How Many People Play FIFA: EAFC 24 Player Count

EAFC, formally known as FIFA, is the latest football simulator from Electronics Arts. Despite losing the FIFA Branding, EA FC 24 hit the same strides as the last FIFA 23 game. Although selling 30% fewer copies than its predecessor, it sold over 6.8 million copies during its early access, 35% higher than FIFA 23. That being said, how many people play FIFA currently?

The Football Gaming Genre

The Football Simulator genre of games has not had much competition lately; gamers have mainly had two major games to choose from, which were EA Sports’ FIFA now EAFC and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer, now known as eFootball, which has, unfortunately, fallen off a bit in recent times. This leaves the football gaming market a little more open now, as the competition is not as fierce as it was a few years ago.


@ EA Sports

That said, EA Sports still holds the strongest share in the sports simulator genre of video games like NHL, MADDEN, UFC 5 and more. They have been releasing yearly iterations of the games based on their current season changes. These gaming genres have a large following and even an esports scene around the game, especially EAFC.

Much of EA’s revenue comes from this gaming genre, especially since their other big game, Battlefield 2042’s player count, is meagre.

EA FIFA’s Best Selling Point

What brings players back into EA’s football simulator more than anything is the “Ultimate Team” mode. This mode allows players to build their team with cards of players and football icons, which they use to play against other players. There is a big deal among the player base in acquiring the best and rarest cards.

These cards are acquired by opening packs, which can be gotten from the in-game store or by playing matches and levelling up. Other games, like eFootball, follow a similar system. Find out more about that in our eFootball player count article.

The FIFA Player Count

The current player count of EA FC 24 is about 52,900 as of the 23rd of December, but the average is about 35,000 players on each platform per month. While these aren’t terrible numbers, they are quite low for a game released just a few months ago. This could be due to players getting tired of the same gameplay formula, not wanting to spend money on more cards, or even not trusting the new branding of EA’s football simulator.


We believe we’ve quelled your curiosity about how many people play FIFA (now EAFC). Even though the player count of EAFC dwindled quickly this year, EA Sports has major control of the sporting genre’s market share. However, the football game genre market has not been this open in a long time, and it may be an opportunity for other publishers and developers to take advantage of it.

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