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March 29, 2022

Is Marauders Basically Escape From Tarkov in Space?

Since 2016, Escape From Tarkov has worked to popularise the ‘tactical looter shooter’ genre. In recent years, some developers have attempted to capitalise on the immense success of Tarkov by…
Opinion Esports
March 25, 2022

Best Post-Apocalyptic Games: The Top 10 Titles of All Time

It’s a bizarre concept, but we as gamers tend to really enjoy a post-apocalyptic title. Whether it’s a world ravaged by disease or a zombie outbreak, we revel in the…
Opinion Esports
March 24, 2022

Should We Just Forget About Battlefield 2042?

There have been few failures in the world of gaming quite as remarkable as Battlefield 2042. It was a trainwreck from the moment the beta was released late in 2021,…
Opinion Esports
March 20, 2022

Valorant systems for battling toxicity and trolling need a serious update

Valorant faces an especially prevalent problem with player toxicity/trolling. As many would have already experienced, when teammates are toxic or decide to troll, the enjoyment of a game severely drops.…
Opinion Esports
February 28, 2022

Elden Ring Review: The Honest Truth from a ‘Souls Hater’

Let’s start this Elden Ring review with a dramatic bout of honesty. When I pre-ordered Elden Ring, I wasn’t completely aware of the fact that it was a ‘Souls-verse’ game.…
Crypto Gaming
February 28, 2022

NFT Analysis: Cryptocurrency value tanking affecting the industry?

The crypto world is currently experiencing some value tanking, mainly because of the ongoing commotion between Ukraine and Russia. Yes, it’s not just industries such as oil, wheat, metals, and…
February 27, 2022

Is Reykjavik becoming the Valorant capital of Europe?

Riot has revealed the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Stage 1 will once again be held in Reykjavik. Reykjavik had formerly hosted the 2021 VCT Masters Stage 2, the first…
Opinion Esports
February 23, 2022

Why is Escape from Tarkov Popular?

If you’re anything of a gamer – particularly a PC gamer – you’ll have heard of a game called Escape from Tarkov. It’s an action-RPG FPS ‘Milsim’ title that first…
Esports News
February 23, 2022

FTX Gaming: Is FTXs recent move a good thing?

Recent news came out that one of the world’s largest crypto exchange platforms, FTX, will be debuting a new unit that will focus on the venture of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)…
Opinion Esports
February 21, 2022

Is Dying Light 2 Worth Playing?

When it first launched in 2015, Dying Light rapidly rose to become known as one of the greatest zombie games of all time. It took the zombie apocalypse and introduced…
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