Misfits or Rogue – Who gets to be king in LEC Week 2?

After a thrilling Superweek to start off summer, LEC continues with Week 2. We saw an outstanding Misfits Gaming, winning the first 3 games and on top of the standings. Fnatic, on the other hand, had a rough start but was able to bounce back by dominating Rogue to end off the week.

What can we expect going forward? Let’s look at three key matches of LEC Week 2 and find out!

Misfits LEC

Rogue vs Misfits Gaming – Friday 20:00 (CET)

Rogue will have a very important week: they will be facing both 1st placed MSF as well as G2. After finishing 2-1 in the first week, Rogue are on the same trend as the last split. They are definitely a top 4 team that has all the tools to make it to Worlds. Their loss against Fnatic was more about the enemies having a great performance rather than them playing badly. Rogue is still a potential candidate for the championship.

As for Misfits Gaming, things are slightly different. They did have an impressive start to the summer split, but they still haven’t played against the top teams. Their momentum, though, can be an added value that can boost the team’s confidence against Rogue. This is also a test for MSF: if they are able to beat Rogue, then MSF is establishing itself as a potential playoff team. If mid-laner Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié can keep his form, we might see the rise of a new star in the LEC.

With that being said, we still think that Rogue will take the win. Misfits’ first week results were thanks to a relatively easy schedule. Now that they will face a top team, things will get a lot harder. Nonetheless, this series will show if MSF can become a contender for the title.

One LoL bet worth making would be on MSF taking First Blood: GG.BET gives a very tempting 2.21x return.

Team Vitality vs Fnatic – Friday 21:00 (CET)

After Rogue and Misfits, LEC will continue with another banger of a series. The Vitality vs Fnatic series will become a personal battle between Selfmade and Fnatic’s players. Following the recent rumors of Oskar’s “Selfmade” Bodere negative behavior in his former team, he will be hungry to show that they made the wrong choice to make him leave.

Both teams have made big changes to their rosters and had a rough start, with 1-2 records. It’s expected to see both teams struggling in the first weeks but taking a win in this series can become a game-changer towards the end of the split, especially when considering head-to-head.

Fnatic had a strong showing against Rogue, but the questions about their consistency and peak performance still remain. Fnatic has high potential but that potential can only be seen on very few occasions. Vitality, on the other hand, has a lot to work on, particularly on the synergy and identity they want to have as a team.

In conclusion, we expect Fnatic to beat Vitality. The two teams are similar in strength, but Fnatic’s synergy will likely make a difference here. If you want to make some cash on this series, betting on Fnatic will give you a 1.81x return.

Rogue vs G2 Esports – Saturday 21:00 (CET)

Week 2 will round off with probably the Match of the Week: G2 vs RGE. We already mentioned Rogue and that this will be a test to assess their performance relative to the competition.

The same thing can be said for G2: their performance has not been convincing, despite the 2 wins. Many expected to see a more dominant G2, but there are still some issues that need to be worked around. Drafts are still a big problem that the organization must fix: their loss against S04 is proof. Not only that, but it feels like G2 needs also to work on overall team cohesion.

To round off our predictions, we expect G2 to come out on top. They’ve always stepped up when the situation calls, especially against Rogue. One thing is certain: their series will be an explosive and long game. Expect the game to last more than 30 minutes, placing an over on game duration should be a safe bet to make some cash.

With a potential 1-1 week by both Misfits and Rogue in LEC Week 2, we are looking at a possible 6 way tie for first at the end of the week.