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The Red Bull Home Ground returns with its second event, effectively turning the brand into a tournament series. This one is being held with a considerably more fleshed out competitive scene for Valorant. Red Bull has become one of the biggest sponsors of esports alongside sponsoring a lot of extreme sports. They even have aMore
The competition at the VCT Last Chance Qualifiers has onlyMore
With the end of the year, and subsequently the ValorantMore
September 24, 2021

Valorant Spike Nations returns bigger and better in 2021

In just a short time, Valorant has built up an impressive competitive team with a vibrant scene of tournaments. One of 2020’s most fun events was the Valorant Spike NationsMore
September 17, 2021

VCT Masters Berlin Playoffs – Recap & Predictions

The group stage in the Valorant Champion Tour Masters 3 Berlin has recently ended, leading to 8 final teams to compete in the playoffs stage starting in the quarterfinals. TheMore
September 3, 2021

Valorant Battle Pass Rewards and Leaks for Episode 3 Act 2

New map, new skins, a new agent and more await you in the newest Valorant Battle Pass. Episode 3, act 2, has a tentative release date of September the 8thMore
September 3, 2021

Is VALORANT on Xbox? – Potential Valorant Xbox Release Dates

VALORANT  is on the rise with a growing fanbase and community. This ignites interest in console players who want to be part of this community. Other popular shooters like OverwatchMore
July 25, 2021
Esports News

Valorant Vs Overwatch | Is Valorant Better Than Overwatch?

Valorant’s initial release saw a lot of comparisons to other games, but the biggest one was Overwatch. Valorant has pulled in a lot of Overwatch fans, and even a goodMore
June 28, 2021

Valorant Roster Shuffles – Five key roster changes ahead of VCT Stage 3

The best Valorant teams have all made tweaks to their rosters ahead of VCT Stage 3. Lets break down some of the most notable changes and set expectations for theMore
June 23, 2021
Esports News

CSGO vs Valorant Player Count – How close is Valorant to CSGO?

Valorant has been a pretty big success in esports since it launched. The game takes some aspects of hero shooters, but its core gameplay is very recognizably tied to CSGO.More
June 18, 2021

KAY/O Valorant Agent 16 Revealed – Catches up to Cypher in Trailer Deaths

KAY/O is the new Valorant agent revealed for Episode 3. The product of Killjoy’s experiments is set to fix the post-plant meta, with abilities aimed at disabling other Agents utilityMore
May 28, 2021

VCT Masters Reykjavik Down to Final Six – Match Predictions and Analysis

We are entering the final three days of competition at VCT Masters Reykjavik. Our Masters Reykjavik Power Rankings are still holding somewhat true with NUTURN and Vikings making a minorMore
May 26, 2021

Shroud carries Valorant into the mainstream with VCT Reykjavik co-stream

Shroud is legend of the FPS genre, a decent Valorant player but far from a pro player. It’s his on screen talent talent however, that made the VCT Masters ReykavikMore
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Valorant is Riot’s up and coming FPS supertitle set at competing with both Overwatch and CS:GO. The game is set to launch in the Summer Season this year.

The upcoming game already made waves in the esports ecosystem and is likely going to be a strong contender for Game of the Year in 2020.

Our goal is to provide the best coverage of all the news and upcoming activities in Valorant. From updates and changes to analysis and predictions. We are committed to covering every tidbit of information out there about the Valorant Game itself, and Valorant esports.

You can personally contribute to our Valorant news section by getting in touch with us and follow our tips to become an esports journalist.


Valorant is a team-based first-person shooter. Players chose from a selection of characters called Agents and engage in bomb defusal scenario matches. On top of being a typical shooterama, Valorant Agents have unique abilities that enable them to navigate the map and control choke points for competitive advantage. The game has the usual assortment of weapons for player to chose from ranging from pistols to heavy machine guns.

The standard bomb defusal match is based on 25 round matches (or first to 13), similar to how old competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 was. In terms of gameplay the Valorant game reminds eerily of both old and new Counter Strike in terms of recoil patterns, map design and play style. It also does relate heavily to Overwatch in the ability set-up and the way abilities are utilized in a match.

Most of the current gameplay revolves around ranked play. Valorant Ranks have been added recently, and more then 80% of the players are competing in a ranked play.


The current Valorant beta only features three maps. All of them are bomb (Spike) defusal scenarios and stylistically follow the same design mentality. Players fight over entry points by peeking around corners, hiding behind boxes and utilizing the map layout to best their opponents.


Bind is set up to be what Dust is for Counter-Strike. It is aimed as the default map everybody knows and loves. It features a double bomb site and middle-eastern setting style design. The attacker side comes from the towns outskirts into one of two bombsites while the defenders try to stop em. What is special about Bind is the placement of two teleporters on the map. Once entering a teleporter you instantly get beamed over to the other part of the map. This makes bind a heavy rotational map where players need to set up their defenses accurately and respond to in-game events quickly.


Haven is the most radical of the three maps in Valorant. Instead of the usual two bomb sites players are used to, Haven has three. This usually means most defensive scenarios or opening duels happen in a 1v1 or 1vTeam situations. While rotational pathways are short between the three sites it still a taxing endeavor to keep an eye on all entry points at once. While there is the opportunity to push many areas on the map as an attacker, the map is set up to favor defenders positionally. Most defender areas are from elevated positions or between bomb sites featuring large amounts of clutter and boxes they can peek from. In our opinion, Haven is the best designed map out of the three currently available.


Split is the most straightforward out of the three maps currently available in Valorant. It features two bomb sites and a total of three entry points between them at Site A, Site B and Middle. Design wise its the most unbalanced map in regards to defender > attacker advantage. Defenders can easily control the three entry points with enough utility to hold out an assault. Rotations between defender sites are short and safe to execute. From the attacker perspective the map revolves heavily around controlling the middle area of the map in order to cut rotations and navigate forward easily.

Competitive Scene

The Valorant esports scene is currently under development. Riot Games has quickly pledged they would like Valorant esports to grow organically. They did however get in touch with esports organizations early to have them prepare for the competitive ecosystem ahead of time. Esports athletes from all titles have already committed to going pro in Valorant. Overwatch pros switching to Valorant specifically has become a trend. Currently, most competition revolves around invitational and show match events. Esports betting is likely to follow as soon as established teams start playing.

Our Experience

We played Valorant Beta for over a month, and are still playing competitively on the Ranked Ladder. Learning the game is fun, and playing it brings a lot of nostalgia feelings about the olden Counter Strike days. We encountered zero cheaters so far. Probably because Riot Vanguard is doing its job.

Based on our assessment, Valorant will likely become a premier esports title within this year or definitely next year. If you are a fan of FPS titles, specifically CS:GO or Overwatch you should definitely give Valorant a try. Valorant betting is likely going to become a thing as soon as competition starts rolling out. Our prediction is this autumn.

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