Fantasy esports drafting, also known as Daily Fantasy Esports or Esports DFS, is the newest gambling option for competitive video games. Instead of placing a bet for a single match, drafters assemble a dream team from all of the players attending a certain esports competition.

The salary cap and number of players drafted can change depending on your DFS league rules. As the event progresses, players earn fantasy points by playing well and completing title-specific objectives. At the end of the event, the drafter whose team earned the most points wins the draft. The majority of DFS leagues reward several players close to the top, though the champion usually gets a bonus.

Esports drafting is quickly growing in popularity, and major sites like DraftKings already include daily fantasy esports in their sportsbook. DraftKings’ list of available titles currently includes League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League. New options are constantly being added, so look out for Dota 2 and Overwatch esports DFS in the future.

Esports DFS

Most Popular Esport Titles for DFS Betting

Gaming fans have plenty of options when it comes to esports fantasy betting. Several titles are available to draft from, though some titles are much easier to find than others. The most popular esports to draft are League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League. All of these esports feature consistent regional competition and multiple international events throughout the year.

League of Legends has a few unique qualities that make it ideal for esports DFS. Regional leagues like the LEC, LCS and LCK all run on a consistent schedule with predetermined matchups and stable rosters. LoL fantasy esports can also take objectives into account for a player’s fantasy score. Killing Baron and racking up killstreaks can add hefty bonuses to a player’s kills and assists.

Counter-Strike is the most popular esport to bet on, so there are plenty of CS2 fantasy leagues out there to join. Counter-Strike is one of the more straightforward esports titles when it comes to fantasy. Kill and assists are the primary point earners, but special objectives like planting or defusing the bomb can also contribute to a player’s fantasy score.

Rocket League’s three-man rosters and simple mechanics make it an excellent choice for esports DFS novices. While its schedule isn’t as packed as League of Legends’, the Rocket League Championship Series provides consistent regional and international competitions to bet on. Fantasy RLCS is the most popular way to draft Rocket League esports. Rocket League fantasy points are similar to real soccer; goals and assists are the most valuable stats by far.

Many other games have esports fantasy leagues available. Overwatch is a commonly requested title thanks to The Overwatch League’s rigid structure. The Call of Duty League is another popular choice, and it’s supported by the best fantasy esports site DraftKings. Dota 2 fantasy betting is quite popular in Asia, though fewer websites offer it in America. Lastly, Rainbow Six Siege has a quickly-growing fantasy fanbase. Other, more niche esports may also have fantasy options available for drafters willing to dig deep.

Frequently Asked Questions about Esports DFS

How do fantasy points work for Esports DFS?

Points can work very differently in fantasy sports vs. esports. Many games feature title-specific fantasy objectives like taking Roshan in Dota or capturing points in Call of Duty. The exact formula for converting in-game achievement to fantasy points varies between different games and esports DFS sites.

Where can I find betting tips for Daily Fantasy Esports?

Our handy news blog is a great place to learn about esports news and upcoming tournaments. If you’re looking for more specific drafting advice, the DFS Reddit is a great place to discuss your picks. If you prefer snooping out stats on your own, your esports’ Gamepedia or Liquipedia page is a great place to scope out pro players.

What’s the best website for Fantasy Esports betting?

Many bookmakers claim to host the best DFS sites, but we believe that DraftKings offers the best balance of coverage, ease of use and payout. DraftKings currently supports daily fantasy esports for Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Rocket League.

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