When does the Fortnite Season End? Chapter 4, Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 4 kicked off a little bit early, after just four seasons in Chapter 3, but we’re now in full swing of Fortnite Chapter 4 with Season 2. This game is always moving forward though, so when does the Fortnite season end?

The current Fortnite Season, Chapter 4 Season 2, is scheduled to end on June 2nd. This would put it around average length for a Fortnite season. There’s a possibility it gets extended, but that’s the current end date according to the in-game Battle Pass timer. That’s when Epic is currently planning on ending things.

The fourth Chapter has had a few setbacks early on. Signature content for this Chapter vaulted early, and even some of the main new features like vaulting are still gone. So when does the Fortnite season end and will any problems like this effect things? While there’s a date in mind in June, this is sometimes more of a suggestion.

Epic doesn’t give official end dates for seasons publicly until they’re teasing what’s next. The Battle Pass and seasonal quests usually give us a clear idea of when we can expect to hit the new Season though. If you’re wondering when does the current Fortnite season ends, this is when the current schedule is ending and what’s coming after.

Fortnite Chapter 4

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When Does the Fortnite Season End?

The current season of Fortnite is Chapter 4, Season 2, it’s due to end on June 2nd 2023. The season began on March 10. This would put the end of the season in the normal length range, although Epic is liable to change things as and when they see fit.

If this Fortnite season end date remains on June 2nd, the season would end up being 85 days long. This is just a bit over 2 and a half months. That’s around average for what most Fortnite seasons have been lately. While the record length of Fortnite all seasons is 128 days, 85 is roughly in the middle of estimates. There have been some shorter ones, but most are around this time. If you’re deciding when does the Fortnite season end based on these averages, then a finish as normal in June is a safe bet. Although, there are some reasons it could be longer.

For one thing, Epic frequently changes their in-game timers for the end of the season. Chapter 4 Season 1 had a strange situation where in the space of about a week, Epic used three different end dates for the season in official communications. Sometimes differentiating between a season’s “end date” and the next one’s start which were a few days apart. Despite going back and forth, the answer to when does the Fortnite season end then didn’t change too much.

In a recent Season 2 patch, Epic even gave out cosmetics without quests because of an incorrect in-game timer. Their timer for the end of the bonus skin was incorrect and never got corrected. This has meant Epic had to hand out some of the Geralt cosmetics to those who missed it. This is a good reason to view the Battle Pass timer as a suggestion.

Will the Current Season be Extended?

The Fortnite season end date we know about so far is from references to the end of the Battle Pass, but it’s not an indisputable fact. The answer to when does the current Fortnite season ends might be June, but also could be earlier or later. Fortnite leaks heading into this season pointed toward a much longer date. One prominent leaker even claimed it would rival Chapter 2 Seasons 1 and 2 for their length! Those two early seasons ran for 128 days and 119 days respectively. They felt never-ending. For players around then, their time spent on Fortnite has to cover a lot of those seasons. Hopefully, the current season can stick to its sub-100 days end date though!

Chapter 4 Season 2 has already seen the launch of one thing that Epic has delayed many times. Unreal Editor for Fortnite has reinvented the game, after a lot of delays it’s finally hit this Season. With Epic finally completing their long-running projects, it does look like the answer to when the Fortnite season ends will stay the same.

While we could see an extension of the Fortnite season end date, there are reasons to think all will go smoothly this time. Epic is avoiding dropping new content right around their breaks, major updates have come on time, and the end date seems in line with all quests and content. It would even give them a safe margin for Season 3 before the summer break, avoiding the early problems of Chapter 4.

Ultimately, we could end up with a different answer to when does the Fortnite season end, but it looks promising for now. Make sure to keep up with all of the latest Fortnite news for the top updates!