Best Rocket League Players in 2021 – Top 10 Players in the World

Rocket League first appeared on the scene in gaming as something of an oddity. It has a relatively simple premise, football in cars with rockets. However, this simple set-up has become one of the biggest and most popular esports. As of 2021, Rocket League is free to play and has a lively and active competitive scene. Teams compete at every level of this game, from small contests to world championships. However, there are some Rocket League players that really stand out. These are those that most players look to for Rocket League betting, and those who manage the Rocket League goal explosions that make the game so fun. The best Rocket League players are those who have really made their mark on this game and challenged what can be done.

top 10 best rocket league players

Rocket League is typically played in teams. However, just because players compete as part of a roster it doesn’t mean that individuals don’t stand out. Looking across the top-ranking Rocket League players for the season, there are plenty of competitors who are in the running for the top 10 best Rocket League players. This is what you need to know about the players who stand out at the moment and who is the best Rocket League player:

Best Rocket League Players in 2021

Rocket League has a pretty big esports scene, so there’s a lot of players out there. The top 10 best Rocket League players can change pretty quickly. This list is quite subjective. To come up with the top ten players, we’ve looked at their overall earnings, their tournament results, and tried to look specifically at the players who have stood out so far in 2021. Since there isn’t a World Champions so far event this year, it is difficult to make a direct comparison. With what we have available though, these are some picks for who is the best Rocket League player:

10. ViolentPanda

ViolentPanada is a Rocket League player for Dignitas. Originally from the Netherlands, he’s been active in the game for official teams since 2015, clocking up a lot of competition wins in his six years active. He’s total winnings exceed $300,000 so far, and ViolentPanda is definitely a standout for one of the best Rocket League players. One of Violetpanda’s biggest accomplishments is winning RLCS Season 5.

While he had a few off years, he has definitely returned to form through 2020.

ViolentPanda RL

Jos “ViolentPanda” van Meurs

9. Sypical

Sypical is a player who has been in competitive Rocket League events since he was only 14. You can probably consider him something of a prodigy given his performance in the game. He started to really excel since 2020, and is currently part of Spacestation Gaming. Having won $178,642 over the course of his appearances, while only 17 years of age is a pretty big accomplishment.

His recent performances have included winning the RLCS Season X Spring Grid, The Summit 2 North America competition, and the Season X Fall Major. Overall, Suypical is one of the most impressive players out there at the moment and definitely a player to look at for the best Rocket League goals.

Sypical Rocket League

Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin

8. Alpha54

Another young talent on the scene, Alpha54 is a French Rocket League player for Team Vitality. He’s been an active player since 2018 and has racked up $193,831 in tournament winnings over this time.  His recent results have included winning the Intel World Open EMEA Regional Finals, along with the European Championship of the RLCS Season X. Alpha54 is currently playing at the top of his game, and he’s a player to watch as the game continues into 2022 and beyond.

Alpha54 Rocket League

Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois

7. Chicago

Chicago entered the league back in 2017. He’s been a part of a few different Rocket League Squads, but G2 esports has been his home for some time now. As a player he really started standing out in 2020, increasing his tournament winnings and making considerably better results in the games he’s a part of.

One of his most recent results was at the Intel World Open American Regional Final. Here, his team came in first. Previous to this, he was part of the winning team at the Spring Series as well. Although, his team fell to 2nd in the next portion of the event. These performances mean he’s easily one of the best Rocket League players in 2021.


Reed “Chicago” Wilen

6. jstn

Jstn is an American Rocket League player who is part of the NRG Squad. In this line-up, he’s pulled off some of the most impressive results recently. His string of victories with this team definitely makes him one of the top 10 Rocket League players. Some of his other teammates are also on this list, since the entire team kind of stands out at the moment.

It is quite hard to place the NRG individuals in a ranking as they all contribute equally to the magic we see on screen. Regardless, Jstn earned his spot on the list with his amazing performances over the past season.

Best rocket league players

Justin “jstn.” Morales

5. Arsenal

Arsenal is another player who has been part of the Rocket League scene since he was relatively young, beginning when he was only 16. Since then, he’s become part of Spacestation Gaming and contributed a serious amount to their success. He’s impressed at recent events like the Season X Spring Grid, Summit 2, Season X Fall Major, and the North American Championship.

There is no question Tshaka is a top 5 player in Rocket League in 2021. He has plenty of amazing plays and sweet moves in his arsenal. (pun fully intended)

Arsenal Rocket League

Tshaka “Arsenal” Lateef Taylor Jr

4. SquishyMuffinz

Squishymuffinz is one of the top Canadian players of Rocket League, and overall, one of the best Rocket League players in the entire game. He’s part of NRG esports, and has achieved the same great results as the other players on that team that make up part of this list. Over his career in Rocket League, SquishyMuffinz has competed in a massive list of tournaments and achieved great results in a lot of them. He’s a good answer for any best Rocket League player list, but possibly not the single top player.

SquishyMuffinz RL

Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda

3. M0nkey_M00n

M0nkey_M00n is a French Rocket League player who has been active since 2018. He’s part of team BDS. As part of that squad, he’s came in first the Spring EU Major. Spring Grid, Winter Major, Fall EU Major, all within Season X. This list is pretty exhaustive. M0nkey_M00n’s team have been a real standout in the recent seasons of Rocket League. This player stands above and beyond the vast majority of the EU server, and he shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Monkey Moon BDS

Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez

2. Kaydop

Kaydop deserves a spot on the best Rocket League players list thanks to his longevity and achievements in terms of winnings from tournaments. He currently plays for Team Vitality and has winnings exceeding $500,000.

He has played in quite a lot of teams, however, as an individual he has won two RLCS season finals. Most recently, he was part of the winning team for Season X’s European Championship. He only came in second at Season 9 and 8, but came first in Season 8 and the European portion of Season 6. Kaydop is definitely one of the top Rocket League players, both this season and all time.

Kaydrop Best Rocket league Player

Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant

1. GarrettG

When looking at the best Rocket League teams, this Season NRG definitely stands out. However, even among their roster GarrettG stands out as one of the best Rocket League players. GarretG has been around since the very end of 2015, and he’s begun the key part of the top-of-the-game NRG team. GarretG’s winnings add up to over $400,000 now. While other players are above this, GarretG is still very much on the rise.

His recent results include the majority of big tournaments, like the previous NRG members on his list. He’s been part of a squad coming in at first in most tournaments since 2018. GarretG is probably the best Rocket League player in 2021, and he’s worth watching for future performance.

GarretG RL

Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon

Our list is never definitive, and you can be sure players can be moved up and down the rankings easily. We cant fit all the amazing talent onto one top 10 list, and there is plenty of subjectivity going into my selection. Regardless, every single individual on this list have definitely earned their spot.