All Fortnite Seasons to Date: The Full Timeline and Info

Fortnite has come a long way since its first release. The title moves fast and regularly feels dramatically different from this time last year. Fortnite seasons dates might be closer than you’d think though. Huge changes happen in the game, completely reworking how gameplay feels and then changing it back, all in pretty quick succession. How exactly did we get here though? All Fortnite seasons in the past have progressed the game and added new content, and their length and timeline might not quite be how you remember though.

Fortnite All Seasons

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This is the rough Fortnite timeline, to show how we came from a small game in Season 1 to the juggernaut that Fortnite currently is:

Season Start Date End Date Length Season No Overall
One Oct 25 2017 Dec 13 2017 50 Days 1
Two Dec 14 2017 Feb 21 2018 70 Days 2
Three Feb 22 2018 April 20 2018 58 Days 3
Four May 1 2018 July 12 2018 73 Days 4
Five July 12 2018 Sept 27 2018 78 Days 5
Six Sept 27 2018 Dec 6 2018 71 Days 6
Seven Dec 6 2018 Feb 28 2019 84 Days 7
Eight Feb 28 2019 May 9 2019 70 Days 8
Nine May 9 2019 Aug 1 2019 84 Days 9
Season X Aug 1 2019 Oct 13 2019 73 Days 10
Chapter 2 Season One Oct 15 2019 Feb 20 2020 128 Days 11
Chapter 2 Season Two Feb 20 2020 June 17 2020 119 Days 12
Chapter 2 Season Three June 17 2020 Aug 27 2020 71 Days 13
Chapter 2 Season Four Aug 27 2020 Dec 1 2020 95 Days 14
Chapter 2 Season Five Dec 2 2020 Mar 15 2021 103 Days 15
Chapter 2 Season Six Mar 16 2021 Jun 8 2021 85 Days 16
Chapter 2 Season Seven Jun 8 2021 Sept 12 2021 97 Days 17
Chapter 2 Season Eight Sept 13 2021 Dec 4 2021 83 Days 18
Chapter 3 Season 1 Dec 5 2021 Mar 19 2022 105 Days 19
Chapter 3 Season 2 Mar 20 2022 Jun 3 2022 76 Days 20
Chapter 3 Season 3 Jun 4 2022 Sept 17 2022 105 Days 21

The Fortnite seasons dates and Fortnite timeline though show how far the game has come. Now three chapters in, each season feels pretty unique still from what’s come before. However, looking at a full timeline its clear how inconsistent lengths are! Even the naming is odd at times, with the tenth Season randomly ditching numbers for numerals, and new Chapters not really coming at any set interval.

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All Fortnite Seasons and Chapters – How Has the Game Changed?

Fortnite seasons and Chapters are all just dividing lines in the game, but what exactly do they mean for gameplay? For most, Fortnite seasons can be a big change and a different theme for the game’s direction. Some Seasons have very consistent themeing with updates taking the game in a unique direction which might just get dropped next year. A good example is that one season where Epic rammed crafting mechanics into the title, only to ditch it entirely for the new alien themed season.

Sometimes the new changes in the game for a season aren’t ditched though. There are some changes with push through seasons and permanently change the game. New mechanics like parkour, sprinting, and even no build modes have been added in recently. This has built significantly on what came before.

While the physical items that fill a role change with Fortnite seasons, often those innovations are in the game to stay. Shopping carts and quad crashers weren’t in every season, but they paved the way for Ballers, Choppas, Boats, and eventually the cars and now tanks that roam the map. Items that came to add diversity to the loot pool might not stay every season, but they’ve largely influenced how the loot pool is viewed and what kind of variety Epic tries to provide.

While we can look at the length of all Fortnite seasons and chapters, the game has developed gradually and isn’t too recognisable from where it started.

What are Fortnite Seasons?

All Fortnite seasons are dividing points between different eras of the game. With each new season, we see massive map changes, weapon changes, new Fortnite esports events, and a brand-new Battle Pass. Since Fortnite is an ongoing game that is constantly updated, Seasons are an opportunity to add a lot of new content into the game at once. Fortnite Season 1 was just the starting point.

All Fortnite seasons also tend to be structured around a theme now, with a bit of lore to discover alongside it. More recent seasons have even had subtitles that spelled out the theme, like ‘Primal’ in Chapter 2 Season 6. Each season should feel like something new for the game, and the changeover is often the big event that gets the most people talking about Fortnite.

When does the new Fortnite season start?

The Fortnite new season is due to start on June 3rd 2022. However, these dates do often change. Seasons can go on longer when the new content isn’t ready in time or get delayed. So check back in for updates on the next Fortnite season release date.

When does the Fortnite season end?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is currently due to end on June 3rd. However, this is just a stand-in date at the moment. A lot of Seasons have seen extensions, so it’s best to stay up to date on Fortnite news to see if the current deadline is still the one Epic are working towards.

How long has Fortnite been out?

The Fortnite initial release date was July 21, 2017. So, nearly two years and three months. However, the Battle Royale side of the game wasn’t added until later in the year, coming out in October. So, the Battle Royale portion of the game has been out for two years. Even within the Battle Royale, there was a pre-season stage before the Fortnite Season structure really kicked in

How long is a Fortnite season?

All Fortnite seasons can vary quite widely in length! An average Fortnite Season is 83 days long. In Chapter 1, that average was 72 days and in Chapter 2 it has been higher, with an average length of 97 days. Both of those averages are raised quite a bit by the lengthy Chapter 2 Season 1 and Season 2. Chapter 3 to date has an average of 90.5 days, but it’s a little early to judge. The shortest Season so far was Season 1 being just 50 days long. The longest was Chapter 2 season 1, which lasted for 128 days. Chapter 3 Season 1 ran for a while with its first season too, but it doesn’t look like anything is going to claim that tile from Fortnite’s never-ending C2 S1.

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