Crypto Betting Sites – Find the Best Crypto Bookmakers Online

Crypto Betting are rising in popularity as cryptocurrencies become more and more mainstream. Plenty of esports betting sites have started to accept them in the place of fiat currency. You can now use cryptocurrency to place bets on both regular sports and esports, in some cases you can even play casino games on these sites using crypto.

The best crypto betting sites let you use a range of cryptocurrencies to bet in just the same way that you normally would with fiat currency. However, there is quite a bit of difference between these sites. Some offer features that really make them stand as the best. This is what you need to know about the best crypto betting sites.

The Best Crypto Betting Sites

When you’re looking at the best sites, there are a few things to think about. Betting with cryptocurrency can be a bit more complicated than using fiat, there are a few extra things you have to look at. You have to consider crypto exchange rates on the bookmaker, and overall, how good of a bookmaker the site is in other categories. These are the best and what to look for in a crypto betting site:

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Crypto Betting sites

What to Look for in Crypto Betting Sites

One of the main things you have to look for is betting sites that accept crypto. However, it goes beyond just taking crypto. There are different levels of commitment from crypto betting platforms. These are the things you should look out for to pick the best and figure out which type of crypto betting they offer.

Cryptocurrency Options

Cryptocurrency betting is a pretty big area. There are loads of different cryptocurrencies out there and beyond that, different ways of doing crypto betting. Ideally, you want a cryptocurrency bookmaker that allows you to bet with crypto in the exact way you want to. Some sites only allow you to deposit in crypto and then use fiat as a betting currency. Others use their own tokens, and a few use actual cryptocurrency that they hold on their site for you.

Each of these methods of cryptocurrency betting has its pros and cons. However, if there is a specific type of cryptocurrency betting that you’re looking for then you need to make sure it is offered by that bookmaker.

Exchange Rates and Fees

For a lot of betting sites that accept crypto, the exchange rate and fees for your crypto can be a big factor. The fees involved in crypto can be considerably higher than those used by normal betting sites. On top of this, they can be much higher than you’re going to get for transactions on an exchange. Make sure you’ve checked out the fees used by crypto betting sites so you’re making the most out of your deposits.

For exchange rates, things get a bit trickier. If you’re using a cryptocurrency betting site that doesn’t place bets in crypto but does allow you to deposit and withdraw, you’ve got think about this. Your crypto will be changed out for fiat currency when you deposit and switched back when you withdraw. The bookmaker will set an exchange rate of how much to credit you. This will make a big difference to how much money you have to play with on crypto betting platforms.

Unique Features at the Best Crypto Betting Sites

Cryptocurrency betting sites tend to all work differently, since it is a relatively new. So, one thing to watch out is unique features in esports bookmakers. These are some of the more unique and different approaches offered by some bookmakers:

  • Unique Tokens – Some bookmakers have their own crypto tokens which you can bet in!
  • Betting on Your Own Performance – on some sites like Midnite, you can place bets on how you personally perform in games.
  • Sports and Casino Sections – Some bookmakers are going to give you a sports and casino section to use crypto in alongside esports betting.

Regulation and Licenses

Regulations and licensing are an important part of choosing a bookmaker. The world of crypto can sometimes be a bit looser than elsewhere. Some exchanges don’t even require a know your customer system. However, for a bookmaker one with some decent regulation is definitely what you want to look for. Bookmaker regulations ensure you’re getting a fair payout and that your crypto is being both held and used properly.

Even if you’re using crypto for the anonymity, it will pay off to look at better regulated crypto betting sites for safety adhering to all three of the following standards:

  • Licensing: UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Government of Curacao
  • Encryption: Minimum 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Fairplay credentials: IBAS, ESIC, eCOGRA

Esports Odds

Crypto betting platforms let you wager tokens, but your payout from those waging still very much depends on the esports odds that you’re getting. Depending on the level of odds you bet on, you can bet getting quite a bit less or more crypto for a won bet. Over time, these differences in odds can add up. Make sure you check the odds of an betting site that accepts crypto to find the one that uses the best odds for your events.

Ease of Use

Cryptocurrency can be a bit complicated to use in some places. Sites like Coinbase have had a great success in making crypto easy for beginner’s to use. Ideally, the best Crypto betting sites should be easy to use. In the best case, it should be simple enough to deposit and withdraw crypto. That’s alongside making bets in crypto without having to refer to a chart of a token’s current price to make it work! The best crypto esports sites have interfaces which take the hard work out of using cryptocurrency. 

Esports Coverage

Esports is a pretty big term. It covers games that range from Fortnite to World of Warcraft and League of Legends. The best crypto betting platforms should to be able to offer a decent spread of games if they want to appeal to a wide range of gamers. If you’re looking for the best crypto betting sites, you should look for those with wide coverage of different games.

Outside of a general coverage, make sure you check if the game is covered if it is one that you follow. If you’re looking for an esports betting site that you can use regularly, it needs to be able to offer bets on all of the games that you follow so make sure you check things out.


The last thing to look at to find the best esports bookmakers is the bonuses that they offer. Esports bookmaker bonuses give you some extra funds or free bets to incentivise you to continue playing with that site. When looking at new esports bookmakers, make sure you’re checking out what bonuses the site offers so you’re getting the best value possible.