Popularity in Fantasy esports in general has skyrocketed as players look for a new way to get involved in their favourite esports. Fantasy Valorant allows for greater engagement in the Valorant competitive scene, as results have a direct impact on your Daily Fantasy Sports (dfs) gameplay, an alternative option to the usual Valorant match betting. Learning the game can be completely free, with skill truly mattering. Those skilled at dfs can also stake money into a paid tournaments to win big prizes.

Fatnasy Valorant

How Fantasy Valorant & Esports work / how to play

Fantasy Esports such as Fantasy Valorant work on a point-based system, with players (like you) receiving the same budget to spend on creating a custom team. Ultimately, the goal of Fantasy Valorant is to gain the greatest amount of points with your limited budget.

Your limited budget will be used to form a team through real individual competitive Valorant pros. Generally, the more popular and successful players have been in the past (influenced by the market), the higher their cost. This means, to be successful in Fantasy Valorant, you must select the players with the highest point to cost ratio in order to win with the most points despite having the same restricted budget as everyone else.

Points are gained when your team and set of players chosen perform well in real competitive play.

Note, your choice of players are all independent meaning they can come from different teams, unlike Valorant betting, where you can only bet on the result of a fixed set. This not only allow you to create your dream Valorant team with near infinitely possibilities, but dramatically increases the skill cap and impact on Fantasy Valorant. Those deeply vigilant of the greater Valorant scene will be able to determine undervalued players with high point to cost ratio and ultimately berewarded with bigger prizes on conclusion of the Valorant Draftkings tournament.

Playing with DraftKings

Draftkings esports is the biggest and one of the best dfs sites around, providing fantasy play across a wide variety of games such as; League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, and Valorant. Draftkings offers both a free to play and pay to play option which allows you to win real money! They also offer an enticing Draftkings Welcome Bonus for new players. Being the biggest dfs site around, Draftkings has the most amount and widest range of matches available, meaning getting into a game is easy no matter the amount you are willing to stake. The site also offers Draftkings esports achievements, a set of achievements earned through play and loyalty on the site, rewarding you with crowns that can be redeem for real world merchandise!

Not all Fantasy Valorant sites are the same, however, many will be following a similar set of rules, with points being accredited to how well a player performs eg. kills & assists, while deaths are penalised with points being taken away.

Valorant fantasy rules at DraftKings:

  • Kills +2 points
  • Assists +1 points
  • 1v2 Clutch +1
  • 1v3 Clutch +2
  • 1v4 Clutch +3
  • 1v5 Clutch +5
  • Triple Kill +0.25
  • Quadra Kill +1.5
  • Ace +3
  • Average Combat Score +0.02
  • Each round not played bonus (e.g 12-1, 11 rounds not played) +0.5
  • Match sweep (Bo3 or above only) +5
  • (Note, team captains have a 1.5x point multiplier)

Check out the list of the Best Valorant Players, as such players are often their teams’ star player, and hold the highest kills and best chance of clutches.

Also into sport? Draftkings also offers fantasy sports with similar rules and gameplay with; golf, basketball and football!

Tips to win Fantasy Valorant

Avoid choosing major hyped names – While many of the biggest names do perform well, their cost is often over inflated due to their popularity. Therefore, while they may perform above the standard players, their points to cost ratio is often low, if not mediocre at best.

Choose top fraggers on underperforming teams – For your individual set of players, choose ones across multiple teams that consistently top frag and are known to be able to clutch. Players on underperforming teams are generally more undervalued, as people do not have much belief in them, lowering their price. However, in Fantasy Esports, individual performance counts the most, with kills directly translating to points. Therefore, regardless of their team winning / losing, if they top frag and score a decent amount of kills, top fraggers in underperforming teams often have some of the highest point to cost ratios.

Choose sage players – Competitive players that play Sage often have high assists, as healing teammates who get kills will grant them assists. On top of it all, Sage players are usually the last to entry, meaning less deaths per game and hence less death penalty points.