For the longest time, prospective streamers have been struggling with a debate that can simply be titled ‘Twitch vs YouTube’. There’s a lot of competition in the streaming space, and it’s all caused by these two tech titans battling against one another to be crowned the best site for streamers. For new streamers, knowing whether to go to YouTube or Twitch for streaming can be a confusing and complex conundrum, but fear not – we’re here to lay the argument to rest.

If you’ve been debating streaming on Twitch vs YouTube – or vice-versa – we’ve got the guide for you. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to pick between these two streaming and content hosting platforms. If you’re just starting out on your streaming journey – or perhaps you’re looking for a change – then we’ll help you figure out what’s next.

Without further ado, let’s dive head-over-heels into the debate: Twitch vs YouTube.

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Twitch vs YouTube – What’s The Difference?

For the most part, Twitch has always dominated the streaming space because it did it better first – it’s that simple. By contrast, YouTube has always been at the top of the table in the content hosting space, serving as a platform upon which users can upload, share, and consume ‘video on demand’ style content. But, since YouTube introduced streaming in 2011, there have been steady signs of growth that are essentially pulling YouTube into a dominating position across both categories.

It was really in the last two or three years that YouTube started becoming a true destination for streamers as opposed to Twitch. Fundamentally, what are the key differences between these two platforms, though? If you’re trying to pick between YouTube or Twitch for streaming, why should there even be a lengthy debate?

If we look at it from the most basic perspective possibly, there are very few differences between Twitch and YouTube. If you’re a streamer, you’ll use the same streaming software to get your broadcast to either platform, your setup will be the same regardless of where you go, and how viewers interact with your content will be mostly the same. There are very similar features across both platforms, from paid subscription options to donations, and from video quality presets to emotes.

So, when it comes to answering the question, ‘Which is better to stream on, Twitch or YouTube,’ the similarity of the two platforms doesn’t go far in helping to find a solution.

Is Twitch or YouTube Better for New Streamers?

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Will you be like Dr Disrespect and stream on YouTube?

Let’s say you’re an aspiring streamer and you want to make a decision right now. It’s ultimatum time, and you need to decide which platform you’re going to stream on today – or else!

Based on all the information available, we’d say that – in 2023 – Twitch is the best platform for new streamers. In the great debate of Twitch vs YouTube, Twitch comes out on top in a few categories – but it’s quite a close call. It seems that YouTube is getting better with each passing day, and there are clear expectations that it’ll overtake Twitch in the near future.

However, that’s our relatively subjective call for new streamers – what if you’re a well-established and popular streamer? Well, if that’s the case, then YouTube might just be the place for you. In recent years, a mass exodus has taken place, with some of the biggest names in the business abandoning Twitch in favour of YouTube, for one reason or another. Following more than a few controversial decisions, Twitch started pushing streamers away from its platform, bolstering YouTube’s numbers.

If you’re the kind of creator that wants to upload on-demand content as well as post live streams, then you’ll almost certainly do better on YouTube. But, if you’re totally new to the game and you just want to broadcast some gameplay, then Twitch is probably the better site for you.

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Why Is Twitch Better For Gaming Streamers?

Twitch has built up a dramatically strong following over the years because it has made itself the home of gaming streams. That may be a fact that’s wavering more and more these days, but for the most part, it’s where the biggest esports broadcasts take place, and it’s where some of the biggest streamers in the business play their games for millions of viewers to watch. It’s a diverse platform, and regardless of the game that you’re playing, you can pull in a few viewers in no time at all.

It’s still synonymous with the gaming industry, and that means that people better associate Twitch with gaming streamers. There’s no doubt that YouTube is coming up, and over time, more and more features are being added to support streamers on the ‘red’ platform, but it’s still not quite there yet and ready to swoop up the bulk of the streaming industry.

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So, Twitch vs YouTube – What’s The Conclusion?

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Which platform should you pick?

If you’re a new streamer, then we’d recommend Twitch. It’s the home of gaming and esports content, and despite some sketchy changes to its terms of service over the months, it remains super strong in terms of the available audience. There are plenty of customisation options available, streams can be broadcasted in high quality, there are very few requirements to secure affiliate status on Twitch, and it has plenty of moderation features that’ll keep your stream and your community safe.

But, if you’re an established streamer or you want to diversify your portfolio, then it’s YouTube for you. With YouTube, you can reliably host as much on-demand content as you want, and that’s in addition to broadcasting high-quality streams to a rapidly growing audience. Like Twitch, there are strong moderation features and ways to make money from streaming, it’s just not the most popular platform in general yet. It’s also a little tougher to reach ‘Partner’ status on YouTube.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twitch or YouTube Better for Viewers?

It must be said that Twitch is probably better for viewers. By default, YouTube is a little less user-friendly on mobile devices, and research has shown that that’s how most viewers consume their content. On YouTube, viewers cannot minimise the application without using the screen, whereas Twitch actively allows window-in-window playback, which is a huge win.

Should I Stream on Both Twitch and YouTube?

If you want to reach partnership-level status on either platform, then streaming on both platforms is a bad idea. Recently, Twitch amended its terms of service to allow streamers to broadcast their content on more than one platform, but not concurrently. So, if you stream on both YouTube and Twitch at the same time, you likely won’t be promoted up the ranks on Twitch. It’s also a little tougher to manage two chats and activity feeds at the same time.