Blankos Block Party is an NFT game that needs to be on your radar this year. With its quirky gameplay and vibrant graphics the game is a hit with its faithful community. What’s it’s like to play? Can you make money on Blanko’s Block Party? Read on to find out.

What is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) NFT game coming from gaming giants Mythical Games. It is built on the private EOSIO blockchain, using a Proof Of Authority model. A more sustainable and eco-friendly structure is created through this method.

Players have the ability to earn money whilst they play the game. NFTs are collectible through numerous means and can be sold and bought on the Mythical Marketplace.

Blankos Marketplace

You are able to obtain Blankos characters by buying them first and second hand, or alternatively they are unlockable through completing challenges.

There are 3 mini games available in the single player mode. They are:

  • Shooters
  • Race
  • Vibe Collects

In the last mode, the player collects vibes, an in-game collectible and a tool used to increase abilities.

The collectible nature of the game creates a dynamic nature between you and your characters. Your characters are vinyl toy figures that initially come in boxes. From there if you choose to unbox them the aim is to level them up. This makes your characters perform better when playing in the mini games. Keeping them sealed makes them more rare overtime and every release that is available to purchase is limited. This varies between releases. Your NFTs are also accessible via the Ethereum Bridge.

There are weekly and daily challenges available to complete. Doing so aids you in your efforts in levelling up your Blankos. What’s more, the player also has access to more challenges when purchasing the Season Pass expansion. The Blankos Season Pass also entitles you to more NFT items.

Creativity is also at the heart of the gameplay. You are able to create your own mini games in Build Mode based off of the original 3 found in the online mode.

Blankos Block Party can seem like a lot to take in. However, we feel this is a great entry level for any gamer looking to delve deeper into the world of NFT games.

The Blankos Block Party Background & History

NFTs and Crypto can be in the limelight sometimes for all the wrong reasons. However, Blankos Block Party should have your full trust, as it’s brought to you by Mythical Games and developed by Third Kind Games.

Mythical Games were the brains behind the popular Skylanders video game series. This is the 11th highest grossing game series of all time, allowing them to be a very credible name within gaming. Furthermore Mythical Games acquired $150 million in funding in the closing months of 2021, bringing the company’s valuation to $1.25 Billion.

Blankos Gameplay

As of the date of this article Blankos is currently in its ‘Early Access’ period showing the room for growth. It has been playable since December 2020 and has totalled over 1 million registered players.

Brands have seen the potential in Mythical Games with this project already. Burberry and Amazon are the first of many to release collaborations in the game. Playable characters and other in-game items were created especially to promote it.

The Pros Of Blankos Block Party

  • Blankos has a very clean finish, boasting vibrant graphics that will captivate you from the start!
  • Mythical Games are a reputable company, meaning you do not have to worry about safety when playing the game.
  • The possibilities are endless! There is so much to do in terms of challenges and unlocking items, you will be hooked!

The Cons Of Blankos Block Party

  • Gameplay types can be limited with mini games as there are only 3. Hopefully in the future more game modes are added to Blankos Block Party
  • This game can be a grind. Tasks can be lengthy depending on your experience with the game.
  • Withdrawals from the game are only available in the USA, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada.

The Verdict

Overall it is clear the potential that Blankos Block Party has going into the future. The game’s concept works and has already created a buzz amongst its players. What’s more impressive is that blue chip brands have worked alongside the game, taking into consideration its fairly short lifespan.

Be sure to download Blankos Block Party and give it a try yourself. It is free after all!