In this guide, we will give you some tips for building your own fantasy LoL Worlds team.

How do you build a winning fantasy team? What do you need to consider when playing Fantasy LoL with real money? First of all, you need to understand how the LoL Worlds event works.

fantasy league of legends worlds

LoL Worlds Event Preview

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship will take place in Iceland from October 5 to November 6. The event will include 22 teams from 11 regions and divide into three stages: Play-Ins, Groups, and Knockouts.

Play-Ins features ten teams, including CIS champions, Latin America, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, and Oceania. It will also have representatives from North America, China, the PCS, and Korea.

Two groups split the ten teams and will be played in a single-round robin format. At the end of the games, the first-place team in each group advances directly to the group stage. The third and fourth-placed teams from the same group will play a best-of-five series.

The winner of that series will play the second-placed team from the opposing group to decide who advances to groups. Four teams from Play-Ins will progress to Groups in total.

The group stage will consist of 16 teams: 12 from NA, KR, CN, PCS, and Europe and four from Play-Ins. They will be split into four groups with four teams in each group in a double-round robin format. Once that ends, the top two teams in each group advance to the knockout phase.

The remaining eight are then drawn into a best-of-five matchup for knockouts, going from quarterfinals to semis and so on. The last team standing will then become the League of Legends world champion.

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Tips To Build A Winning Team

Ahead of Worlds, here are tips to build a winning team in fantasy LoL.

Budget Management

Users are initially given a fixed salary cap to fill their lineup for Draftkings esports matches. This means they must be flexible in deciding their lineup.

Selecting the hottest player doesn’t hurt, but it’s unwise if you depend solely on them for an entire season. Choosing consistent players or stacking teammates are better options as they provide a decent stream of points during matches.

As with every competition, budget management will be vital in your fantasy League of Legends Worlds predictions.

Keep Track of Player Performance

Should you decide to stick with a player for a season, it’s paramount to keep constant track of their performance.

LoL Worlds fantasy is a difficult game to predict with respect to its high volatility like traditional sports. Players can also arise and collapse at supersonic speed, so you must be wary of hanging with them for too long.

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Fantasy LoL Worlds

Top 3 LoL Worlds Teams

Here are the best teams to look out for in fantasy LoL Worlds.


The reigning LCK and world champions return with almost the same roster that won the Summoner’s Cup last year. With ShowMaker, Canyon, and Khan leading the way, it wouldn’t be surprising to see DWG repeat as champions. Nevertheless, DWG encountered setbacks such as losing in the MSI grand finals to Royal Never Give Up.

Regardless, they have dominated the LCK throughout the year, winning the spring and summer championships without significant hassle. The only difference from last year’s team is Khan, who filled in after Nuguri left for FPX during the offseason. Keep DWG in mind in your LoL Worlds betting.

EDward Gaming

EDG enters Worlds after winning the LPL championship for the first time in nearly three years. With a team headed by star ADC Viper, EDG looks to reclaim the LPL’s position as the world’s best league. Additionally, veterans Scout and Meiko will man the mid-lane and support China’s number one seed.

EDG’s best finish in Worlds is the quarterfinals, which they made on four occasions. As China’s best team, they are expected to do better than what history has seen. EDG should have a huge impact on your LoL Worlds predictions.

FunPlus Phoenix

The 2019 world champions return with yet another studded lineup to showcase in Europe. Besides mid-laner Doinb, FPX will also have Nuguri, a former member of DAMWON Gaming, who won the 2020 title.

Despite entering the tournament as a heavy favorite, they couldn’t win the LPL, finishing second twice this year. That won’t stop fans from believing in them, as FPX tends to recover quickly and win with authority.


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