Welcome to our guide to DFS sites. We’ll explain how to play at DFS sites and reveal the best DFS sites. Perfect for taking advantage of the daily fantasy sports betting revolution. But we won’t stop there. This is because we’ll see how fantasy sports sites work in conjunction with esports. Plus we can even show you where you stand in regard to the law when you use these DFS sites. So keep reading and see our awesome list of DFS sites!

What are DFS sites?

DFS sites allow you to enter in competitions where you hope to win prizes by entering fantasy sports competitions. DraftKings and FanDuel were the main originators of the fantasy sports phenomenon. You’ll be required to assemble fantasy teams for sports like American football and basketball. You win if your fantasy team gets more points than those of your competitors. Points are picked up by the players featured in your team performing well in real-world sporting events.

It’s a simple concept, but fantasy sports has taken off in recent years. There’s something of a rivalry between DraftKings vs FanDuel. But the DFS revolution has grown beyond the US to take in everywhere from the UK to Australia. This means that you can now enjoy entering your fantasy teams to compete in anything from soccer to Aussie rules football.

How do daily fantasy sports sites work?

It’s easy to start playing daily fantasy sports. First you’ll need to decide which sport like soccer or hockey you are playing in. Then it’s a matter of building up your squad. You’ll be given a salary cap, and you have to fill your squad ranks within the cap. Then you can enter your fantasy sports team in a competition. This could be a free contest against friends, or you could enter in competitions where you win cash prizes. Bear in mind that you’ll have to pay money to enter in the cash tournaments.

Winning DFS tournaments means getting more points than the other teams. For example, if your fantasy soccer team had a striker like Harry Kane in its ranks, and Kane scored a goal in a real-life match, you’d get points. Plus you’ll get chance to bring players in and out of your team depending on past form, injuries and so on. Above all, it’s a great way to get closer to your favourite sport.

Why are DFS sites so popular?

Daily fantasy sports are popular as they help all serious sports fans get a greater involvement in their favourite teams and players. Rather than playing sports simulators on a gaming console, your success at fantasy sports is actively linked into how your sporting heroes perform in the real world. Plus the fact that you can win some real money cash prizes along the way doesn’t hurt.

Can you get DFS sites for esports?

Now that we know how DFS sites work, it’s easy to think what fantasy sports for esports could look like. So we are pleased to see how some major DFS brands like DraftKings have pioneered some awesome fantasy esports platforms. At the moment, the DraftKings esports product concentrates on some of the biggest esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant and Call of Duty. But the fact that you can enter your fantasy teams for esports like ENASCAR and Rocket League suggests that things could be changing quickly. So watch this space to see where the esports DFS revolution heads next.

Where do the best DFS sites operate?

You can play at fantasy sports sites all over the world.

The concept may have started in the US, but it has proven remarkably popular everywhere from Europe to Australasia. Companies like DraftKings have made sure to tailor their fantasy products to different markets, so that sports fans can enjoy playing for everything from cricket to rugby.

Remember that all countries and states have their own laws regarding whether fantasy sports is considered to be gambling or not.

The best DFS sites for newbies

If you want the perfect introduction to how the best DFS sites work, then just check out our DraftKings review. This site features a massive number of DFS competitions that take in all major sports like soccer, basketball, ice hockey, baseball and so on. Plus you might even be able to take part in fantasy sports contests for anything from golf to MMA fighting. It’s a pretty similar package at FanDuel. Both of these operators feature a massive number of cash leagues, head to head contests, and there are plenty of handy tutorials to get you started.

If you want to try an alternative to DraftKings and FanDuel then check out ThriveFantasy. This features standard DFS tournaments for major US sports and esports. Plus there are some interesting ‘versus’ contests here too.

Plus we should note that PrizePicks serves up perhaps the simplest fantasy sports package you’re going to come across. This is where you simply make predictions on whether a particular player will go above or below their points total. For example, will LeBron score more than 26.5 points in that next NBA game? Find out by using the PrizePicks app.

Our list of DFS sites for experienced players

If you think that you understand the basics of fantasy sports, then you might want to try some alternative fantasy betting options. In which case, you should definitely check out Monkey Knife Fight. Here you’re not assembling teams while trying to stay under the salary cap. Instead you’ll be taking on Monkey Knife Fight to see who made the best predictions for markets like over/under betting and so on.

We should also note the fact that DraftKings has plenty more advanced features that are worth a look if you want to take your DFS gameplay up a level. Whether you’re playing the Classic Salary Cap games or are indulging in an intense Multiplayer private contest, you’ll find plenty of fresh challenges and big prizes at DraftKings.

DFS Sites

Is it legal to play at DFS sites?

There’s no simple answer to this question as it depends which country you live in and how old you are. The question has been subject of fierce legal debate in the US, as people have suggested that daily fantasy sports is skill-based rather than a chance-based form of gambling. As a result, it’s fine to use fantasy sports operators like DraftKings in US states like Texas that have previously outlawed all other forms of online gambling.

The good news is that fantasy sports betting is fully legalised in many other countries ranging from the UK to Australia. Plus it’s perfectly fine to play fantasy sports in Canada. Just remember to check that you are of legal age to gamble in your country or state of residence.

Top tips to try at daily fantasy sports sites

  • Start off by playing in free tournaments
  • Try and build a balanced squad rather than focusing on star players
  • Find tournaments with fewer competitors for a better chance of winning
  • Do your research into all of the teams and players
  • Take advantage of whatever fantasy sports bonuses are available

Final thoughts on using DFS sites

It’s hard to believe that fantasy sports betting has only been with us for a handful of years. But the phenomenon has become a world beater where it’s just as easy to put down a fantasy soccer bet in the UK as it is a fantasy esports bet in the USA. What’s best is that the likes of DraftKings have inspired a whole new generation of DFS sites to come up with their alternative takes on what daily fantasy sports betting should look like. So stick with us to make sure that you’re always playing with the best DFS sites.