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„[Staff Writer] Jordan Ashley lives in the middle of the UK with two dogs who routinely beat him on Mario Kart. He's a big fan of playing Wind Waker over and over again while ignoring all other tasks. His ability to play Fortnite is limited to hiding in bushes. Available on Twitter on here

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FaZe Clan players hold an exhibition Fortnite match between controller and keyboard

For a game about to begin a massive tournament for PC players, the Fortnite community has spent a lot of time recently arguing about controllers (especially after the Xbox ExclusiveMore

Fortnite Trios Cup gets off to a bad start

Competitive Fortnite is currently sat in a bit of a waiting period, or at least it should be if it were any other game. In the brief period of downtimeMore

Epic announces Xbox Exclusive Fortnite Cup

Last week Epic has announced a new Fortnite tournament with a bit of a twist; it is exclusive to Xbox players. Up until now, Epic has focused on wide-ranging tournamentsMore

Fortnite World Cup qualifiers draw to a close

The last ten weeks of the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers has seen near constant complaints about the game, lawsuits against huge Esports organisations, a lot of cheating and one teenMore

Ghost Bizzle qualifies for Fortnite World Cup without any guns

In a move that was both a criticism of Fortnite’s current rules and a brazen bit of showboating, Ghost Bizzle has qualified for the Fortnite World Cup without using aMore

Fortnite Friday recap and results

FaZe’s Fortnite Friday tournament made a triumphant return this month after a year-long absence. The first round of the fan-favourite contest was held last week and a fresh bracket isMore

Fortnite cheaters qualify for World Cup

Throughout the Fortnite World Cup, cheating has remained a pretty constant problem. It has really been a problem with most Epic tournaments. In the first week alone Epic banned massesMore

FaZe Clan uses an 11-year-old Fortnite player

The FaZe Fortnite team has been making headlines for the last week as more details emerge about their ongoing legal battle with Tfue. The finical aspects of the case areMore

Friday Fortnite returns in June

KEEMSTAR and FaZe’s Friday Fortnite tournament is making a return to the competitive scene. The tournament is hosted by KEEMSTAR and organised by FaZe. Despite being dormant for a whileMore

Fortnite Pros VS Public tournament announced

Australian Fortnite fans are being treated to another tournament with a difference, this time it’s an open call for the general public to face off against professional Fortnite Players. Fortnite:More