Rocket League Goal Explosions – The Ultimate Guide

The only objective in Rocket League is literally scoring goals. Thus, why not enjoy that glorious shot with customizable goal explosions?

We like to assume that was what occurred during the Rocket League dev team’s brainstorming session after they had enough skins for Battle-Cars. Anyways, goal explosions are yet another addition to Rocket League’s vast selection of accessories, and this is our ultimate guide for everything goal explosions related.

Rocket League Goal Explosions

Rocket League Goal Explosions

Unlike vehicle skins, goal explosions resemble more like a bundle of joy when you score your goal. It’s a cluster of animations, shiny particle effects, sounds, and occasionally fun easter eggs to non-Rocket League references.

While watching your opponent’s goal post explode into chaotic effects, it also tracks the number of goals you scored while using a specific goal explosion. It’s probably the weirdest flex you could boast to your fellow Rocket League friends, but hey, perhaps you have a thing with the number of goals you can score.

Here’s a cool video made by Youtuber Dylbobz.

How to get Rocket League Goal Explosions?

There are various ways to get your hands on goal explosions. The easiest way, of course, would be to splurge a couple dollars on goal explosions featured in the Item Shop. The Item Shop is available in-game, where you may purchase credits for currency.

Alongside the direct purchases, you can also purchase keys for crates dropped during matches. Even so, if you want a particular goal explosion, such as the electroshock goal explosion or lantern goal explosion, chances are you will still miss it since crates only give you a chance of obtaining it.

Then, there’s the Rocket Pass, which you would have to purchase the Premium version to start climbing the tiers. Each tier or level reached will offer a reward, but the goal explosions are usually on a very high tier, so put in some elbow grease to level it up. The fish goal explosion is one of the rocket league goal explosions you may obtain from the Rocket Pass 5.

The other surefire way to get the goal explosion you want would be through trading, often with credits as currency. There are third-party forums, such as rocket league reddit, where you find trade offers for specific goal explosions.

What is the most expensive goal explosion in Rocket League?

Black Repear is an extraordinary goal explosion that will set you back $620. It goes at a minimum asking price of 80,000 credits (on top of another 700 credits for crafting cost). All these rocket league goal explosions pale in comparison to the granddaddy of best goals in rocket league, the Black Reaper.

Goal explosions, like skins in many genres, are valued by their rarity, aesthetics and plausibly iconic references to classic movies. For instance, there’s the jurassic park goal explosion, dinosaur goal explosion, juiced goal explosion, and hot wheels goal explosion.

Reaper Goal Explosion

Alright, the Reaper goal explosion price may sound overblown, probably due to its rarity as a Black colored version. The default Reaper only costs 1100 credits, or $10. However, amongst default versions of the most expensive goal explosions, we have to give way to the dueling dragon goal explosion. At an asking price of 1000 credits and 2000 credits for crafting cost, you would need to spend $25 to get this mythical ending.

These are just several of the rocket league goal explosions prices that we showcased. Still, there are also goal explosions that are untradeable and exclusive to their own Downloadable content (DLC) packs. For instance, the T-rex goal explosion price costed only $1.99 during its launch. Unfortunately, unless you bought the DLC pack back in 2018, the goal explosion is gone for good.

Can I get rocket league goal explosions for free?

Now then, we hope that we piqued your interest in the various rocket league goal explosions prices. On the other end of the player spectrum, we ask:

Can one collect rocket league goal explosions free without using credits? – No, not anymore.

While technically free, there are some goal explosions that have a cost somewhere else.

Rocket League used to have frequent collabs with third parties, the most famous one with Hot Wheels, the established toy cars brand. By purchasing Hot Wheels’ RC Rivals set, a physical toy product, it comes with free rocket league goal explosions codes. You may also find various codes in Psyonix announcements, hidden in Rocket League trailers, or during Rocket League Esports events on Twitch.

Speaking of Twitch, Prime users can also link their Rocket League account to get the free Tactical Nuke goal explosion. However, only time will tell when Twitch and Rocket League hosts another collab to give the players new goal explosions.

Play tournaments for free goal explosions

Finally, with sheer effort and grinding in Rocket League’s Tournaments. By performing exceptionally, you earn tournament credits, which can be exchanged for Tournament Cups. Cups are essentially gacha-like crates, where you get a chance of potentially obtaining a rocket league goal explosions free, among the other accessories that Rocket League offers.

Speaking of tournaments, Rocket League is a top-notch Esports title, which you guessed it, has an entirely unique competitive scene. The official Rocket League Twitch channel streams Esports events frequently, hence there are always opportunities to bet on rocket league matches too. Plus, if Esports betting isn’t your cup of tea, look no further, because Fantasy Rocket League is a good alternatives too.

In hindsight, it’s many opportunities missed for new Rocket League joiners. Back when Goal Explosions were distributed like candies in a club, players enjoy the various flashy effects of their glory goals. Nevertheless, Epic Games’ move to have Rocket League on their gaming platform free-to-play is still a blessing in disguise.

Perhaps they have plans to attract more players into their gaming community, introducing more goal explosions for the newcomers. Until then, you might want to save a couple of Benjamins if you are eyeing the Black Reaper goal explosion.