Welcome to the quintessential LoL fantasy guide. In this article, we will explain the phenomenon of fantasy League of Legends and where you can participate in all the action. With the right frame of mind and knowledge of the scene, there is a real chance for your fantasy LoL experience to make you a decent profit.

Fantasy sports has been one of the biggest new-age gambling trends since the start of the 21st century. Now with every player stat categorized and lumped into data plots, fans can get smarter about the game than ever before due to these enhancements. The phenomenon of fantasy sports quickly bled into the esports scene in a short time. Fantasy esports takes the same format as the ones used for traditional sports and applies it to the biggest esports tournaments to make them that much more immersive for the fans. In the current market, DraftKings is undoubtedly the leader in League of Legends fantasy and has become an obvious choice for LoL fans since their release.

Fantasy League Of Legends (LoL)

What is Fantasy LoL?

League of Legends fantasy esports is a virtual LoL esports game that is based on performance from both your favorite players and teams. Unlike traditional LoL betting which is heavily restricted and — in many cases — banned in the United States, League of Legends daily fantasy is legal in a majority of states. To comply with US restrictions, fantasy LoL is considered a daily fantasy sport (DFS), a genre that is slightly different from the traditional betting laws as League of Legends is considered a skill based game. With that crucial fact in play, fans of fantasy LoL can participate in fantasy betting with well known DFS providers such as DraftKings or other reputable third-party fantasy leagues.

Fantasy esports is a newly emerging industry and is considered a valid alternative to common esports betting in the USA.

With the increase of League of Legends constantly becoming a more ‘global’ esport, the growth of fantasy LoL DFS’s popularity also rises as fans increasingly find ways to participate in the esports scene. Fantasy LCS and Fantasy LEC (through Superfantasy LoL) and Fantasy LoL Worlds are especially popular because of its increased metrics and nuances for skilled LoL play, as winning is not based on an individual game or outcome, but rather, a wider cast net of skills-based analysis that is put in place to rank each player and result.

How to win real money with Fantasy LoL

When finding a new hub to play real Fantasy LoL esports, it’s always best to go with reputable companies that give you incentives to play and win. DraftKings League of Legends is an easily accessible and user friendly way to get in on the action due to their commitment free sign up that also allows you to play over the phone. That’s right! Getting started with DraftKings is as simple as:

  1. Creating a fantasy League of Legends account online or downloading the DraftKings iOS app or FanDuel equivalent
  2. Enter DraftKings promo code if applicable
  3. Picking a daily fantasy League of Legends contest and drafting your lineup
  4. Score big with fantasy player points to win real cash prizes

The beautiful aspect of DraftKings is that there are multiple ways to play. For new users wanting to get a taste of fantasy LoL action, you can participate in League of Legends DFS games with a few of the free to play options they have available. With no season-long commitment, fans of fantasy LoL are allowed to pick teams as they see fit at the start of Spring and Summer and reset their rosters with each passing split. Even though the LCS season is set to continue with records from one split to the next, the variety of gameplay options within DraftKings interface makes league setups possible, or simply betting on single-day results can become a possibility as well.

With contests being run daily, it only takes a matter of minutes to draft a new roster lineup and compete in the DFS League of Legends tournaments being held (when competitions are ongoing). You can compete in one day games, where lineups are only drawn for that specific day of competition. Once your experience and winnings get steadier, there are options to compete against players of similar skill level in fantasy LoL based picks that can earn your more money. If casual competition is more your vibe, private competitions between friends is always an option through the DraftKings DFS that enables friendly betting between known parties.

Fantasy LoL At Draftkings

Getting the most out of your League of Legends fantasy experience

Another great feature about fantasy LoL through the friendly interfaces that are offered on DK and other various websites is the ability to learn about the game quickly without necessarily having to have a deep understanding about League of Legends first. All over the internet, guides can be found on how to approach fantasy League of Legends that can better your understanding of not just the game, but how to play the betting aspect of fantasy esports in general. DraftKings esports achievements are also monitored over your betting career as you can unlock accolades for participating and winning in tournaments.

From Fantasy Sports to Fantasy LoL

If you’re transitioning from a traditional sports background, the easiest equivalent to fantasy LoL is fantasy basketball given the same amount of players on each team and similar usage of efficiency stats to highlight whether a player is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Unlike the NBA, while traditional fantasy betting for sports factors in assists, rebounds and other various aspects of play — the main indicator for points in fantasy LoL is kills.

How do points work in LoL Fantasy Esports?

When assessing how players get points for being drafted onto your team, kills is the most important factor for high damage rolls like Mid and Bottom, but it isn’t the only metric for success. Kills are the most abundant source of points obviously with three points being awarded per kill per player. But assists can be just as important for secondary positions such as Jungle and Support who rely heavily on being involved in multiple places on the map. Each assist landed by a drafted player grants you +2 points. While deaths decrease points by -1 and creep score is valued at 0.02 per creep. There are also 1.5x bonuses for players selected as your team captain. Selecting your star player wisely each game is crucial to how you will perform in several categories.

Fantasy points for entire teams are put together closer to an NFL style set up where you draft how a team plays on the map rather than how they perform individually. Dragons, First Bloods and wins under 30 minutes grant your team +2 points along with bonuses for your selected teams triumphs. Barons earn +3 points on the map and turrets +1 point for each one taken down (total possibility of nine).

In order to win big and secure elite level prizes

Taking your League of Legends fantasy draft knowledge to the next level and finding correlations between drafted players and teammates can ensure your success even against the best competitors. Finding patterns, understanding levels of variance between human athletes and assessing the risk before locking in your lineups will be fundamental to your fantasy LoL success.

league of legends fantasy esports

Simple Tips for Daily Fantasy LoL

Acclaimed sites such as DraftKings make getting into LoL DFS simple. However, to make it easier for new players or for current players to get a few more wins, we have formed a few important tips to consider. While not every game will be a win henceforth, the tips will definitely be able to aid you in avoiding a handful of rookie errors. Learn how to complete a LoL Fantasy Draft and how to manage your limited resources to set up the ultimate fantasy League of Legends team.

Carefully consider which contests to join

Sites like DraftKings give you a good choice of esports fantasy contests to join. The site allows for new players to try out fantasy esports with no commitment or cash desposit, with friendly tournaments being widely available those seeking to get into fantasy LoL. There are even special beginner-friendly tournaments to get you started. Once you’ve gotten the basics in order, consider taking things up a level by going in on a head-to-head encounter against a friend. This is a good way for both of you to learn a little more about assembling your teams.

After you’ve done this, it’s time to enter the big league and pick a top fantasy LoL contest. Such contests have various entry fees ranging from $1 to $300, with prizepools obviously varying based on the entry fees. Other important considerations include start and end dates, along with the number of entrants currently participating in the contest.

Typical contests can range from a LoL Minion Blitz that has a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool, to the LoL Ultimate Challenge that has a staggering $200,000 prize. For newer players, we recommend starting with a simple LoL Skill Shot contest that typically just has an entry fee of $1, and then work your way up to the likes of the LoL Penta-Kill contest that has a $300,000 grand prize.

Assembling your perfect fantasy esports team

Once you’ve decided which fantasy esports contest to join, it’s the fun part where you get to assemble your team. For each contest, you will get a total salary cap of $50,000 to spend on your players. There’s also a handy notification of what the average salary you can spend on the screen so that you get a rough guide of which League of Legends fantasy players offer good value for money.

Now you can scroll through the list of real-life players to assemble your eight-person team with. You can’t pick more than four players from any one team, and there are some specific LoL roles that you must fill. These include positions for top laners, junglers, mid laners, attack damage carry, support, team and two flex roles. Your virtual fantasy League of Legends teams will be a super combination of your favourite, most prospective, and top value teams and players in the real LoL esports scene.

It can be tricky to get a decent balance of star players and less-experienced competitors in your team. But by keeping an eye on your salary cap and carefully researching the form of top LoL gamers, you can easily take on the best and even pick up some decent winnings along the way.

Understanding the fantasy esports points system

There’s more to assembling the perfect fantasy esports team than just researching past form, as you also have to think about how the individual players will pick up points. You can get points for kills, assists and creep kills, but remember that you can also lose points if your player gets killed.

Your team can also pick up points from destroyed turrets, slaying dragons and killing that all-important baron. There’s also bonus points to be gained from first blood, win, as well as getting a win in under 30 minutes.

By thinking carefully about how each player could pick up these points you’ll be able to assemble a much stronger esports fantasy team. Don’t forget that League of Legends is a team sport, and it’s their ability to communicate and work together that can give you the best shot of picking up some decent winnings.

Researching real-life esports teams and players

If you are serious about winning money on fantasy esports, then you are going to have to do some homework on the top LoL esports players. It’s only by knowing the past past performance and current form of these League of Legends fantasy gamers that you are going to be able to make some decent predictions. Research is vital to predict how things could pan out once the fantasy LoL contest kicks off.

For international tournaments, be sure to check out how League of Legends stars Uzi, Rookie and Score could make a big impact in your team, and then think about how some promising players such as Smeb, Kumo and SwordArt could add some decent value to your side.

League of Legends is notorious for providing all manner of shock results and this will reverberate in esports fantasy competitions. If you are willing to do your research and expect the unexpected, then we think that you should be able to get lucky with your fantasy LoL betting.

Are there any other esports titles in DFS?

Fantasy LoL betting is by far the most popular fantasy esport. Top fantasy esports sites like DraftKings have stated that they are considering extending their service for other esports in the future. At the moment, in addition to Fantasy League of Legends which until now had been the priority, you can also play Fantasy CS2 and Rocket League Fantasy.

The DFS virtual esports game genre is the future of esports betting given its focus on skill which will undoubtably attract fans as the popularity of LoL esports grows. It is only a matter of time before DFS comes to other popular games like Valorant, but for now, we can enjoy the amazing phenomenon that is fantasy League of Legends.