By March 2020 DraftKings released a special space for Rocket League Fantasy. And as most fantasy esports fans would need an update about this particular game we decided to give you all the details on Fantasy Pros & cons, where to play, and more.

What is Rocket League Fantasy?

Rocket League Fantasy is something similar to what has been done with League of Legends and other popular esports. But, in this case, it is about Rocket League, the marvelous game available since 2015 where you can play football with cars instead of people.

Inside the game, you move exactly the same way you would on football games like FIFA, which makes Rocket League a great candidate to play on as a Fantasy Sport.

Not to be confused with Rocket League Trading, the Rocket Fantasy League opens up a new way to bet for fans out there where they can trade professional esports players in and out of their fantasy teams and participate in fantasy tournaments based on their real outcome.

As for April 2020, the Fantasy Sports platform where most esports could be seen is DraftKings, including a Rocket League DFS option to their betting repertoire. Furthermore, fantasy professionals saw this as a new way to bet and Rocket League fantasy teams got to be created.

Rocket League Fantasy

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How does Fantasy Rocket League work?

Like other fantasy sports, Rocket League Fantasy has several parameters that allow people to win prizes and real money when betting in sites such as DraftKings.

Step by step guide to playing fantasy RLCS

So, the Rocket League Fantasy works in this way:

  1. First, log in a site that sets the statistics (such as DraftKings as mentioned before)
  2. Now you create a team with professional players that you like
    • You have a “fantasy budget”
    • Each Pro player has a price
    • The price of each player is based on their real performance
    • You can select from 1 to 4 players
  3. Then you participate in Fantasy games or tournaments in which outcomes are decided based on the player’s statistics in real tournaments.
    • These statistics are usually taken from the most important tournament, like RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series), for example.

The positions these Fantasy Pros will have will be given by the type of role you decide them to play; this means that they will be able to vary between defensive and offensive positions as the team needs it.

This is how teams are consolidated and if the real outcome of the players favors you, then you will make some money (or at least enjoy building up your Fantasy Team, most fans do)

Where can I play Rocket League Fantasy?

When playing Fantasy Esports, you need to go for a platform in which you can trust. Besides, it is quite important that the site has enough information to keep you up to date about the tournament and plays fare for all players. In this regard, DraftKings is a good choice since they recently had the idea of adding a Fantasy RLCS section.

DraftKings esports is a great option to start betting on your Rocket League Fantasy team in the short term, but it is expected that it will be available on other platforms later on.

Nevertheless, among DraftKings fantasy pros is that it usually has several promotions available, as well as some free trials, so that you don’t lose money unnecessarily on the first bets. This way, once you have an account with DraftKings, it’s just a matter of logging in to the website or using your application to start playing on Fantasy Rocket League.

What is the difference between RLCS fantasy and traditional betting?

Fantasy sports and traditional betting are two popular products in the same category, but they are not completely similar.

As far as traditional betting is concerned, we can mention betting that takes place inside bookmakers, either in person or virtually, where a person is in charge of betting on one or several sports. Also, within these options, we have that the bets are completely real; they are made based on real teams and games. Within this branch of betting, we can also mention virtual esports betting, which still has the same betting methodology as traditional sports. So, as far as traditional betting concerns you have to place your bet based on real events.

On the other hand, fantasy sports base their bets and methodology of play on the salary cap of the players that are used to create the teams. In this regard you act as a team manager.

This is the main difference between both bets, where we realize that one is based on traditional bets, following the normal standards, and fantasy sports were in charge of reinventing this type of bet. For example, you could build your RL fantasy team with members of Cloud9 and GhostGaming.

To sum up, Rocket League DFS are based on possibilities and skills, where gamblers build their “ideal” teams under certain conditions and the “games” never happen but rather are developed by probabilities.

Tips for playing Fantasy Rocket League

Esports DFS betting is not as different as you may imagen from traditional betting when it comes to methods and results. Nevertheless, here are a few tips to follow up with more success in DraftKings Rocket League:

  • Do your homework: You need to make a winning team with a set budget! So, make your homework to set up a team that balances shining pros with promising players to get the best possible results.
  • Leave nothing to luck. While there is chance still involved, most results are loyal to statistics. So, following your player’s and counterparts’ statistics thoroughly will allow you to earn more points and thus win RLCS Fantasy bets.
  • Track your budget. DFS can be fatal to your budget if you are not careful, most operators lie DraftKings allow you to set a budget for any event when entering, make use of this tool.

Why could Rocket League DFS become popular? 

Fantasy gaming entered the radar of people decades ago and became really popular when Fantasy Football took power in the early 2010s. As time passed by every popular sport traded in, and so esports followed.

In short, it offers the RLCS Fantasy option to the large population of Rocket League fans out there which reaches the 9000 viewers on Twitch every hour. Not only that, Fantasy RLCS is a valid alternative to Rocket League betting in the USA, where esports bets are not yet available.

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