FIFA esports game review Is FIFA 18 the best sporting game of all-time?

Ever since the FIFA video game came on the scene in the 1990s, it has faced the tough task of trying to replicate the fast-paced action of a real-life game of football. And the latest version of FIFA has done a great job in giving you the chance to play as your favourite teams and players. FIFA 18 manages to use incredible graphics, immersive gameplay, and official licensing to give you your best shot playing top-level football. And with the arrival of the FIFA esports league, it’s all set to get a lot more interesting!

It’s not just on the pitch where you’ll get to enjoy the best of FIFA. There’s something endlessly fun about building your Ultimate Team Squad to climb up the FIFA esports ranking. And whilst you might not get hands on any FIFA esports prize money, you can still take a bet on some of the best players in the upcoming FIFA Interactive World Cup prize 2018. So here’s a look at how FIFA began from humble origins to give us a chance to play in the awesome FIFA esports tournament.

What you need to know about the FIFA game

The first incarnation of FIFA was originally released by Electronic Arts way back in 1993. Long before FIFA esports came on the scene, this primitive game gave sports fans a simple way to play football on their Sega and Nintendo consoles. Thankfully, EA Sports have released updated versions of the game every year, and it’s reassuring to find that FIFA 18 is the best instalment yet.

FIFA 18 was unveiled in September 2017, and instantly drew praise for its variety of game modes and fluid graphics. Whilst there is still plenty of debate about whether FIFA or its rival, Pro Evolution Soccer, manages to successfully translate the actual mechanics of a game of football onto a computer screen, it’s evident that the FIFA franchise might be winning the accolade of being the world’s most popular football simulator.

Much of this success lies with the fact that FIFA 18 features official licensing to feature the names and likeness of thousands of football players and teams from all over the world. And with no less than 52 fully licensed stadiums that include all of the Premier League stadiums, it seems that realism could be FIFA’s greatest asset.

Gameplay The basics of playing FIFA

When FIFA 18 was released, there was a lot of attention on the Journey Mode of the game, but if you are into the FIFA esports league, you’ll just want to focus on the gameplay basics. Whether you are playing for the FIFA Interactive World Cup Prize for 2018, or are just playing a casual game amongst friends, the FIFA game gives you chance to enjoy a great game of football from the comfort of your console or PC.

This means that you can use the incredible Frostbite game engine to enjoy a graphical fluidity never before seen in a sports simulation. Whether you are crossing the ball or are dribbling, then you can gain an extra level of control than previous incarnations of the game.

Each of the teams and players seems to have their own defined personality which is a great way to get a feel for building your own FIFA esports teams. And whilst we probably don’t need to explain the rules of football to you, it can be worth checking out the world’s best FIFA esports players to get an idea of how you can get an extra level of control over your team.

Players Which players should you have in your FIFA esports teams?

Building your Ultimate Team is one of the most fun aspects of the FIFA 18 game. There’s something great about constructing your FIFA esports teams out of a variety of different players. You can simply check out the FUT 18 ratings to pick and choose which FIFA esports players can form your team and it’s a great way to get to know your favourite sporting stars a little better.

FIFA regularly updates their player ratings and it’s good to keep checking back into see how Premier League stars like Harry Kane can have their FIFA esports ranking boosted after a particularly strong spell in the real-life game.

Just like in the real world, it’s about getting a good chemistry between all of your players. Whilst getting a team full of goalscorers might sound like fun, it’s only by having a balance between your players that you are going to stand any chance of getting any FIFA esports prize money.

All about the FIFA esports tournament Who will win the FIFA Interactive World Cup prize in 2018?

As competitive gaming became a global phenomenon, it was good to see how FIFA’s esports ambitions followed suit. In 2004, the FIFA esports tournament that is known as the FIFA eWorld Cup was established to give gamers the chance the play their FIFA esports teams and even win some FIFA esports prize money.

This competition has continued to grow in popularity with the winner of last year’s FIFA esports tournament managing to claim $200,000 in FIFA esports prize money. The great thing about FIFA esports is that you can qualify online by taking part in regional qualifiers with your FIFA esports teams.

Whilst it can take plenty of effort to rise up the FIFA esports ranking, it’s also true that the FIFA esports league has become an increasingly popular spectator sport. Although it might never catch up to the popularity of its real-life counterpart, it seems that more people are enjoying taking a bet on their favourite FIFA esports teams in a way that mirrors the actual game.

Conclusion Learn from the best FIFA esports players

Whilst FIFA 18 has a simple concept, it’s clear that there’s plenty of skill involved in becoming the best in the game. All it takes is one look at some of the best FIFA esports teams to realise that this game has plenty of hidden tricks up its sleeve. Although FIFA 18 is difficult to master, it’s a game that should help everybody learn to love the game of football a little more. So get FIFA 18 and see how you can climb up the FIFA esports ranking.

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