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September 25, 2022

Guild of Guardians Partners with Esports Teams

Crypto Gaming
Crypto Gaming
September 21, 2022

Crypto gaming space raised a total of $748 million in August

Many investors and traders in different sectors of personal finance can tell any outsiders for free that 2022 has not been their year in terms of gains. We have seen…
Crypto Gaming
September 20, 2022

AstroX is due to launch on the 20nd of September – Here’s all you need to know

Trading Card Games have proven popular since the likes of Hearthstone jumped into the spotlight a few years ago. Now in the dawn of blockchain gaming many games have taken…
Crypto Gaming
September 19, 2022

Epic Games have just launched the first NFT game on their store, Blankos Block Party!

Crypto gaming keeps making the headlines as we see more and more gaming names taking the step onto the blockchain. Read on to find out about this user friendly NFT…
Crypto Gaming
September 18, 2022

Sims 4 Now Free To Play

Popular life simulator game Sims 4 will now be free to download and play, almost exactly eight years after it arrived for PC. Starting October 18, the base game will…
Crypto Gaming
September 15, 2022

Top 3 lucrative crypto gaming titles for 2022

2022 has been the year for crypto gaming with a large quantity of new titles being released and older ones finding their feet in the market. We go over the…
Crypto Gaming
September 13, 2022

Square Enix jump on the blockchain gaming hype train!

Square Enix has paved the way for Japanese gaming over the past 30 years, creating some of the most memorable games on a wide selection of consoles and gaming outlets.…
Crypto Gaming
September 9, 2022

Where are all the crypto influencers and celebrities now?

Influencer marketing has become a great way for companies to reach new highs in terms of audiences and their rates of engagement with products and services. Crypto itself has even…
Crypto Gaming
September 6, 2022

Mystery of the whale wallet holding 50% of Axie Infinity’s SLP supply

As many will be aware, Axie Infinity is currently the 2nd most popular crypto game currently on the market, just behind Decentraland (MANA). Recently, keen crypto heads have noticed something…
Crypto Gaming
September 5, 2022

Exploiters gain access to $256k worth of Kyberswap funds

Kyberswap has been at the forefront of yet another crypto scandal as hackers were able to expose frontend security, nearly running off with $256 worth of crypto. When looking at…
Esports News
September 5, 2022

FIFA takes on the NFT space in celebration of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar!

This year’s FIFA World Cup is due to start in the coming months, with this year’s event being held in Qatar. In conjunction with the games, FIFA has joined forces…
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