Valorant Pro Settings 2022: what you need to play like a pro

Valorant has many different options and sliders in its setting which may be overwhelming for new or casual players that just want to get stuck into the action. Copying pro Valorant settings is hassle free, allowing you to get pass various complications and start gaming right away on settings that have been well refined. As you get more involved in the game, these can be slowly changed to best suit you, however, we recommend first starting with the Valorant pro player settings. This will be your first step in learning how to go pro in Valorant, as the default setting are suboptimum.

Valorant Pro Settings – General

Valorant pro gameplay

Almost all Valorant pro game settings are the same, as at the highest level, the gaming equipment used is often standardized and best on the market. While Valorant professional players can all use the highest settings, they almost always try to restrict their in-game settings to give them the maximum performance.

Tenz Valorant Game Setting

Display mode:Full Screen
Resolution:1920 x 1080
Frame Rate:Unlocked
Nvidia Reflex:On+ Boost
All quality settings:Low
Anisotropic Filtering:1x
All other graphics settings:Off / None

Playing on Full Screen gives the maximum frame rate and information as opposed to Windowed or Full Screen Windowed.

If you have an older PC, it is recommended to cap your frame rate to prevent huge variations in FPS, negatively impacting your game play. However, pros uncap their frame rate as their top of the line equipment will continuously perform at the highest levels.

Playing with all quality settings to low aims to maximize the game’s performance by getting a higher frame rate, allowing you to react milliseconds quicker. However, playing on medium quality settings is generally the way to go for newer players, as there is only a minute difference in frame rate for a trade off of playing a nicer looking game.

Valorant Pro Settings – Crosshair

While some pro players use their own unique crosshairs, most of them have very similar crosshairs. These cross hairs while still visible, have settings which will not block the player vision, giving them the best information to land their shots.

Your Valorant crosshair is highly customizable, being able to change almost every aspect from inner lines, outer lines, dot, size, thickness, firing error, movement error and many more. The multitude of cross hair settings and options may be confusing, especially for new or casual players. This is why we have covered some of the most popular and pro player cross hair settings.

Tenz Valorant Crosshair

Inner lines:1/6/2/3
Outer lines:0/0/0/0
Center dot:Off
All others:Off or set to 0

Cyan is a good color to choose as there are not many areas in the game with the same, or even similar colour. This means the cross hair stands out, allowing you to better judge the center of your screen and ultimately, where you are aiming.

Inner lines are set as they give a more compact cross hair. These numbers are generally low to further compact the cross hair, and minimize distractions.  Outerlines are turned off as they are widely considered to be an unnecessary indicator which serve as a distraction.

Center dot being turned on or off is entirely up to preference. However, many like Tenz prefer the center of their cross hair to be left open, as they can more precisely see where they are aiming, especially when trying to land long range head shots.

Other Popular Crosshair Styles

Valorant pro crosshairs


These styles off cross hair is primarily used by those who pursue a higher headshot rate, as getting a first shot accurate with a single focal point is easier.

Out lines: ON
Outer lines: OFF
Outline opacity: 1
Inner lines: OFF
Center dot: ON
Center dot opacity: 1
Center dot thickness: 2

Fun (Instagram)

With the various settings you can play with, making a fun cross hair is entirely possible. This even includes making a cross hair representing the Instagram logo. While you will never see this in a valorant pro player settings in professional play as it may be distracting in competitive play, they are fun to use, with Hiko popularizing its use on his Twitch stream.

Color: Pink
Out lines: OFF
Outer lines: OFF
Center dot: ON
Center dot opacity: 1
Center dot thickness: 1
Inner lines: ON
Inner line opacity: 1
Inner line length: 1
Inner line thickness: 4
Inner line offset: 2
All others: OFF

Valorant Pro Settings – Key Binds

Keys binds are completely personal, and is based not of only preference, but a player’s physical equipment. This is especially so for mouse binds, where mouses have varying amounts of buttons at equally varying placements.

Generally, starting off with the default key bindings is alright. However, if you feel uncomfortable reaching some keys, you can easily rebind the associated command with any other key.

Tenz Key Binds
Crouch: Left ctrl (default)
Walk: Left shift (default)
Jump: Mouse wheel down
Ability 1: Mouse 4
Ability 2: Mouse 5
Ability 3: C
Ultimate: F
Mouse: Finalmouse Starlight-12

Valorant Pro Settings – Sensitivity

There are two extremes, low and high sensitivity players. Most pros play on low sense to get more precise shots. However, there are a few pros that play on high sensitivity to maximize reaction time. Playing on low sense, like Tenz’ Valorant pro player settings requires a large mousepad and desk space which may be out of reach for some casual players.

Tenz' Sensitivity Settings 
In game: 0.17
Scope sensitivity: 1.1
Windows sensitivity: 6
eDPI: 280
Polling rate: 1000