be temporarily replaced by jks.

The once superstar has fallen a long way since his prime on Renegades. He has been a complete let down on C0mplexity to the point where he is now inactive. This is a huge blow to FaZe as this really seemed to be their opportunity to pull themselves out of the abyss. With the level of competition at this tournament, they almost certainly will not turn this into a feel good story. They may pull off an upset or two, but once the bo3 series’ begin, they will crumble.

Katowice is an important tournament as it determines early Pro Tour and Blast Premier points seedings. FaZe fans thought they’d be getting a big upgrade from olof for this event. It is questionable whether this is an upgrade at all.

It remain to be seen if FaZe survives the initial onslaught and goes deep enough into the tournament for ropz to make a comeback. One thing is certain, you should definitely not bet on FaZe clan during the first week of Katowice.