When is the Griddy Coming Back to Fortnite?

Fortnite has loads of emotes, hundreds, at this point it might actually be thousands. What are the chances of that one emote you can’t live without actually coming back anytime soon though? Such as, when is the Griddy coming back to Fortnite?

It’s difficult to predict when things are coming back. However, for a popular emote like Griddy there are some rules that Epic normally followed. With how many skins are in Fortnite, they tend to cycle stuff with a bit of a logical pattern. We can make some predictions and when is the Griddy coming back to the item shop.

Even if you missed out on it, why should you miss the Girddy in Fortnite entirely? Each new update seems to bring this emote back to the surface in Fortnite, as new leaked Fortnite skins such as Piccolo do the Griddy. When will you be able to join in, or when is the Griddy coming back to Fortnite? This is what you need to know.

Griddy FN

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When is the Griddy Coming Back to Fortnite?

The Griddy emote in Fortnite has had a life of its own since it was first released. There are new and exciting leaked Fortnite skins all the time, but for some reason, a certain section of the player base just wants to see them doing this one emote! So, when is the Griddy coming back to Fortnite? There are some things we know about what’s planned.

Get Griddy is an item shop emote for a start. For the uninitiated, this is good news. Battle Pass emotes don’t come back. They’re in the Battle Pass and then that’s it, Item Shop emotes though can come back as often as Epic wants. For ones that have become a bit of a meme, Epic tends to toe the line between killing it by bringing it back every week and making it so rare it’s frustrating. Although, when is the Griddy coming back to the item shop is a much nicer problem than if it had been a Battle Pass emote.

The Griddy Emote, or Get Griddy, was originally released back in 2021. It’s become pretty heavily wanted back since, and there’s a reason it could make it back. Although, there’s also some controversy that could be keeping it out of the item shop. The answer to when is the Griddy coming back to Fortnite is a bit complicated.

Get the Girddy

The Get Griddy emote is heavily associated with NFL player Justin Jefferson, specifically how he celebrates. It also featured a song though, by YoungBoy. It was originally released as part of the Justin Jefferson locker bundle. This is Epic’s second way of honoring real-world figures. Not with their own cosmetics like the Item Series, but with a selection of their picks from Epic’s wide catalogue.

That means that the answer to when is Griddy coming back to Fortnite might be sooner than later. It can come back whenever even outside of the Locker Bundle. However, the Super Bowl might be the perfect date for this emote! That would time it with the rest of the NFL-themed skins, which might make sense for one that’s become so associated with a football player.

This is when the emote has been for sale in the past.

  • September 26 2022
  • August 25 2022
  • June 22 2022
  • May 23 2022
  • April 12 2022
  • February 18 2022
  • December 17 2021
  • November 12 2021
  • October 10 2021
  • September 10 2021
  • August 11 2021
  • July 3 2021
  • May 1 2021
  • April 30 2021
  • April 29 2021

As you can see, it comes back loads. Although there’s one major complication to answering when is the Griddy coming back to Fortnite.

Legal Problems

The song in use could cause problems for Epic. The rapper behind the emote is currently in some hot water for possession of illegal weapons. Epic does like to avoid controversy, so this could keep the emote out of the store. It’s hard to know for certain when Get Griddy will be back.

Epic could ignore the trial altogether given how the emote is more associated with a football player than the actual song that features. Although, such a serious charge might keep it out of the item shop for a while.