Top 10 PUBG Players in the World – Best PUBG Players in 2022

Creating a top 10 list consisting of the biggest talents in PUBG is never an easy task, but someone must do it. We have decided to compile a list of top players across the entire pro PUBG scene that display talent, leadership, and potential for the future. After a rise in popularity in 2020 and 2021, there is no reason why 2022 shouldn’t be as explosive as recent years.

With many faces from the past returning, new contenders emerging and skill levels being at an all-time high, we truly are spoilt for choice.

Best PUBG Players

Who are the Top 10 PUBG Players to watch in 2022?

We made the top PUBG players list to help you figure out who you should keep a closer eye on in 2022! For the rankings we are taking into consideration performances from last year, and up until this current point in this year. Since competition can vary domestically, we wanted to include talent from different regions. These rankings can change, but currently these are the top 10 players you should watch.

1. ZpYan1

We start off with one of the most effective In-game leaders actively playing professional PUBG. Zhou “ZpYan1” Pinyan is currently 20 years old and has led his team NewHappy-Esports to great success at a high level. They have won four of their last five tournaments, which consist of four A-tier and one S-tier class competition. His highest accolade came at the 2021 PUBG Global Championship with a 1st place finish. Due to him being young and still performing as a strong IGL, his skill ceiling is as high as anyone on the scene. When all factors are brought together, and combined with his strong teammates, this group and ZpYan1 are definitely a must watch for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

Pro PUBG Player ZPYAN1

Zhou “ZpYan1” Pinyan


Despite no showing across tournaments in 2022, we cannot disregard the skill of James “TGLTN” Giezen, He and his Soniqs squad dominated towards the end of 2021, where they had finished 1st in five of the last six showings. This included an unreal performance in their PGI’s 2021 victory. North America have been dominated by TGLTN and Soniqs thus far, but with the level of competition increasing, can he push on to repeat their success.

If you want to watch the best at work, definitely go to TGLTN. And yes Pr0phie did die for this.

TGLTN Best PUBG Player

James “TGLTN” Giezen

3. Pio

Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon is the IGL for Gen.G and has been one of the most impressively consistent players over the last two years. He had been the driving force behind Gen.G’s success in 2021 and is a versatile rifler plus lurker combined. What sets him apart from the rest is his general map awareness and key positioning. He enables himself and the rest of the squad to set up quickly, which allows his team to take favoured fights across all maps.

On top of winning PUBG Global Championship 2019, Pio represented South Korea at the 2019 Nations Cup and was instrumental for Gen.G’s late rally at PGI.S 2021.

Best PUBG Players

Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon

4. Taikonn

So far we have seen talent from Europe and Asia, but we cannot overlook Vietnamese talent. Ha Huu Tai “Taikonn” is only 17 years of age and is winning titles. Since joining Cerberus Esports in 2019, he has never finished outside of the top 5 in a tournament. To add to this stunning record, he has claimed five 1st place finishes as the primary fragger. Due to being a part of a top Vietnamese set-up, he is only going to get better. With so much development still to come, the world is his oyster. With being so young, he could have the potential to feature on a large NA, Asian or European stage.

Taikonn Cerberus Player

Ha Huu Tai “Taikonn”


Former LoL midlaner turned PUBG mastermind Wei “GODV” Zhen is a true PUBG veteran. Active since day one he is the owner and captain of 4AM, and the “Steph Curry of PUBG”. A true throwables god, he provides the stability and know-how to his team to control large and small corners of the map. He is the most famous PUBG player in China, and has represented his country at the Nations Cup and played at both PGC and PGI.s 2021.


Wei “GODV” Zhen

6. Inonix

Na “Inonix” Hee-joo is one of the most reliable players in the world of PUBG. On countless occasions he can be seen to stay calm under pressure. Despite Gen.G finishing 10th in PUBG Global Championships, they are consistently finishing in the top 3 in domestic competitions. This is thanks mostly to Inonix and his game sense. At their most recent competition Battlegrounds Smash Cup Season 6, he won Team MVP and overall finished 1st which is a big achievement. After some big performances in the last few months, there is potential for 2022 to be his most successful year to date.

top pubg players

Na “Inonix” Hee-joo

7. TeaBone

An experienced British talent Luke “TeaBone” Crafer is certainly up there in terms of experience, and in the conversation when it comes to the top 10. He has been a part of the PUBG scene since 2017 and can bring immense value to his current Heroic squad. He is a wildcard entry on this list, but after two consecutive 2nd place finishes, including one at the most recent PUBG Global Championship, we are excited to see if they can go one step further. The next tournament for TeaBone and Heroic is the European PUBG continental Series. This will be an incredible opportunity to establish Heroic as a major European threat.

Teabone PUBG Player

Luke “Teabone” Crafer

8. Batulins

Sasha “BatulinS” Batulin had previously impressed at Virtus Pro and became a staple name for the organisation. Despite being loaned out with other members, he can be largely congratulated for Northern Light’s recent success. In G-Loot Season 5 and PSL Spring Showdown 2022, he has led the team in attaining 1st place finishes. With how dominating he and his team has been, surely there is more success down the pipeline for this exemplary competitor.

top pubg players

Aleksandr “BatulinS” Batulin | IG: batulins

9. D1gg3r1

One surprise this year could come from FaZe Clans newest addition Daniel “D1gg3r1” Luusua. Despite the lack of tournament wins with Ence, he consistently turned up and provided a solid base for his former squad to play on. His communications had been pivotal for Ence, as they became a squad who consistently finished in the top 10 at events, which did include a strong 6th place finish at G-LOOT Season 5. Undoubtedly, now that he is amongst S-tier players such as Aitzy, Fexx and Gustav, the sky is the limit for this hidden gem. There is plenty of expectation on the new signing, but he has the potential to bring glory to the European giants.

D1gg3r1 Pro PUBG Player

Daniel “D1gg3r1” Luusua

10. Snakers

Finally, Jake “Snakers” Winant sneaks his way onto our list with his highly effective rifling skills. His insane ability to frag out for his team is what qualifies him amongst the best PUBG players in 2022. Despite himself, Kickstart, Relo, and Flud forming into Eunited, they are a real threat in North America. With recent success at the ESL PUBG Masters, Eunited could be the dark horse of the year that shock a lot of people. They are certainly an exciting team and one to get hyped about.

Snakers best pubg players

Jake “Snakers” Winant

Quick List

PlayerCurrent Team
BatulinsNorthern Light

With all four regions possessing so much talent that excel in many ways, domestic competitions will make for an exciting watch. Additionally, when international tournaments come around, all teams including those with players on this list will provide blockbuster entertainment. It is certainly a year not to be missed. Listed below are competitions currently underway along with some only days away.

Make sure to keep tuned in, as this is a year you do not want to miss. To stay up to date with all things PUBG, keep an eye on our dedicated section.

  • Frag League: Denmark April 4th – May 2nd
  • Frag League: Finland April 4th – May 2nd
  • Frag League: Sweden April 4th – May 2nd
  • Frag League: Norway April 4th – May 2nd
  • Frag League: Season 8 April 10th – May 8th
  • PCS6 Europe: April 29th – May 8th
  • PCS6 East Asia: April 29th – May 8th
  • Frag League S8 Playoff: May 15th – June 5th