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2019 was, so far, the biggest year for esports yet. With record viewership numbers, bigger prize pools and competitions than ever, esports have had a fantastic year. We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest events of the year to find out which ones were the most successful. Some of the stats from 2019More
Analytics company Newzoo says esports hit the $1 billion globalMore
China is currently the third largest esports market globally butMore
Esports Industry

What is HSEL and How It’s Helping High School Esports

HSEL or High School Esports League is a leading North American esports organization with over 2,100 partnered schools and 60,000 participating students. Its aim is to bring esports to studentsMore
Esports Industry

Esports Revenue Growth Driven by Audience Inspired Brand Investment

The esports industry is expected to be worth as much as $3 billion by 2022. The global esports audience is growing quickly, motivating more and more brand investment into esports.More
Esports Industry

Esports start-up Midnite raises $2.5 million for its betting platform

The London-based organisation is also responsible for the popular fantasy football app Dribble, though their recently completed fundraising campaign is for a different platform: Midnite. It isn’t the first investmentMore
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The British Esports Association’s Championships are back!

It may be early in the new year but that doesn’t mean that the esports world isn’t already in full gear – the most prestigious British esports organisation has openedMore
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Razer Plans to Target its Young Gaming Customers with New Financial Products

Video gaming giant Razer has applied for a digital banking licence in Singapore. Its Razer Fintech arm is eventually planning Razer Youth Bank and experts predict Razer will target itsMore
Esports Industry

G2 is going to expand their partnership with hardware manufacturer AORUS

The Berlin-based gaming organisation G2 is going to be expanding its existing strategic partnership with GIGABYTE’s own gaming brand AORUS. Specifically, this expansion relates to a new product released byMore
Esports Industry

The Five Most Defining Moments in Esports in 2019

Today we bid farewell to an amazing year and a decade of esports. This past year saw esports become the largest online entertainment industry on the planet. This past decade,More
Esports Industry

How Many Governing Bodies Do Esports Really Need?

Disclaimer: It is the reader’s responsibility to verify their own facts. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect theMore
Esports Industry

ATU to Launch Asia’s First Dedicated Esports Private Equity Fund

ATU Partners plans what will be the first private equity fund entirely focused on esports investment in Asia titled the “ATU Esports Growth Fund.” The new fund will begin withMore
Esports Industry

Germany once again at the forefront of esports development

Once again Germany is paving the way for the wider recognition of esports as a competitive discipline. Starting in March 2020, esports athletes and professionals can obtain a dedicated esportsMore
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