Guy Beahm, known mostly as Dr Disrespect, is a famous American video game player, who has excelled mostly in the “Battle Royale” genre. He has demonstrated his potential around the world through YouTube, Twitch, and various championships (such as the CoD World League), although he was banned from Twitch in early 2020. Dr Disrespect’s ProfessionalMore
One of the best-known Overwatch streamers and players in theMore
Shroud is a household name in the world of esportsMore

Aimbotcalvin: Overwatch streamer overview

Calvin Chau, an American player better known as Aimbotcalvin is a popular Overwatch player with some real skills to back up his popularity. He is famous for having multiple TopMore
League of Legends


Cowsep is one of the more established League of Legends streamers, renowned for his amazing mechanics on his main, Master Yi. While he does occasionally try a few other championsMore
League of Legends


Tarzaned is regarded as an infamous force in League of Legends. The high elo challenger jungler has had his fair share of drama over the years. This includes flaming aMore


Dakotaz’s Fortnite streams are a nearly daily occurrence, filled with great action and entertaining commentary. His career stretches back much further than Fortnite though. Dakotaz has been an active partMore
League of Legends

Who is TF Blade? LoL streamer overview

Ashkan Homayouni, more commonly known as “TF Blade” in game is one of the, if not the best players in North America outside of the professional scene. TF Blade isMore

Streamers are a fundamental part of the esports world: many professional players have started their careers thanks to platforms like Twitch. Or they made a profession out of it after retiring from the competitive scenes. TF Blade is a great example.

Just looking at the numbers of views and followers of these streamers make all of us understand the enormous potential that this slice of esports has.

In this section we offer you biographies and curiosities of the most famous streamers to date; the best CSGO streamer as well as all the other esports games. And if you are also interested in esports betting, know that it is possible to bet on twitch streamers, in the same way you would bet on tournaments.

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