As in most parts of the world, Europe has changed a lot the way it sees betting on esports by now, and so be it, Sweden has turned out to be a great place for the esports scene and bets to develop. So, if you are located in this great country and want to know more about betting, keep reading.

Is it legal to bet on esports in Sweden?

In short, yes. A short time ago (by the third quarter of 2018) Sweden had a radical change regarding its legislation and the way Esports betting Sweden was treated within it. This has led to a boom in gambling within the country as betting in Sweden has become extremely legal.

All this change could be observed not only at the level of esports within Sweden, the country also underwent some radical changes in other policies. Live casinos and gambling became legal as well and have gradually gained fame within the country.

Top 5 Betting Sites in Sweden

Favorite esports games to bet on in Sweden

Sweden is one of the countries where esports betting has been made conspicuous in certain games. In this case, something that is striking within the country is the esports that have gained more fame and therefore have become the main options for those who want to make a bet within Esports betting Sweden.

The first game is one of the oldest in the market, so to speak. Everyone knows Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The second game within Sweden is League of Legends. This is not a surprise for many because the game has been around for a couple of years and therefore its fame cannot be questioned.

The last of the games is DOTA 2. The famous game of Valve is positioned as one of the most popular games worldwide, and Sweden is no exception to the rule because it is one of the main games.

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Best esports teams and tournaments to bet on in Sweden

So, now let’s talk about the most important teams and events that are favored by people in Sweden and most Sweden betting sites.

Best CSGO Teams and Tournaments

The first game on the list is currently one of the most important games in the world of esports. However, it has not had such a boom that allows us to say that it is not a surprise to see it in the first position. Within the list we can get:

  • Fnatic
  • Begrip Gaming

In terms of betting and tournaments, we have that people have a fairly strong interest in major events worldwide, as expected. These are:

  • ESL League Pro Season
  • Intel Extreme Masters XV World Championship
  • CSGO Major Championship

Top League of Legends teams and tournaments

The giant of Riot Games is a game that worldwide maintains its position as a major esports. Sweden has also earned an important place among the countries where more bets are made worldwide. The teams with the best local esports odds would be:

  • LemonDogs
  • Alliance
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

On the other hand, we have that in terms of tournaments and everything related to this topic, the market for these events remains pretty much the same. The most important tournaments Esports betting Sweden are:

  • League of Legends Championship Series
  • European Masters
  • Inter European Cup

Best DOTA 2 teams and tournaments

DOTA 2 is the successor of the first famous MOBA. It is the direct competition of games like LoL and therefore, it must always be kept active and innovating in what they do so that the bets are kept alive. As for important teams within Sweden we have the following:

  • No Tidehunters
  • Planet Odd
  • Alliance

On the other hand, it is maintained that the best teams that we can find within DOTA 2 there are tournaments that remain at The International level. Among these we have:

  • The International
  • Epic League Division 1
  • ESL One

Available betting markets

As usual, betting markets make a difference when it comes to aiming for a win. In this regard, the most popular markets for Esports betting Sweden go as follows:

For League of Legends

  • First Kill
  • Biggest killing spree
  • Winner of the game
  • Winning team


  • Headshots
  • The winning team of the game
  • The winning team of the round
  • Number of Maps

For DOTA 2

  • In-game events
  • Winner of the game
  • Champions used
  • Killing spree

These betting markets can be found on most betting sites in Sweden. We usually find that sites like Bet365, Betway, have this type of betting available at all times.

Swedish esports companies & teams

Within Sweden, we can find a variety of esports businesses that, despite being based within the country, operate within Malta because taxes contribute to better business management.

Among Swedish betting companies are Betsson and Unibet. Both companies are governed by the above mentioned Maltese law and have licenses from the United Kingdom and other countries to legalize their trust.

The teams have participated in a variety of tournaments, perhaps one of the most important Fnatic tournaments worldwide. This team has participated in a great variety of tournaments and they have even been champions in some of the editions of these tournaments.

This has allowed them to attract attention in the world of esports.

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Payment methods available in Sweden

Sweden is one of the countries where you can get most of the payment methods that are used conventionally. The good thing about this is that most betting sites in Sweden work without any problems.

The best esports bookmakers like ArcaneBet, LeoVegas, Unikrn, and bet365 Sweden are great options. As for payment methods, we find the most traditional ones as the first option, being these, credit and debit cards, a great alternative to pay.

Besides, we have that bank transfers are also an excellent method to pay inside the country. Finally, we have the electronic wallets, being PayPal, and Skrill some of the main options for these payments. It is possible that in the future we will see payments in cryptocurrencies as a fourth alternative, but these are not as popular within the country just yet.