Why is Meta shutting down the platform it recently bought?

Meta has become a key figure in the advancement of the metaverse. Some readers at home may be unbeknown to them actually acquiring a metaverse platform, Crayta.

Around 2 years ago now, Meta bought Crayta. This was at a time when the metaverse was just on the up and the whole crypto market had received its boom. Now Crayta, is ceasing existence with their end date already upon the horizon.

The scheduled last day of Crayta is Friday March 3rd 2023, 4pm GMT (8am PT). This will be a dark day and maybe will be a foreshadow of what is to come. More often than not you see larger companies buy out the smaller competition and then liquidate it.


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Meta to close Crayta

Crayta is a “free to play game making game”. Bit of a mouthful but you get the drift, it’s a game people play to make and play other people’s games.

At first glance it actually is a very clear representation of what Meta have envisioned and promoted their metaverse experience to look like, maybe even a better rendition of this.

You are able to play thousands of user created crypto games, and also create your own titles with the built in game making mode. Powered by Unreal Engine 4. Games have a similar presentation to that of Fortnite so expect vibrant colours and cartoon graphics.

Crayta memories need to live on

Crayta was a popular game and gamers have already showed their dismay on Twitter over this sad news. We will back other news articles, when we say this but if you were a creator on the platform ensure you save footage of your creations.

Once the Crayta platform is turned off in March, next month, it is gone forever!

Players could access this creation title through Facebook Gaming and also the Epic Games Store. Epic have nodded towards other blockchain games in the past, releasing Star Atlas and Blankos Block Party on their platform.

Crayta started on Google Stadia the cloud gaming platform. However we all know how that one ended up…


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Crayta was for the gamers!

As seen on their official site, the team behind Crayta held regular events for gamers and creators to get involved with. Known as the Crayta Creators’ Programme.

2 monthly creator progammes: Crayta Best Games & Packages Monthly Contest and Crayta Lift-Off allowed users to showcase their talents and earn from engagement.

Prize pools reached upto $250, 000 which was a great incentive for people to engage with the game.

So why did Meta close down Crayta?

So many will be wondering why they got shut down? After all, they had gained the attention of one of the biggest tech conglomerates in the world and was available to download from a huge gaming platform.

Whilst it had a loyal fanbase and thousands of games made on it, to keep it going into the future was not cost effective.

There are a total of 50 engineers that were working on the game, and with how slow the growth has been in the past few year it was not sustainable.

Crayta also lacked behind Horizons World, the VR venture from Meta in terms of graphics and functionality. VR is Meta’s main focus which puts the development of Crayta on a bit of a backburner.

Good luck to all those working with Crayta and let’s hope the time and money saved by Meta is put into their own productive advancements!