Fortnite is the biggest new name in the global Battle Royale pandemonium. With over 250 million registered users Fortnite has taken over the Battle Royale genre and is making a strong push in the esports scene. The Champion Series and Fortnite World Cup paried with thousands upon thousands of streamers are building Fortnite’s case for the hottest new esports betting market.

Best bonus offers for your Fortnite bets

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Three reasons why Fortnite betting is trending:

1. Everyone knows Fortnite

Fortnite’s media appeal has taken over the world. Be it Ninja streaming with rapper Drake, Roseanne Barr sending squad invites via Twitter or Lakers Guard Josh Hart playing Fortnite for 10 hours straight before a game, Fortnite has become a part of our daily lives. With so much attention garnered by the title you know Fortnite gambling is the next big thing to hit the market.

2. The biggest esport teams are getting involved

With the announcement of the Champion Series and The Fortnite World Cup, big esports names made a sudden push into Fortnite battling to attract the best and brightest talent to their brand.  Organizations like TeamSoloMid, 100Thieves, Counter Logic Gaming and Natus Vincere have all made Fortnite additions to their roster making for an extremely competitive environment.

3. Bookmakers can’t get enough of Fortnite action

More and more bookies are starting to feature Fortnite among their betting markets. With the Fortnite World Cup betting going off the rails and the recent Champion Series offering weekly action across the globe, Fortnite gambling is becoming a severely lucrative market.

Who can you wager on when betting on Fortnite?

Only the best Fortnite players

Fortnite has over 250 million registered users, yet only 0.001% of the player base are at the top of the competitive circuit.

Most bookmakers will be offering Fortnite gambling and odds on the top competitions that feature some of the best performing Fortnite players. You can be sure that names like Tfue, Myth, Riversan, Arkhram or Buga will regularly be featured with the best odds in Fortnite competitions. Additionally, player and team specific objects can be featured in exotic markets to spice up your betting experience.


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But in order to find out which are the best players to bet on, you would have to stay on top of the competitive Fortnite world. Luckily our news section regularly features the latest Fort nite news and updates, as we strive to provide you with the best odds and bonuses for your Fortnite gambling experience.

Year-round competition means plenty of Fortnite betting options

The whole world plays Fortnite all the time

A weekly Solo Cash Cup, a seasonal Champions Series and a World Cup to top it off means Fortnite offers year round entertainment and betting opportunity. Admittedly, not all competition is featured on the Fortnite gambling sites regularly since the competitive ecosystem is still in development. Yet, a lot of infrastructure is being constructed around the game that should ensure a sustainable future is created for the game and in return a sustainable Fortnite gambling experience is available for us year-round.

Additionally, as most competition is organized by Epic Games directly, we can be confident that the betting markets on offer will be a non-hassle safe environment that you can wager on. And with competition happening regularly across the glove you can be damn sure you can place bets 24/7 from the comfort of your home.

Fortnite World Cup 2019 New York

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Fortnite offers more than just tournament betting markets

The best in-stream betting markets

Betting on your favorite streamers has recently become a massive trend. Naturally, Fortnite being the biggest streaming title on the planet means a lot of betting sites are looking into in-stream and Twitch betting. While this niche market is still evolving, providers like Unikrn, Rivalry and GG.Bet have taken charge and provide us with many dedicated Fortnite gambling markets. If you are new to betting on streamers, check our guide on how to place the best streamer bets.

Fortnite is currently the top growing in-stream betting title, so make sure you give this exotic new 24/7  market a chance.

The perfect bookmaker for betting on Fortnite

Who offers the best bets?

Unlike traditional sports where bookmakers that offer a plethora of bets for almost every sport, esports bookmakers differ greatly in their offer and markets. Choosing your Fortnite gambling provider should be based on the best bonuses and odds on offer specifically for this title. This choice might differ from your provider for CS:GO betting or League of Legends betting, as every esport has a very distinct betting market attached to it.

Choosing your bookmaker is an integral part of your betting experience and should not be taken lightly. Luckily, we at feature an extensive list of esports betting sites for you review. We aim to provide information for to the most niche markets and needs of our readers. Naturally our team has a few picks we deem worthy of your consideration when betting on Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2

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Best Fortnite Coverage and most extensive markets

Unikrn have been around since 2014 and has a long tradition (in esports years) as one of the top betting providers on the market. Features like Unikrn UMode, Unikrn Gold make wagering easy, fast and reliable. One of Unikrn’s key selling points is their ability to provide a strong selection of esports odds for all major titles. Fortnite is no exception as Unikrn provides a variety of markets in in-game betting options unmatched by a large portion of the competition.

Granted, they do have a bit of a convoluted bonus program and some options are limited to specific geographical regions.

Best Welcome Bonuses from the Fortnite gambling sites

Choosing a solid welcome bonus can go a long way in budgeting your Fortnite betting strategy.

ArcaneBet is an esports-focused bookmaker regulated by the Government of Curacao. While this bookmaker does not offer a deep plethora of Fortnite betting options regularly, it does offer markets for Fortnite World Cup betting and other large events. What sets ArcaneBet apart is a whopping 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of €200.

Do keep in mind that term and conditions will apply in order for you to redeem your bonus, and you should always pay attention to the fine print. With regards to ArcaneBet’s Welcome Bonus offer, bets need to be placed against odds of 1.50. Bonus is free after a rollover of 15x has been reached within 180 days.

Arcanebet Bonus
100% Deposit, up to €30

Best In-Stream betting offers

Live action betting and Twitch betting sites are the newest betting market worthy of consideration. Our readers benefit from a Rivalry bonus offer of a 100% match up on deposits, up to $200, as well as a nifty $10 extra on sign-up. 


We return back to where we kicked off. Fortnite is growning with an unprecedented rate and all of these betting sites are seeking a piece of the Fortnite gambling pie. We only highlighted a sample of the biggest advantages and best reasons to keep an eye on Fortnite. Many providers will soon pick up Fortnite and offer specific dedicated bonuses. Remember to keep track of our growing list of bookmakers.