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July 1, 2022

Fortnite Challenges Chapter 3, Season 3

With week 4 challenges starting yesterday in Chapter 3 Season 3. Figuring a recap of the previous week’s challenges would be a great idea. Also to put to rest the…
June 29, 2022

Fortnite Top 5 Landing Locations in Chapter 3, Season 3

With the island changing once again, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 brings us new locations to explore. With those new locations, come new NPCs and loot. We also got a…
June 28, 2022

Benjyfishy retiring from Fortnite extends the list of pros leaving the game

Last week the news broke that Benjyfishy was retiring from pro Fortnite. Instead, the player is going to be switching over to Valorant. This didn’t come as a huge surprise…
Esports News
June 16, 2022

Fortnite Season 3 competitive overhaul – Mobility gets vaulted, Snipers are a no-go

The latest Fortnite seasons have invoked a lot of the usual responses from the community. In some circles there’s excitement and in others anger at the game’s biggest misstep yet.…
June 7, 2022

DiegoPlayz gets punchy at Fortnite DreamHack Open Dallas

Fortnite has just started a new season, but for once the biggest controversy in the game has nothing to do with an OP new item they’ve thrown into the title.…
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June 5, 2022

Fortnite Crown Clash: How to unlock Free Rewards fast

Fortnite is no stranger to collaborations. Ever since Epic Games first worked with Marvel to bring the Avengers Endgame Limited Time Mode to life, they’ve been securing more brands like…
June 2, 2022

Fortnite No Build Competitive Expected – 2022 Invitational Announced

Fortnite is just wrapping up the second season of Chapter 3, but we’ve gotten news of something much bigger on the horizon. This week Epic have showed off plans for…
May 18, 2022

Dr Disrespect Return to Fortnite with Hot Shot Duo Drop Tournament

Dr Disrespect returns to Fortnite, and he’s doing it in style hosting a 100K Fortnite tournament. The Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop Tournament is a bit of a different…
Esports Industry
May 1, 2022

Gamers Without Borders 2022 kicks off quietly despite huge prize pools

Gamers Without Borders (GWB 2022) is back after a year’s hiatus, this time, rocking a grander prize pool worth $10,000,000 for charity, and another $15,000,000 in main event prize funds…
April 13, 2022

Ludwig Mondays tournaments are changing Fortnite for the better

The Ludwig Mondays tournaments are going to be launching soon. This is how it’s all going to work and why it’s so unique for a Fortnite tournament. Ever since Ludwig…
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All Fortnite News and Game Updates in one place

Fortnite is a game is near constant flux. It can be difficult to keep up to date on all of the Fortnite news, Twitter doesn’t exactly cover the details of each event. One day the game is holding a $30,000,000 tournament, and the next pros are abandoning it for Uno in a protest against a new item. Following Fortnite news is rarely dull, but it can be a bit daunting. Even if you’re not interested in the state of the playable game, following your favourite team is going to mean following which patch is currently mixing things up.

Pro players in Fortnite have to content with quite a bit more randomness and change than your average game. For their trouble, they get to compete for the biggest prize pools in the most high-profile events. Since the game goes so fast, it isn’t too surprising that so many of the rising stars are so young. The competitive scene for Fortnite has to react to the changes to the game that only come from a Fortnite news Twitter account. With only a few hundred words for patch notes, it is difficult to keep up.

If you’re trying to follow the competitive scene, we’ve got your news needs covered.

Keep up with the growth of Fortnite Competitive

Fortnite Esports goes pretty fast, with pros constantly having to adapt to the weekly events. We cover all of the important Fortnite news, so you can keep track of what the pros are up to on and off of the Battle Bus. Few games have the same type of reach on Twitch. Fortnite was the first step to a big career for most major names in streaming. Between the streamers and now expansive teams of Fortnite pro players, Fortnite news come thick and fast.

It is hard to say how long Fortnite is going to manage to stay the biggest game in streaming. Its esports cups currently command an impressive scale given the age of the game. This is going to continue for as long as Fortnite keeps its spot as the biggest game around. Throughout this Epic rushes through Fortnite news to prevent the game from leaving conversation for anything more than a day.

The constant revisions keep the game fresh. This can be difficult to track though. A player can go from winning a tournament to failing to qualify based on just a handful of bad games. With a fair bit of RNG at play, this makes it a bit difficult to keep up with Fortnite news. If you want to follow your favourite players, teams, and the overall game, then you’ll need to check in pretty frequently. Fortnite’s tournaments are held most weeks, both outside of the normal game held by the community and in-game events that allow for anyone with a controller or keyboard to take on the pros.

If you want to keep on top of all the latest happenings in competitive Fortnite, then our coverage should give you everything you need to stay informed.

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