Best Rocket League Goals of All Time

At its heart, Rocket League is a relatively simple game, car football. The inclusion of the rockets on the cars, however, literally adds a new dimension to the game. The combination has created a well-loved game and opened up a new esport where fans can see the best of the best playing at the top of their game. Of course, these ace players are going to score some of Rocket League’s best goals. To celebrate this, we’ve pulled together our list of the best goals in Rocket League.

rocket league best goals ever

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Jstn – NRG

In what is possibly the best Rocket League goal of all time, NRG’s jstn scored an iconic zero-second aerial equaliser against Dignitas to take game seven, in the best of seven grand final match, to overtime. The round started with four seconds of regular time left to play, NRG kept the ball in the air and the game alive for twelve seconds after the time ran out. With the ball arcing over the field, jstn launched from behind the halfway line, into an aerial strike above the penalty area, down, and into the goal.

The tournament casters were suitably impressed by this display of brilliance, screaming “This is Rocket League!” and “The rocket of the year”.

Squishy – Cloud9

In a match against FC Barcelona, Cloud9’s Squishy scored a sweet outside-inside double-tap. Intercepting a cross in mid-air, Squishy hit the ball against the wall to the side of the goal. This may sound like a missed shot but Squishy kept flying and hit the ball again after it bounced back off of the wall. This time, the ball sailed over the two misplaced defenders and scored in the far corner of the goal. He is second on our list, but is still the favorite for Rocket League Betting in Season X.

Sadjunior feat. Jacob – NRG

Often the most eye-catching plays are singular moments of brilliance, although these moments are enabled by the rest of the team. There are some truly great goals, however, that are the immediate product of great teamwork. SadJunior and Jacob are known for making some insane teamplay goals, and they are featured in plenty “best rocket league goals” lists. In one such scenario with only seconds to go versus Revival, NRG tie the score with 11 seconds to go in an amazing pass and touch duo play.

Deevo – Guild Esports

We have to feature Deevo among the best goal scorers and goals in Rocket League. It’s hard to select which clip is our favorite from DynamicDave, as every season we get surprised with a clutch double tap goal. He is the “double tap” king and has made this type of play a signature type play in Rocket League.

Here’s Deevo’s double tap that re-difined the way goals are scored.

Squishy – Cloud9

With his second entry on this list, Cloud9’s Squishy scored using a move he invented. Launching the ball up off the side of the arena Squishy followed it up the wall and then flew down behind it. Just before the goalie could save the shot, he flipped, just underneath the ball, changing the trajectory and making the goal a sure thing.

Rocket League Best Goals FAQs

Who scored the best goal in Rocket League?

The best is always down to personal opinion. Jstn’s goal, mentioned above, is considered one of the most iconic Rocket League goals. Your personal taste may vary, perhaps you prefer one of Squishy’s goals, or another goal entirely.

What is the record for the fastest goal in Rocket League?

Well, the answer to this depends on quite what you mean by fastest. In RLCS the fastest goal was 166KPH and was an own goal by Scrub Killa. The fastest known goal in unmodified rocket league is 201KPH. The fastest goal in a mutated game is 540KPH which is the fastest that the ball can move in Rocket League.

What is the world record for the slowest goal in Rocket League?

The slowest you can possibly score a goal in Rocket League is 0KPH. This can only happen if the ball is going slower than 0.5KPH. The slowest goal in RLCS is 1KPH scored by EUnited vs Renegades. You can see it at the 1:17 Mark in this Youtube video.

What is the most goals scored in one RL game?

As a team, Barrage holds the record for scoring 11 goals against Magnifico in RLCS. FairyPeak holds the record for the most individual goals scored in an RLCS game at 8.