Those using DraftKings may come across items known as DraftKings crowns. So what are DraftKings crowns, and why should participants care about them?

To start, let’s give a DraftKings review to frame them in context. DraftKings is a site where participants can enter DFS and sports gambling competitions and contests to win real-life prizes or cash. Crowns are essentially a form of currency used to enter DraftKings contests and purchase merchandise.

Crowns have become a big part of the DraftKings ecosystem. Participants of DraftKings are heavily encouraged to try and get as many as people. Not only do they allow users to do the things mentioned above, but they also give them more rewards down the line and “free entry” to DraftKings competitions. Crowns on DraftKings used to be known as FPPs, but have since been changed to a more appropriate name for the site. They are a site exclusive, meaning they can only be used on DraftKings and nowhere else.

DraftKings Crown

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What’s the value of DraftKings Crowns

DraftKings crowns value isn’t worth all that much. However, users should keep in mind crowns aren’t things that can be farmed for as many as possible. Instead, crowns are currency users should plan to accumulate over time.

Participants can use crowns to purchase tickets for contests in the place of real money. The DraftKings crowns to dollar ratio is 550 crowns to get a $1 contest ticket. This makes the DraftKings crowns’ value to be $0.0018 for each crown.

What do Crowns On DraftKings do?

As stated earlier, crowns can do many things, the most notable of which is entering contests and competitions and purchasing merchandise. But they also have more interesting uses beyond that. Namely, how they factor into the daily rewards status tier in DraftKings.

DraftKings daily rewards is a program that allows users to earn rewards just for logging in to DraftKings every day. How many rewards players earn is up to their tier, which starts at bronze, and goes up all the way to the black tier.

How many crowns a participant earns in a month determines which reward tier they’ll get the next month, with bronze tier at 100 crowns.

Do DraftKings Crowns Expire

There are probably a large number of people who have plans to stockpile crowns, but are worried that they might expire. Thankfully, the answer to that is a resounding NO. DraftKings crowns do not expire, and users can save as much as they want on the site.

This means those on DraftKings can keep stacking up crowns and wait for the perfect contest or competition to enter. If they plan it right, users should be able to get multiple shots using their vast amount of crowns in whatever enticing contest they’re in.

DraftKings Crowns

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How to Redeem Crowns

Redeeming Crowns is a fairly simple process. One must be logged into their DraftKings account first, before they can redeem anything. Both the mobile app and desktop site work fine, and redeeming crowns is a pretty simple process.

Participants should go to whatever they want to redeem their crowns on, whether it’s the item shop for merchandise or a specific contest or competition. There, they should find an option to pay with crowns in the same place where they can pay with money.

How to Earn DraftKings Crowns

Crowns are something that’s earned over time. For every dollar spent on real money contests and competitions, participants will earn one crown as well. They can also be earned by completing missions, which can vary in their length, difficulty, payout and structure.

Given crowns affect the daily rewards tier, which encourages users to log in every day, it’s fitting they are earned through common pursuits users can take part in daily. They are a part of DraftKings activity loop, and they fit in quite well in the current system.

Draftkings Crowns FAQ

Why should players try to earn crowns?

Draftkings Crowns are the perfect way to earn extra rewards while you’re betting with very little effort from you as a player. You don’t have to play for them but it makes sense to. They simply serve to sweeten the deal and who doesn’t want that?

What rewards can you earn with Draftkings Crowns?

Once you’ve accrued a decent amount of crowns, you’ll be looking to redeem them for rewards! On the Draftkings site, you can spend your crowns on merchandise, in items shops and to help you out with competitions.