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North Esports teams up with Pinnacle

North are well-known as being one of the top 10 Counter Strike teams in the world, and they have just announced an 18-month partnership deal with the betting brand, Pinnacle. The deal will see the Danish esports team’s shirts feature the Pinnacle logo and it’s just the latest partnership between a competitive gaming brand andMore
One of the better-known organisations in the esports world, 100More
Next to esports giants like the UK or even Germany,More
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Lenovo backs Scottish company in exceptional deal

When it comes to esports, the UK is pretty big – not as big as countries like the US, China or South Korea, but definitely a front-runner with an activeMore
Esports Industry Re-Launch – The big day is here!

It’s finally time – the big day is here! We are ready to officially reveal our new and improved After listening to many of your requests and comments, we’veMore
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FACEIT is launching its Quake Pro League

Popular international tournament organiser FACEIT has just announced that they’ll be launching a series of new tournaments for the game Quake Champions. The so-called Quake Pro League is going toMore
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Gears 5 gets an esports tournament

As announced at E3 this year by Microsoft, the newest iteration of the Gears of War franchise – Gears 5 – will be released this year, on September 10th. WhereMore
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DreamHack snacks on Doritos – a tasty partnership

Just in time for the DreamHack Summer event in Sweden, DreamHack announced a new partnership with snack brand Doritos. The next event starts just tomorrow – between June 15th andMore
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Immortals LLC enters Series B Fundraising worth $30Million

Immortals LLC is definitely one of the better known esports organisation out there. While most fans tend to focus on their teams and matches, of course, the financial side ofMore
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Once again, esports’ inclusion into the Olympics are on the table

At this point it’s hardly news that many esports experts and stakeholders would love to see video games at the Olympics, and it’s equally true that a few IOC –More
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An explosion in popularity – esports in India

Along with having the fastest increasing population in the world, India is also a rising force in the world of esports. Generally speaking, Asia has seen a massive increase inMore
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ESPN’s newest esports project – the EXP series

For many, it’s still an odd concept to see esports on mainstream television, but since several channels have partnered with official esports organisations, game publishers and more, it’s not allMore
Esports Industry – Korea’s newest mobile esports platform

With esports ever-soaring popularity in south-east Asia, it’s not unusual to see new esports ventures popping up. As is unfortunately the case almost everywhere, most of them are, simply put,More
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