Rocket League Betting: Which sites offer the best bets and markets

With over 50 million players, Rocket League is one of the biggest competitive games currently running. It has a huge base of users, which is only set to expand as the game now the title is free to play with a mobile version coming soon. Rocket League mirrors Fortnite in some ways, with its rapid rise to prominence. In less than five years, this title has become a sensation with a well-established circuit and tournaments of up to $500.000.

Rocket League Betting has become one of the most common among esports betting. It is pretty normal for people to bet on professional matches and competitions related to this esport. Big events like the Rocket League Championship Series Season X bring in a lot of viewers and users to Rocket league gambling sites. However, there are a lot of sites out there. So how do you know you’re getting the most out of Rocket League betting?

In this guide, we’ll offer you an introduction to Rocket League gambling, the best Rocket League betting sites and a viable alternative for US citizens.

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What Is Rocket League

Rocket League is a soccer game developed by Psyonix. Except, instead of human players, you’re playing with cars. Scoring in the game is fun, and c0mpetitive play can lead to some memorable moments, the best Rocket League goals and a generally chaotic atmosphere.

A match takes place between two teams of up to four players each, inside an arena that’s very similar to a hockey ring. The gameplay closely resembles football, even though the rules are slightly different. The cars are a little better powered, hence the ‘rocket’ portion of the title. Rocket League has a pretty simple premise, but it is this that can make it such a compelling game competitively.

Playing is simple and fun. Mastering it is much more difficult. It is tricky to get up the Rocket League ranks, and be really good at the game, which makes it a really entertaining esport.

Because it is played by millions of people, Rocket League quickly turned into an esport after its release and its tournaments provide numerous esports betting opportunities. Along with Rocket League betting, Rocket League trading has also risen in popularity in recent years.

Rocket League Betting

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Betting on Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most important esports around at the moment. Naturally, there is more than one way to bet on it. Betting on esports can go way beyond picking which team is going to win.

There are many different events to bet on and different markets available:

Bet on Rocket League Tournaments

Betting on Rocket League esports events is the simplest form of Rocket League betting. Here, you can choose a team or event in a specific match-up and place a bet on the outcome. There are loads of different Rocket League tournaments running all the time. I

f you’re looking at betting, then these are the main events to watch out for:

The Rocket League Championship Series, or RLCS, is one of the biggest. This event begins with regional events. Each is held in 3 splits, Fall, Winter, and Spring. At the end, an international major takes place. This entire event helps teams build up points for the World Championship.

The Rocket League World Championship is probably the biggest thing on offer for Rocket League betting. This is the final event for a Season that puts the top teams in the world against each other. Outside of these majors, there are plenty of smaller events going on. So, keep an eye on esports bookmakers to see which smaller events are being covered.

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Available Betting Markets on Rocket League

When you are betting on Rocket League, you’re not limited to just picking the winner of a match. Each game has a much wider spread of markets. This means you can place bets on a game even if you’re not quite sure who will win in the end.

These are the typical markets available for Rocket League betting:

  • Match Winner
  • Map Winners
  • Handicap
  • Total Points Over and Under
  • Total Maps Over and Under
  • Odd/Even Maps
  • Correct Score
  • Correct Map Score
  • Overall Event Winners

This is pretty expansive in terms of Rocket league betting markets. It might be partially because the game is so similar to football, markets can be easily converted for bookmakers.

Key Features of a Good Rocket League Betting Site

When you first start with Rocket League betting, the first thing you need to do is find a good Rocket League betting site. What you’re looking for is quite simple. Along with the usual characteristics, such as security, a well-designed website, flexible payment options, and a generous welcome bonus, you need to find an operator that allows you to make good use of your Rocket League betting skills and your knowledge of the game. There are a few factors that make a great betting site:


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Betting Markets With Sufficient Depth and Width

The depth of a betting market offered by a bookie refers to the number of Rocket League betting odds that you get for each match. In other words, along with the standard option (picking the winner of the match), you might also get more specific match events and statistics that you can bet on. For example, the total number of goals that will get scored.

The more Rocket League odds you get, the better you’ll be able to make use of your knowledge of the game and specialize in taking specific types of bets.

The width of a betting market has to do with the number of Rocket League odds that you get across multiple tournaments. In this regard, you’re looking for the Rocket League betting sites that cover every Major and Premier event in this esport. Because you want to have a wide variety of Rocket League odds to choose from, not only in a match but also at the level of the entire esport. This way, you can easily find those Rocket League odds that show a lot of promise and have an excellent risk/reward ratio.

Rocket League Live Betting

Esports live betting is a key thing to look for when looking at Rocket League gambling sites. The better you understand the game and its professional scene, the more you’ll want to be able to use your real-time assessment skills to place winning bets. Live betting and live streaming allow you to adapt and change bets as a match progress. If you time things right, it could let you make more of a profit while watching the game or cut your losses early.

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Getting an Edge at Rocket League Gambling

Becoming more successful at Rocket League gambling requires two basic things: learning as much as possible about the game’s professional scene and building a smart betting system.

In order to learn more about the game and its professional scene, you can simply read Rocket League news and stay updated with the latest patches, player transfers, and tournament results. Doing that will allow you to always assess a situation properly and take bets that give you a high chance of winning.

Building a smart betting system is something that takes time and practice. But if you’re serious about it, over a period of 6-12 months you can create a system for yourself that gives you a clear idea of what needs to be done to place good bets and maximize your gains. It also allows you to have more control over what you’re doing and ultimately, win more when you win and lose less when you lose. Just like with everything else, having a system in place can only be a good thing in the long run.

There are some other tips you can use to get more out of Rocket League betting too:

Rocket League Betting Tips and Tricks

  • Play the Game – You need to play Rocket League to get a feel for the current state of the game. This can be helpful when betting, since you’ll understand the situations in-game better.
  • Watch Matches – The more matches you watch, the better you’ll be at identifying turn arounds from teams early.
  • Use the Best Sites – The best Rocket League betting sites will make the experience easier, so you can quickly react to changes.
  • Compare Odds – odds can vary quite a bit from bookmaker to bookmaker. So, make sure you’re getting the best odds each time.
  • Bonuses – Make use of esports betting bonuses as much as you can. This can really increase the payout from a successful bet.

To learn more about the best Rocket League gambling sites, just check our reviews for Betway, GG.BET and Unikrn.

Rocket League DFS: Alternative worth checking out

While most people will go straight to the gambling opportunity, there are places – especially in the US – where sports’ gambling isn’t legal. Yet there is a nice alternative for you to still join the excitement of putting money on your favorite players.

What we talk about is Rocket League Fantasy. Yes! Fantasy Esports is already a thing and a pretty popular one too! Furthermore, as we could see Fantasy League of Legends as something common in 2016, more esports loved by the pros have entered the Fantasy scene as time passes.

And the best part is that you can bet on the teams that you create. In most places, Fantasy betting is an alternative to traditional sports and esports betting because the game is seen as a matter of knowledge, research, statistics, and strategy, rather than just luck.

Where can I play Fantasy Rocket League?

At the moment a few dozen sites are allowing you to play Fantasy RL, while only a couple will grant you a chance to bet on your teams.

Nevertheless, we have found that DraftKings Esports’ catalog is not only one of the best available, but also comes in hand with security, nice prizes, and a solid starting bonus. There you can find fantasy leagues for RL, CSGO, LOL, CoD, and more. Remember to take a look at the esports DraftKings promotion before get started with your DFS game.

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