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Mobalytics provides League of Legends related information in a detailed yet accessible manner. Updated tier lists League of Legends is ever-changing with the numerous patches held every season. As patches are released, the meta changes with the varying power of champions from either nerfs or buffs. Unless you are a die-hard LoL player, keeping trackMore
Esports is an encompassing term that describes competitive video gamingMore
If you’re a fan of Esports, you’ve likely tried outMore
Esports Guides & Resources

Rocket League Trading: Best places to do RL Trading

Many have already heard of Rocket League betting, but Rocket League Trading is probably the easiest way to make your car look cool. In this guide, we’re going to talkMore
Esports Guides & Resources

CSGO Ranks » The CSGO ranking system explained

If you are into CSGO and you really enjoy playing this popular esports on a competitive level, we have prepared an excellent piece for you where you can find allMore
Esports Guides & Resources

Esports streaming platforms: where can you watch Esports online?

How we enjoy watching esports streaming has changed quite a bit over the last few years. This way, the first great wave of streamers that was born thanks to theMore
Esports Guides & Resources

Best Fortnite Settings: how to boost your performance and play like a pro

Fortnite’s cartoony graphics don’t indicate that the game requires a lot of power to play like some other Esports titles. However, one thing that all pro players have in commonMore
Esports Guides & Resources

AoE meaning: What’s the meaning of AoE mean in games?

Within the RPG universe, there is a set of codes of great importance. If you haven’t seen the acronym AoE, or never got to know any AoE meaning until now,More
Esports Guides & Resources
League of Legends

LoL Worlds 2019 Predictions: Preview, Teams, Format and Strategies

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship is on the horizon! Many teams from all over the globe have already qualified for the event, so there’s no better time forMore
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MonkaS: learn more about MonkaS emote meaning on Twitch

Monkas or MonkaS as it’s sometimes spelled is a popular Twitch emote, used by both gamers and non-gamers. It’s part of one of the most famous emote/meme-families ever – Pepe!More
Esports Guides & Resources
League of Legends

Champ Select: how to choose the right LoL champion for you

One of the most important part in your LoL game is the champ select. To date, September 2019, there are a 145 champion to choose from, making the League ofMore
Esports Guides & Resources

Pogchamp: who is pogchamp and what does it mean on Twitch?

It came out of nowhere, really, and is now all over YouTube, Twitch and even Twitter – anything to do with gaming really. What in the world is pogchamp orMore
Esports Guides & Resources

How to stay healthy while gaming – Esports health tips

When you think of esports, physical activity might not be a phrase that immediately comes to mind. But growing numbers of professional esports players are starting to realise just howMore
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