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Keep track of your favourite teams, follow their struggles as they fight there way to becoming esports champions!

This is the place where you’re going to find all you need to know about which teams are shaking up the esports world. From the latest exploits of legendary LoL teams like SK Telecom T1, to some of the promising newcomers in CS:GO, we’ll be giving you the low-down on the best esports teams around.


Welcome to the Esports.net team database

With an in-depth analysis of the statistics behind these teams’ success stories, to some of the latest rumours about who would providing you with a winning bet at some of the top esports tournaments, it’s only by checking our constantly updated team database that you’ll know who’s performing at the peak of their powers in the esports realm. It’s been fascinating to see how certain teams have managed to quickly become superpowers in the esports world. And so we’ll be providing you with detailed account of how gaming brands like Evil Geniuses and Fnatic have managed to achieve such phenomenal playing records. And because things move incredibly in the esports world, we’ll be paying special attention to those teams who are capable of providing a big upset so that you can make a winning bet at esports.net.

So be sure to check out our list of the best esports teams around, and see if you agree with our selection.


Who are the best esports teams?

Whilst there’s a near-endless range of esports teams out there, it’s worth pointing out some of the most successful team names so that you know who to keep an eye on.

SK Telecom 1 have dominated games like League of Legends and Starcraft in recent years. And whilst it’s easy to pinpoint the South Korean team’s remarkable form on star players like Faker, it’s clear that they have plenty of strength in depth.

Evil Geniuses are a North American team who seem to excel in a wide range of esports ranging from Dota 2 to World of Warcraft. And whilst they are one of the longest-lasting teams around, they are showing no signs of slowing down.

lol esports teams

Fnatic have gone from strength to strength in esports like Halo and CS:GO, and they’ve managed to achieve a level of consistency that more than justifies their position as one of the most highly valued teams in the game. And whether it’s the likes of the Russian side, Virtus.pro, dominating World of Tanks, to the Korean aces, Lunatic-Hai, providing a masterclass in Overwatch gaming, we’ll be sure to let you know when these teams are in action.

What can you find out about the top esports teams?

Although each team is more than the sum of its parts, we’ll be providing plenty of details about who the individual players are who are powering each team’s success story. Thanks to our expert analysis and extensive database of statistics, you’ll be able to quickly see who the real stars of each esports team are. And as esports players are notorious for switching teams on a regular basis, we will also keep you up to date with all of the latest gossip about which individuals could be making a move very soon.

There will also be details about which esports tournaments our top teams will be appearing at in the near future, so that you know who could provide you with a winning bet at Esports.net.

Obviously we will be paying close attention to the increasingly extravagant prize winnings that these teams have picked up in their competitive gaming exploits. And in addition to this, we will be taking a look back over past tournaments to see which events gave our favourite esports teams the springboard into achieving their esports immortality!


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