FIFA Betting – Best bookmakers and betting tips for your bets on FIFA Esports

With over 30.000.000 players on PlayStation platforms and more than 250.000.000 overall, the FIFA saga is probably the most played esports game that there is, and FIFA betting is more than an obvious turnout.

FIFA has been on the market for more than two decades. It has its focus on football matches and covers teams from all major leagues worldwide. Over time, it has become one of the most famous games between youngsters and adults’ band FIFA betting has become famous due to the inclusion of new game modes, new types of tournaments, new features, among other things.

Today, titles like FIFA 19 and 20 are not based on traditional football matches only, we find versions that receive constant updates to create more real and immersive gameplay for players.

Best bonus offers for your FIFA bets

FIFA esports betting Markets

As the game has started to gain popularity around the world, more betting markets have opened up. What is striking is that the betting options at FIFA are very similar to the daily bets. We can highlight the following:

  • Winner of the match
  • Round Winner (Best of 3)
  • More or fewer goals (depending on statistics, the number may vary)
  • Which team will score first
  • Goal at 0
  • Playable character performance
  • Player performance
  • Team performance

And a few more, but these are the ones that draw the most attention when it comes to creating a somewhat more diverse bet.

FIFA Esports bet

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Betting tips for FIFA betting

FIFA esports betting is more complex than it seems. Before entering the world of betting the best thing we can do is to make a small study of each player, follow FIFA news and find a nice FIFA betting site with good esports bonus (Which we will discuss ahead)

As you will find out, unlike most esports, there are few players in each team, being that you can even enter “Solo” on pro tournaments. (To give you a hint, most FIFA professional teams are made of 2-3 players)

So, consider reviewing a team or player before placing your bets. We would recommend looking at:

  • The last five games (Results and statistics)
  • Number of goals received
  • Number of goals scored
  • Passing Synergy and positions (In case of teams)

This will save us from having a bad time betting for a team that looks flashy.

If it is possible to analyze the opponent of the player you want to bet on, you won’t be wasting time, you will be doing yourself a favor. The person you want to bet on maybe on a good run, but the same could happen to his opponent.

If possible, also analyze each team; study the strengths and weaknesses of each team, especially if we talk about betting in Ultimate Team mode where the cards are usually quite varied.

And last but not least, try to make a general analysis of the player in his whole season. Along with this, also analyze the cards that will be used and study the casualties/discharges to bet on FIFA with peace of mind.

About the cards

Unlike earlier releases, FIFA now has a card system with stats for the characters that you select when making a team. It works a bit like Fantasy Football, with the difference that you don’t have a budget to stick to when making your team.

Furthermore, you will have to buy card packs and participate in tournaments to access the cards with best stats (Such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Maradona).

Major FIFA betting sites

As we mentioned before, it is nice to find the best FIFA betting site before getting started, so here is our top 3:


Unikrn is one of the most important houses for esports betting in general. It is not far behind in FIFA’s betting, as it offers one of the widest betting markets. In our Unikrn review, you will see more about their gaming options and the Unkrn Gold coin.

Besides, the Unikrn Bonus is one of the best available.


In terms of variety, our GGBet review found one of the best systems for FIFA betting. Its varied and active market allows new players to enter constantly. Besides, the GGBet bonus consistent with either a small deposit bonus or doubling a deposit is quite tempting.

While the bonus is not as great as Unikrn’s it is still quite competitive and comes from a site with great experience in the betting market. On the other hand, in our review we found that the site has quite competitive odds for FIFA major tournaments and enters the game with an extremely easy-to-use platform.

FIFA’s most important tournaments

In the regular season esports betting sites will usually cover leagues, but tournaments have been created at the level of World Cups, summer, or winter tournaments among some others.

The most prominent one, which is also sponsored by FIFA, is the FIFA eWorld Cup. It is one of the tournaments with the highest number of prizes and the one that creates more bets for FIFA at the level of esports. It is currently in the elimination phase and the winner will receive over $250,000 in prizes.

On the other hand, we have the prelude to the FIFA eWorld Cup which is known as the FIFA Global Series. It is the tournament that is used as a method of entry to the World Cup and where the biggest teams and players participate to have space in the maximum competition.

Furthermore, there are several hosted minor tournaments. For example, in 2020 we got the FUTMarca Tournament where they sought to raise funds for the fight against Coronavirus.

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Best teams and players

The games usually have both star players and teams that also attract attention throughout the world. In the case of FIFA, even the professional players themselves have a gap in the list of the best players.

This is important for FIFA esports betting and for Fantasy Esports in general. Some of the best players are:

  • Al-Bacha: Two times champion with different consoles in the FIFA eWorld Cup.
  • Qlash Crazy: Best player on PlayStation 4.
  • Tekkz: Best gamer on Xbox One

These are some of the most outstanding players, listed within the official FIFA website at a competitive level.

As far as important teams are concerned, we have to highlight the following teams:

  • Fnatic: Current FUT Champs champion.
  • Complexity Gaming: Awarded several times thanks to their players.
  • Ellevens: The most outstanding team in the United States and finalist of several cups.
  • Borussia esports: Germany’s top team.