Any active DraftKings user should know about DraftKings Contests. In any DraftKings review, their contests would certainly be one of the main selling points. Contests in DraftKings are exactly as they sound, competitions where users compete against each other for rewards.

They vary in size, length, rules, and rewards, with some of the bigger ones being quite lucrative. Some of the more exclusive ones will require a Contest Ticket to enter. These tickets can be bought with crowns and DK dollars or collected from daily rewards and finished achievements.

Participants have different DraftKings types of contests to enter. However, the best DraftKings contests to enter depends on how active the user is. For new users, they should join free DraftKings contests and DraftKings beginners contests.

More seasoned users can join contests that come about from DraftKings promotions or create one of their own with the DraftKings My Contests feature. Those who are extremely competitive can participate in head-to-head contests, while those on the bolder side will enjoy high reward contests like Multipliers.

More casual on and off users probably shouldn’t join a contest that requires a long time commitment, such as ones for a sporting event like March Madness. Instead, DraftKings live contests would be a good choice for any contest that wraps up in a day or two.

How to Create a Draftkings Contest

As noted earlier, an individual user can create a contest of their own with My Contests. The process of creating one is fairly simple. As expected, having an account to log in to is a necessity. From there, a simple click on the contest tab will show the option to “Create a Contest”. This is a great way to create beginner contests.

The two types of DraftKings contests that users can create are league and head-to-head.

  • For head-to-head, users can participate in up to fifty different contests at a time. They’ll have the option to limit how many times another user can join their contest and set the buy-in price.
  • For those creating  Draftkings leagues, they can only run one league contest at a time. There are a lot of customizable options for a league contest. Like head to head, they can choose which sport to base it on and the buy-in price. But they’ll also be able to set the number of people and how rewards split at the end.

DraftKings also allows the option to set a contest to private instead of the default public. In a private league, other users interested in joining will need to know the creators DraftKings’ username or email address and send them a request to enter.

Alternatively, the user who made the contest can send a direct invite to who they want to include. Options like this are one of the primary reasons people create their own DraftKings Contest.

They’ll get to create their own contest just for themselves and their friends, something that makes victory feel more personal and sweeter. Meanwhile, they also can avoid super-skilled bettors they could potentially come across in public contests.

Draftkings Create a Contest

Participation and Rules

The rules for DraftKings contests and those eligible for participation can differ significantly depending on the type of contests. In beginner contests, the only users eligible are those who have participated in under fifty previous contests. For casual contests, the limit is five hundred.

For some more specific contests, the only way to participate is to get a contest ticket for it. Some more valuable contest tickets are redeemable for multiple contests. There are also specific contest tickets known as step tickets. These tickets buy participation for unique “steps” contests.

After successfully entering a contest, participants will usually enter to a Draftkings Contest Lobby to wait. There they can see who else is competing and study the rules and structure of whatever contest they joined.

Usually, the scoring rules will be reflective of the sport. However, depending on the type of contest, there could be small quirks. Some of these quirks include the pay-out structure.

For example, in 50/50s, the top half of the field wins cash no matter the number of entries. Understanding the gimmicks of each contest can be crucial to a users’ strategy. Beginner and free contests usually serve as gateways to more popular contests.

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DraftKings Contests

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