Top 10 PUBG Players in the World – Best PUBG Players in 2021

Ranking the best PUBG players is a complicated task, but somebody ought to do it. With PUBG Esports making a massive resurgance in 2021, we are heading into one of the biggest years for the esports side of the game. With PGI.S, PCS 4 and PUBG Global Championship down the line, we are heading into one of the most competitive years to date.

Players old and new are coming up in the game all the time, which means we have to stay on track with all the developments and shifting rankings for the top PUBG players in 2021.

Best PUBG Players

Who are the Top 10 PUBG Players to watch in 2021?

We made the top PUBG players list to help you figure out who is worth watching in 2021! For the rankings we are taking into consideration performances at PCS 3, PGI.S and PCS4, while also taking into considering results from the ESL PUBG Masters and Dreamhack Winter Showdown. Since the new competitive WWCD format is yet to take place in full force, we are not sure if the rankings will need adjustments based on how players perform in a different meta. Also, take into account, deciding who the best PUBG players in the world are can be a bit subjective. Below we explain each player’s rank and what makes them stand out.

1. Pio

Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon is the IGL for Gen.G and one of, if not the, best PUBG Players currently. He is the driving force behind Gen.G’s success and is a versatile rifler plus lurker combined. What sets him apart from the rest is his unparalleled map awareness and positioning. Every nook and cranny on the map is a potential spot for Pio to be proneing.

Apart from winning PUBG Global Championship 2019, Pio represented South Korea at the 2019 Nations Cup and was instrumental for Gen.G’s late rally at PGI.S 2021.

Best PUBG Players

Cha “Pio” Seung-hoon


James “TGLTN” Giezen is the absolute master at PUBG and easily one of the nest PUBG players when it comes to rifling and fragging out. He is absolutely dominating in every confrontation and duel against opponents, and his confidence in-game is what makes him a force to be reckoned with. Apart from being the absolute driving force behind the Soniqs sucess at PGI.S 2021, he has been an ambassador for PUBG and a Twitch/Youtube personality that PUBG fans flock to regularly.

If you want to watch the best at work, definitely go to TGLTN. And yes Pr0phie did die for this.

TGLTN Best PUBG Player

James “TGLTN” Giezen

3. Forever

Wu “Forever” Zheng comes in third on our list as one of the younger player to watch out for in competitive PUBG. Just like the previous two mentions on our list, he is the driving force behind the recent success of 4AM (Four Angry Men). During the most recent PUBG Champions League 2021 over in China, he managed to earn both the MVP and Most Kills trophies back to back as the most dominant player in the entire tournament.

We are set to see a clash of game prowess between the best Korea and China have to offer (Forever and Pio) at the upcoming PCS 4 soon.

best pubg players

Wu “Forever” Zheng

4. Ubah

From Dota 2 to Europe’s best PUBG player, Ivan “ubah” Kapustin is the up in there among the best PUBG players to ever hold a mouse and keyboard. He was instrumental to Russia winning the 2019 PUBG Nations Cup, and has been so dominant in his previous team that FaZe Clan was referred to as “Ubah and the boys”. After PGI.s he was benched by FaZe Clan and ultimately moved in with Digital Athletics for the PCS 4. He is set to regain PUBG glory in a new setting next to Sambty and vard.

best pubg players

Иван “Ubah” Капустин


Former LoL midlaner turned PUBG mastermind Wei “GODV” Zhen is a true PUBG veteran. Active since day one he is the owner and captain of 4AM, and the “Steph Curry of PUBG”. A true throwables god, he provides the stability and know-how to his team to control large and small corners of the map. He is the most famous PUBG player in China, and has represented his country at the Nations Cup and played at both PGC and PGI.s 2021.


Wei “GODV” Zhen

6. Kickstart

We skyrocket Kickstart into 6th position after he solo carried Zenith to 2nd place at PGI.s earlier this year. This guy is absolutely mental when it comes to spray transfers and close quarters combat. Thus far he has been instrumental for both Wildcard Gaming, Zenith and most recently Oath, as the player that pulls the most weight for his teammates.

If you want to watch one player absolutely explode on the scene in 2021, then you shouldn’t look further.

Kickstart PUBG

Matt “Kickstart” Smith

7. Inonix

Na “Inonix” Hee-joo is the other side of Gen.G’s coin when it comes to PUBG. After joining the team in 2020, him and Pio became the destructive duo that dominates the Korean PUBG scene. What makes Inonix great is his ability to anchor down a position and hold it regardless of pressure exerted from various angles. His unparalleled skill to outsustain opponents is what earns him a spot on the list of best PUBG players in 2021.

top pubg players

Na “Inonix” Hee-joo

8. Batulins

Sasha “BatulinS” Batulin is the leader, fragger and mastermind behind Virtus.Pro this season. Northern Lights exploded onto the scene in 2020, with Batulin at the helm challenging the status quo in European PUBG. The team has gone from strength to strength in recent months and is likely one of the top contenders in Europe for PCS4 and potentially PGS later this year. The bulk of the heavy lifting is done by Sasha and his immaculate in-game callouts and game sense. If you see VP suddenly dominating the scene, you know its cause they have one of the best pubg players on the planet on their roster.

top pubg players

Aleksandr “BatulinS” Batulin | IG: batulins

9. PurdyKurty

Kurtis “Purdy” Bond (PurdyKurty) is the IGL and leader of TSM after they acquired the former STK (Shoot To Kill) roster. Purdy earned a spot on this list by being the most self sacrificing player in the entire PUBG esports scene. He is able to build such positions for his team with his wacky plays that he is an asset to the team in every sense of the way. STK has always been a team that makes explosive plays and challenges opponents in the most creative ways. A lot of that comes from Kurtis and his ability to envision scenarios where his team pulls through even if they are disadvantaged and with their backs towards the blue wall.

He is in a true sense one of the best IGLs and PUBG players on the planet.

best PUBG players

Kurtis “Purdy” Bond

10. Snakers

Finally, Jake “Snakers” Winant hops his way onto our list with his impressive rifling skills. His insane ability to frag out for his team is what qualifies him among the best PUBG players in 2021. Imagine that he is now in the same roster with #6 Kickstart, and Oath is suddenly a real threat to Soniqs up in North America. Next to Forever he is one of the youngest players to grace the scene, and likely a force in PUBG for years to come. Watch out as he might climb this rankings with ease in the future.

Snakers best pubg players

Jake “Snakers” Winant

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